Monday, March 22, 2010

Email sent today to corrupt foreigner, Anton Muscatelli, Principal of Glasgow University, return money stolen from working class scot by Uni staff

Dear All

Here is a copy of an email sent to a human rights abuser today at Glasgow University, the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

Muscatelli is currently the Principal of the University of Glasgow.

Dear Mr. Muscatelli

I am writing to you to remind that the money stolen from me by your senior management staff still hasn’t been returned to me.

Several years have passed.

The money includes the fees money for a course I enrolled in costing £98.

£2.12 for the return of out of date postal orders sent to home address which is not legal tender, twice returned to the University.

Then there is the issue of the fraudulent processes conducted against me which was rigged by your staff.

You can re read the actions of your staff here.

The money stolen from the two contracts, the university and the separate leisure contracts have not been returned.

As you know while a Vice-Principal, you were completely informed about the Liar, Bully and Thief Julie Ommer, SRS and her staff actions.

When I refused to accept theft and bullying, the staff thieves submitted a second complaint against me for complaining about them robbing me.

I again submitted evidence to the university received by the English Thief and Human Rights abuser, John Richard Coggins.

The English Human Rights Abuser John Richard Coggins in a letter to me stated that the evidence wasn’t submitted to clear my name.

I want the money stolen returned.

The university held a hearing into my complaints which I was not informed about, or allowed to submit my own complaint properly, I was not interviewed; my witnesses were not interviewed or asked to submit evidence either.

The complaint was drafted by the people I was complaining about as discriminating against me, the Senate Office staff.

After the General Election is over, I will be writing 129 letters with University of Glasgow documents to all MSPs at Holyrood about you personally.

This will include your assistance in covering up institutional bullying, harassment, discrimination, malpractice and criminal fraud by refusal to act.

And they will have hard copy University of Glasgow evidence as proof.

Finally, find on attachment something you may find of interest, time spent 3 hours, 56 minute 11 seconds reading about you.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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George Laird said...

Dear Naldo

Firstly everything said is factually correct.

Secondly, it is a Scottish University, I was a Scottish part time student at the University and I am being discriminated against.

If the position was reversed and a foreign individual was being discriminated against by a Scottish person, would you feel that was worthy of comment?

I feel you are however missing the point that the Principal of a major University has participated in allowing my money to be stolen.

He has clearly and repeatedly been made aware of the activities of certain senior staff and obviously by his inaction feels this is acceptable.

I however totally disagree; large organisations should not be given a carte blanche to steal from working class individuals.

Mr. Muscatelli is in a position of privilege and power and must be held to account.

Now you are aware of this I take you fully support my position.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University