Friday, March 12, 2010

First Minister Alex Salmond, the people of Menie need a 'local champion' to fight for them because of the actions of Donald Trump

Dear All

Some people like to play golf, it is big business.

The Scottish Government is backing a plan by US tycoon Donald Trump for a controversial £1bn golf resort in Aberdeen.

The golf course and housing development is to be sited at Menie, north of Aberdeen.

Before the SNP Government took office, the Labour Party when in power backed this idea which the SNP then carried on with.

There however exists a problem, in order to build the site to Trump’s design it requires that local people will be forced out of their homes by compulsory purchase orders.

This has led to a campaign called Tripping Up Trump for those who are fighting against the plans.

The plan was called in SNP Government Ministers who reviewed a specific proposal, since then Trump and his crew have done mission creep by expanding it.

At public exhibition of the drawings and detailed masterplan for Trump's resort at the Udny Arms Hotel in Newburgh there were angry scenes by objectors and exhibitors.

One objector, local home owner David Milne, was told to "clear off" by project director Neil Hobday.

Hobday said;

"This is not your show, clear off."

Mr Milne said he had been invited by the company.

The SNP has launched their General Election campaign citing that they will be “local Champions” for the people.

They say that;

“National champions and LOCAL champions, who will offer communities across our nation the voices that they need”.

The Trump mess has gone on far too long and the local people affected haven’t had the support they need to save their homes.

So, I throw down a challenge to First Minister Alex Salmond personally, you say the SNP are 'local champions' to stand up for people’s rights.

Provide one for the people of Menie affected by Trump, someone to fight for their rights.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Tom said...

Mr Salmond will not go up against Trump, he supports him. He had a private meeting with Trump himself the day before the application first went into planning. Salmond appears to very much in Trumps pocket, if we want a local or national hero, Mr Salmond is NOT our man, we must look elsewhere.