Friday, March 31, 2017

SNP Childish Pointless Games: Nicola Sturgeon’s threatens to torpedo Brexit legislation, writes a letter demanding permission to hold indyref 2, and sounds off long and loud about a new SNP grievance about a Westminster "power grab", IQs continues to drop in the Nationalist ranks, all they have is the ability to be petty and small minded

Dear All

It seems having been blown off by Westminster in her effort to get talks, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon is still trying to prove she is relevant to her supporters, prove she can do ‘something’, she is like someone with a TV aerial waving it about the place trying to get a picture.

Sturgeon’s latest act is to threaten to torpedo Brexit legislation, this is much like you feel a stone in your shoe, you stop to remove then you continue your journey. At present in Scotland, the Nationalists are trying to suck people in to believing there is a Westminster "power grab" about to happen. To that end, the Scottish Greens and Scottish Labour have joined the party, yet again, by hitching up to the SNP bandwagon; Scottish Labour has made them irrelevant in the minds of the public.

The problem for Scottish Labour is that they are too inward looking and not focused on the “bigger picture” because they are entirely Holyrood focused and based. Effectively, they can write returning to Westminster for decades the way they are carrying, and given they are polling so badly, their councillor numbers across Scotland if you believe the polling are about to take a severe hit.

If there was ever a pressing need for someone in Scottish Labour to stand up and speak out against the path they are treading, it is sorely needed now. You almost feel that you want to walk up to some of them and say, ‘are you fucking stupid, is that your problem’.

Remember this, if there was a Labour Government in power at Westminster, you wouldn’t be reading about the Scottish Labour Party backing the SNP.

As we have seen devolution isn’t working, the Great Repeal Bill serves a purpose beyond Brexit, it also offers an opportunity to tailor select powers for Holyrood. It is entirely right that Westminster should get all powers repatriated from Brussels to London; then after careful consideration, decided via a Commission what scope there is to improve devolution which at present doesn’t work properly.

The SNP Government is inept and incompetent, they want constitutional clash between the Scottish and UK governments so they can keep talking about grievance and avoid talking about devolved issues which they are failing to address. This is a situation where the SNP need to be forced to do the ‘day job’, online I see people in newspaper comment sections saying vote independent because these people don’t have to toe a party line, I see this more and more.

If Nicola Sturgeon wants a fight, then it is time to give her exactly what she wants, but this time, the rules will be set by Westminster. Westminster needs to start thinking of the concept that they can step in and overrule Holyrood, and with the SNP at the helm, this would be the first time since devolution.

Sturgeon’s threat that third rate MSPs might withhold consent for the Bill, disrupting and delaying the process is a wonderful opportunity allowing Westminster scope and with justification to fix Holyrood. We all know in Scotland that we have a ‘pretend’ parliament which doesn’t work in the interests of Scots, and hasn’t for about a decade that the SNP have held power. This cannot go on, my thoughts are when the grievance and complaining starts is to simply ignore it and press ahead. And make it publicly clear that what is given can be taken away very easily.

When you look at the state of Scotland, has the SNP created nirvana in the decade they have held power?

When I read that Nicola Sturgeon was “writing” her letter to Theresa May on the sofa of Bute House, I laughed, all that time wasted, but what should the reply be? The reply should be that this matter has been discussed before and the position of the Prime Minister hasn’t changed. Sturgeon’s letter for permission to hold a second independence referendum is merely gesture politics, she has already been told, now is not the time.

This can all be done with a classic one line sentence letter!

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said he thinks the Bill would mean Holyrood passing a Legislative Consent Motion [LCM], but if they don’t then it is easy enough to change the law at Westminster. Westminster could in theory they say just ignore Holyrood and press ahead regardless, but the SNP would seized upon a new grievance to further its case for independence. Westminster needs to be bold, and if they are willing to be, they could change the Scotland Act.

The SNP’s game is very obvious; they are ‘in part’ wanting independence by stealth, this is one of the avenues they are using, so this is why they have started a fierce dispute over which devolved powers returned from the EU go to Holyrood after Brexit. Westminster needs to the SNP powers that they don’t want but are forced as an administration to use, because you know like the EU farm payments fiasco they will mess it up down the line.

One of the things which should be carefully thought about is devolvement of agriculture and fishing so that the UK single market is able to work properly without any problems. My concern about fishing is the SNP might attempt to place the industry in a position where the SNP simply let EU fishing boats into Scottish waters as part of their bid to get fast track EU membership… if they could ever win a referendum.

The SNP don’t give a monkey’s about the devastating effect that EU membership had had on the British fishing industry, and that very much includes the people crewing the Scottish boats. The SNP would sell out anyone even if it is against the Scottish national interest.

Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray said:

“All repatriated powers in devolved areas that return to the UK following Brexit should, in principle, fall under the competency of the devolved administrations. However, this will be a complex process with a number of different stages. Both the UK and Scottish governments have a responsibility to protect the interests of those affected, including businesses, and our farming and fishing industries.”

Scottish Tory Adam Tomkins said:

“The SNP is complaining about the return of substantial new powers which - under its plans - would remain in Brussels. If ever people needed to see their utter hypocrisy, this is it. As the Prime Minister has made crystal clear, the UK Government expects substantial new powers to be delivered to our devolved parliaments as a result of Brexit. At the same time, it is sensible to ensure that UK frameworks are applied so that, as those powers come back, nothing is done that fragments our own United Kingdom. That might be good for the SNP but it would be bad for Scottish jobs.”

At some point, there has to be a fight between Westminster and Holyrood, whether the Conservatives are willing to do this at this time is debatable, the Scottish Conservatives being the second party of Holyrood think they have a shot at being the next government at Holyrood. So, they might not want to ‘rock the boat’ too much but you know the thing about fighting is that once you start you don’t stop.

Brexit is going to happen, Nicola Sturgeon’s letter is meaningless, Scottish Labour need to decide are they a political party or are they now a just focus group for the SNP, Holyrood will not be allowed to derail the Brexit process or use new powers to undermine the stability of the UK single market. The SNP will not be allowed to hold the UK economy as a hostage to fortune.

Finally, did you notice how “happy” Nicola Sturgeon was writing her poisoned pen letter to Theresa May for a second independence referendum; it got me thinking of her last gimmick which blew right up in her face, this one will too, too stupid to learn from her mistakes it seems.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

My God her sense of entitlement is ridiculous.

RMR said...

Thanks for another great analysis of the farce which passes for Scottish politics these days George.Just when you thought no one could surpass the woeful ineptitude of the SNP ( I speak as an ex SNP supporter and yes voter ) along comes Scottish Labour to prove you wrong.

You`re right George, the SNP would sell out anyone or any Scottish asset and make a pact with the devil himself in pursuit of their leaders` lust for glory.

Come to think of it, maybe they are not quite as inept as I think and the way they are destroying the once proud Scottish education system is part of a cunning plan to produce Scottish youngsters that are easily brainwashed by the cult and unable to think clearly for themselves. SCOTLAND, wake up to their lies and deceptions before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

totally agree George, the SNP aren't cutting it with the fake spin, the idea that Nicola Sturgeon just 'wrote' that letter to May on a sofa is sheer nonsense, everything these people do is vetted before seeing the light of day. Remember when the SNP wrote 'Trump's letter' in advance without his knowledge and permission, what a horrible creature Nicola Sturgeon truly is.

Anonymous said...

The photo released by the SNP of Sturgeon signing her letter to the PM, is a blatent copy of a pose by Margaret Thatcher. I've long thought Sturgeon's protestations about Thatcher and the Tories were always a little too loud. Sturgeon secretly admires and emulates Thatcher, she's no socialist by any stretch of the imagination. After all, Sturgeon only got where she is today thanks to Thatcher's policies, such as the right to buy your council house and getting a free uni education with no student loans. But now Sturgeon has pulled that ladder up behind her and is stopping others from doing the same.

Aldo said...

The SNP can't do anything to block or slow down brexit. If their consent isn't forthcoming for legislative changes they will simply be forced upon them. The British parliament is sovereign and supreme - a fact confirmed by the supreme court earlier this year in a unanimous ruling by 11 justices including 2 from Scotland.

Smudge said...

STURGEON,,,, what about the petition signed by over 200,000 people, who DO NOT want another referendum you useless bitch. Resign!!!!!

Anonymous said...

couldn't have put it better myself George, the wee angry Nat has messed up big style.

Anonymous said...

The end of Sturgeon is near, I smell it in the wind, too many mistakes and it just will not stop

Anonymous said...

Nicola is on the biggest giro in Scotland, why doesn't she get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Say wan thing aboot little miss radio rental, she has stopped workfare in Scotland.Just imagine, no more free labour for fake charity shops n parasites.

Tony F said...

So Westminster are "plotting" to grab powers repatriated from Brussels which - according to the SN Me Me Me! should be returned to Holyrood - but presumably Westminster would be expected to "look after them" until such time the Scottish Government is geared up to exercise said powers as they have done with several welfare benefits until 2020. Could the First Minister please advise the people of Scotland precisely which powers She is referring to and which powers would then be transferred straight back to Brussels in the event of an independent Scotland achieving membership of the EU?

Anonymous said...

gee wizz 11 comments any mostly from annon thats some reflection of the people's voice .
Despite 99.99 % of the media against them the "YES" movement and the SNP have not went away now that must concern people who support this Union , nothing used against the call to be a normal country has worked , oh dear how sad the union is dead live with it

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kranky is away to America, we might get a few days peace.

Blyth said...

OK Mr Laird, you clearly don't like the government and are very good at slagging off Ms Sturgeon. So I challenge you to make the positive case. If She isn't your choice for FM then who, out of the realistic choices available, do you think would do the best job, and why?

Anonymous said...

A lot of mindless turkeys on this site. Thankfully as an Engineer I never went to the Art School in the west end. 62% think that wastemonster should not block the scottish government. Wake up you arty farty types get a real job, like pushing a broom down the road.

deek said...

You mean the petition signed by people im Afghanistan Bangladesh Brazil ect ect aye rite ya prick

deek said...

You mean the petition signed by people im Afghanistan Bangladesh Brazil ect ect aye rite ya prick

Flying Scotsman said...

This article reads like it was written by a child.Is this really the best you zoomers have got?

Aldo said...

About 70% think we should bring back the rope for murderers. No sign of that returning.

Newsflash - the people can't always get what they want. We have a system, a constitution, and rule of law. The British parliament determines important issues like the potential break up of the state - not the jumped up toon cooncil in Edinburgh.

G Laird said...

Dear Flying Scotsman

"This article reads like it was written by a child.Is this really the best you zoomers have got?"

Some time ago, I remarked back in 2012 that I listened to one of Sturgeon's pals read from a piece of paper, I said I thought I had stumbled into a 8 year old reading class, I assume that your dig is in someway referencing my remark of yesterday.

Finally my blog is written by me, there are no zoomers in the background, that is how the SNP operate.


Aldo said...

A sizeable minority support independence. But you are pretty far from success and the union is still very much a going concern. Getting over the line will require a great deal of skill and dumb luck. You have no skills and your luck is running out.