Monday, June 7, 2010

Deckchairs shuffled on Titanic provides Labour Councillor of shame, David McLachlan, £8,405 as South Lanarkshire find him new bolthole

Dear All

When the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport scandal exploded on to the scene and details emerged about how they operated, this lead to a string of resignations by serving Labour Councillors and a former Labour PPC Ron Culley who was also its Chief Executive.

One of the people who ‘did a runner’ was Labour Councillor David McLachlan who was the Vice-Chairman of what is seen as Labour’s cash cow and Rangers supporters’ travel agent.

In two years, McLachlan claimed more than £10,000 in mileage.

Scotland is as I have said is a corrupt country and the way it operates is painfully simple.

A person spends a number of years in an organisation then scandal breaks out and they leave, only to reappear elsewhere.

Then someone else is brought into a quango to replace them hailed as a ‘new broom’.

It is a joke, continually used on the gullible.

So, is it a surprise that after resigning in disgrace, Labour Councillor David McLachlan is voted into a new post by his Labour colleagues in South Lanarkshire?

No, he leaves one trough at SPT and becomes chair of the Regen-FX Youth Trust, which pays a £8405 salary.

Are you wiser in how corrupt Scotland works now?

The Labour Party really does hold the people of the West of Scotland in contempt because they operate this area as a fiefdom.

Having lost one job at £11,000, he nips in and gets another provided by his mates at South Lanarkshire so, the scandal only cost him £2,600.

Unsurprisingly despise claims of he will be vindicated; he doesn’t want to talk to the press about his new role.

He wants to settle in and start enjoying his new pay packet at Regen-FX Youth Trust where he will speak on youth issues.

And what about the £8,405, you may ask?

That’s taxpayers’ money, that’s your money but it will be in McLachlan’s pocket now.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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