Saturday, March 13, 2010

Labour MP Margaret Hodge may lose Barking and Essex to the BNP as non BNP voters vent their anger at immigration policy forcibly to her at meetings

Dear All

During the General Election for Westminster, a lot of things will be going on as parties seek to get their message across and attempt to grab media interest.

For a month politicians will be running around endlessly trying to convince you that they really like you and have your best interests at heart.

Some seats will be watched more than others because of some peculiar anomaly in candidates, local issues or voting patterns.

In England is the Westminster seat of Barking and Essex, Nick Griffin is standing here, what makes this area so interesting is that the BNP have 9 councillors in Labour MP Margaret Hodge’s patch.

Barking and Essex was once a dependable Labour stronghold but not anymore the BNP have found a market for their policies.

And the Labour Party is under real threat.

So, Margaret Hodge will go head to head with Nick Griffin.

And she isn’t finding a happy audience for Labour as demonstrated by Jackie Morrell when she sees Hodge out canvassing;

“All the trouble we have down here, and the council do f**k all. We have trouble from black people, but they call us racist: music all hours of the night at one house. At another they chuck dogshit over the fence."

The lack of a proper immigration policy and Labour social engineering experiment which was kept hidden till recently leaked has created a massive problem.

Jackie Morrell votes BNP because the mainstream political parties have so disenfranchised her and others like her.

She has no job and stuck in a one bedroom flat with her mother and sees no future for herself unless there are drastic changes.

Hodge acknowledges some of the failures of the Labour Government in housing and quality of life on ghetto estates

Even when Margaret Hodge hears the concerns of local residents who are not BNP voters, the exchanges are artificial and composed until she mentions immigration, then the room explodes with visceral dissent.

"We've gone stark raving mad," exclaims one man. "We take in more people than anywhere else in Europe."

All this doesn’t bode well for the Labour Party when non BNP voters not only hold such views but express them in terms of anger.

Several things may usher Nick Griffin in as the MP for Barking and Essex, the lack of a proper immigration policy and debate, the lack of fairness and equality in corrupt Britain, local issues like lack of jobs and affordable housing.

It all adds up to people who believe they don’t have a future turning away from mainstream politicians.

And they have only themselves to blame.

The BNP are a symptom of something incredibly wrong in Britain and they need to be defeated by policies and ideas, not slogans and not fights in the streets.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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DaveP said...

Lets be honest, the voters in this constituency, so blighted by mass immigration, would be barking not to vote BNP.