Saturday, March 27, 2010

'East Coast Weasel' Labour MSP Iain Gray tries to take a 'man's role' at Labour Conference, he is so unfunny no one wakes up during speech

Dear All

The ‘East Coast Weasel’ has roared!

Iain Gray, the ‘cowardly’ leader of Scottish Labour in Holyrood got his opportunity to reassert his manhood by branding Alex Salmond as "David Cameron's doorman".

Oh dear, is that the best material he can come up with.

Gray said;

"On Thursday Alex Salmond called me Jim Murphy's placeman. He was probably up all night crafting that brilliant rapier-like riposte”.

It was probably off the cuff as you don’t need to get out the rapier when duelling with an idiot, a wet dishtowel will do, striking behind the left ear.

Gray the added;

"But it is a bit rich coming from the man who would be David Cameron's doorman."

Stealing someone else’s patter is a sin.

Not improving on it is even worse.

Having had a considerable time to prepare material, one can only conclude that talent is in short supply were Gray is concerned.

Still you need someone as dull as dishwater to warm up for the main acts, but Labour is plumbing the depths.

It must have been like an X Factor audition with the nodding dugs laughing when someone held up the card marked ‘laughter’.

The Scottish cringe is an awful sight to behold.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Bugger said...

From Gordon Brow's Gopher.


tris said...

They were probably sitting in the audience which ditchy was on thinking.... 'things can only get better'.... ouch...

Actually, the sad thing is that they probably didn't much (get better, I mean). There's just no one in that lot that is in the least interesting or inspiring.

It's only the fact that the Tories are just as crap that means there is any point in having the election.