Friday, March 12, 2010

BNP win important milestone as report concludes that BNP members who are Teachers should not be banned from teaching

Dear All

The BNP in Britain is flourishing, not on any great part to the skill of their efforts but more to do with the failure of both the Labour and Conservative Parties.

However, it would be wrong not to acknowledge that Nick Griffin and Co have cleaned up their ‘act’ and attempted to present them as mainstream to attract votes.

There is a possibility that the General Election might for the first time see a BNP MP returned to Westminster.

In their advancement through British society they have scored an important victory of sorts today as Teachers in England should not be banned from membership of their or any group which may promote racism according to a review.

This is a government commissioned report after the BNP membership was leaked online identifying 15 BNP members as teachers.

The review author, Maurice Smith has added his recommendation that the policy should be reviewed every year.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has welcomed what he called a "common sense review" and said it was a great day for democracy.

So, should BNP members be allowed to be teachers?

If you believe in democracy not just as a catchphrase or political expedient vehicle for self promotion, the answer has to be yes.

The BNP are by law a registered political party and therefore their members have the same rights to equality and fairness as the rest of society even although their views on race are distasteful to the vast majority of the British people.

Maurice Smith said a ban on BNP members in schools would be "taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut".

In truth he is correct, the mainstream political parties in the past have been too lazy and relied on rules and procedures to exclude them instead of defeating them with ideas and logic, Smith describes the previous situation as a "profound political act".

Smith said;

"I do not believe that barring teachers or other members of the wider school workforce from membership of legitimate organisations which may promote racism is necessary at present."

At present The NASUWT union has adopted a policy and has campaigned to have BNP members banned from schools.

General secretary Chris Keates said the report was "an opportunity that's been missed" to bring teachers into line with police and prison officers.

However in a Guardian article written on the 2nd September 2009, in relation to the new code of conduct for teachers drawn up by the General Teaching Council for England (GTC), that teachers must "maintain reasonable standards in their own behaviour that enable them to uphold public trust and confidence in the profession".

Chris Keates, general secretary of Nasuwt, said the code, which was last revised four years ago;

"gave the impression that teachers could not be trusted, and that their regulatory body needed to pin down their every activity and tell them how to behave".

In other words, she is exposed as a hypocrite, if a person has rights, it is not for someone to determine by their subjective opinion if those rights can be removed.

It is one standard applied across the board to all without fear or favour.

British National Party leader Nick Griffin said;

"Today is a good day for British democracy.”

It was a good day for upholding the principles of democracy but a bad day for Britain.

As I have continually stated, the BNP have to be defeated on ideas by political parties, by sticking their heads in the sand for many years they allowed a problem to flourish by their policies and inaction.

The BNP can be wiped out by application of a simple concept.

Fairness, equality and social justice!

At present in corrupt Britain that doesn’t exist.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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