Monday, June 14, 2010

'New York New York is a wonderful town, the bronx is up and the battery is down', Labour Party goes 'on the town' spending taxpayers' cash like water

Dear All

My position is clear, the SNP Government must act to step in and close down the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

This is a no brainer, the Glasgow Labour Party’s cash cow and Rangers travel agent needs to go!

Scandal has erupted again as the vice-chairman of Scotland’s biggest transport quango is under pressure to resign over his part in an expenses scandal.

So far, Labour Councillor David Fagan, who earns £11,000 a year is staying put, which makes an easy target for Alex Salmond when he fires the sliver bullet.

What puts Fagan in the spotlight is a KPMG’s report which flagged up spending on overseas trips which appeared to have little practical value to the taxpayer.

The New York trip of November 2008 was singling out and that jolly cost the public £17,499.


And let us remember these people aren’t rocket scientists, rockets, yes, scientists no.

Two of the three people on the trip to the Big Apple, chief executive Ron Culley and vice-chairman David McLachlan have gone when the scandal was exposed in the press as well as Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame Alistair Watson.

Watson went citing health problems.

Watson replacement was another Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame, Jonathan Findlay who said of Fagan;

“I have never doubted [Fagan’s] commitment to SPT’s partnership body and his integrity is unfailing”.

I wouldn’t either given the way he spends public money, ity must be hard to keep him out of the Labour ‘piggy bank’.

Fagan’s bill was £5,946 bill for the New York trip this was the largest of the three bills submitted.

So, what did the taxpayer get for this quest to a fountain of knowledge?

When the ‘talent’ came back; they no formal presentation on the trip to SPT managers which you might reasonable expect since they were on a fact finding mission, £17, 499 and not even a talk.

However once back in Scottish soil they cobbled together a few thoughts on such issues as “bus station design, CCTV and ID cards”.

At present, holding the party line, Glasgow Labour councillor of shame Jonathan Findlay who is SPT’s chairman is saying publicly that he has “full confidence” in Fagan.

Politicians use this phrase just before someone is sacked or resigns.

Either way, if Fagan stays or goes, he is a liability and staying gives the SNP reason for stepping in and closing this sham down.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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