Monday, March 29, 2010

Carpetbagger Tommy Sheridan joins new socialist coalition to try and take Glasgow South West at election, he is so out of touch

Dear All

The Tommy Sheridan road show is coming to Glasgow South West during the General Election.

This should raise eyebrows as his political career really is dead after his Big Brother appearance and court cases.

Sheridan is trading on the fact he is a well known figure particularly in Pollok where he was once a Councillor.

His new reinvention is to join a socialist coalition, which is being led by the militant trade union leader Bob Crow.

The reality is however he is a distraction for the people of Glasgow South West.

The only alternative to Ian ‘the Deerhunter’ Davidson is SNP PPC Chris Stephens.

If Chris Stephens ever gets elected it would be a disaster, he doesn't represent change in any shape or form,   and during my time in Pollok SNP never helped people of Glasgow South West, the Glasgow Labour Party has pretty much abandoned the area as well.

Labour MP Davidson has done nothing of note for the area during his entire time, he needs to up his game.

The Solidarity Party is fielding 10 candidates in seats across Scotland as part of the new Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Sheridan said;

“I am going to stand in Glasgow South West as it includes a lot of areas that are going to be badly hit by cuts to public services.”

The fact is that Sheridan will stand anywhere and for any position, he is little more than a carpetbagger, he recently stood in Glasgow North East were he finished behind the BNP.

It is thought that his standing will take votes away from Labour MP Ian Davidson but I doubt he will be very successful as his most recent outing shows.

As part of his campaign, he intends to fight on his record of fighting the Poll Tax of 20 years ago, but times have moved on and the people need someone with a vision for the future.

Sheridan would be a disaster if elected to Glasgow South West because he thinks he is a celeb politician, the truth is the people need a working politician in the area.

He should face up to the reality that his political career is over and he killed it.

The people of Glasgow South West need a new MP with fresh ideas who will work for them.

It is time they got it and that can only come if the people vote Chris Stephens SNP in the General Election.

A protest vote isn’t needed and neither is Tommy Sheridan.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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