Thursday, June 3, 2010

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli is a stain on the University of Glasgow’s honour, are staff seeking a vote of no confidence?

Dear All

It seems the employees at the University of Guantanamo Bay in Glasgow aren’t happy!

Today, of the human rights abusing organisation stops by for 19 minutes and 41 seconds via google using IP address

The phrase in the search engine was;

“muscatelli no confidence vote”.

Is rebellion in the air because of staff cuts?

Are there plots to get rid of the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli as Principal?

It could be that staff of the University of Guantanamo Bay is collecting evidence to get rid of him. Some evidence that could be used is this post;

This shows how corrupt Glasgow University senior management actually is and the depth they will plunge to discriminate and bully people.

And this could be a serious attempt as the person searched in this fashion;

It was a mistake that Muscatelli was ever allowed to become Principal, a mistake that might cost the University of Guantanamo Bay dear as a potentially damaging strike looms.

So, my offer to staff is that if they want a copy of the university documents which prove my claims of corruption, to use against the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, in a vote of no confidence then I would be happy to supply them, free of charge.

There can be no honour at the University of Glasgow while people like Muscatelli remain in positions of authority.

Is it not time to throw out the trash?

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli must go!

And his degrees stripped off him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Jim said...

If you think Muscatelli is corrupt, you should look at the Psychology Department, HOD Prof Schyns, Prof O'donnell and Dr Biello (A true psychopath), not to mention, Prof D. Fearn, Mr Newall (Sec of Court). They fixed by fraud the results to get the 5* TQA mark. And as for the siphonong off money from grants. Wow. Thousands hgoes into these professors pockets each year. Champers all round for them all. Good times.... Screw the poor hard-working staff though.
Ex-staff member.

Jim said...

Hope the staff do strike.

Go the workers!

It's time for people-power to prevail!

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