Monday, March 13, 2017

The Second Battle of Britain, unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon plans second independence referendum for the autumn 2018, the second phoney war appears to be coming to an end, this time round the stakes are higher, the SNP will have learned from their past failures, but they get it so wrong that Brexit will spilt the pro UK vote

Dear All

It seems that the pressure to jump has forced SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to plan for a second independence referendum using Brexit as a grievance. Sturgeon decided that this tactic which will fail somehow represents a "real choice" between Brexit and leaving the UK.

Although this means another Nationalist hate campaign is gearing but which will be more nasty and vicious than the previous one. So, get ready to be called paedophile, racist, homosexual, homophobe, misogynist and anything else they can think of to smear you if you back the pro UK campaign.

Tomorrow in Glasgow sees a meeting of Scotland in Union, if the topic was a general feelgood presentation well, the agenda just got changed with the revelation that Sturgeon plans to seek the approval of Holyrood to start negotiations with the UK Government on staging a fresh referendum.

Round two……. Ding ding!

The idea is that the SNP want to hold a second independence vote take place as early as autumn 2018, the lie of ‘once in a generation’ painfully exposed, if the vote takes place in 2018 that would means it would only have been four years since the last one. The SNP claimed that the 2014 vote was a ‘once in a generation’ vote, now they are breaking their word, but in truth, the Nationalists are seen as liars, untrustworthy and deceitful.

I remember speaking to Professor Adam Tomkins who is now an MSP around the 2014 vote, I said to him, archive everything in Better Together.

Yes, four years ago, I had the vision to see right through Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, George Laird right again.

The people of Scotland won in 2014 to keep Scotland in the Union, and they will win again, last time it was 55% to 45% to stay part of the United Kingdom, I would expect that number to increase with a bit of effort.

As SNP support is falling along with the approval ratings of Nicola Sturgeon, the timing of this call to arms is suspiciously like council electioneering, Sturgeon need bodies to get out an fight the council elections. I would suggest that the “carrot” to the Braveheart crowd has just been dangled.

Do, you know the reason that nearly two-thirds (62%) of Scots opted to stay in the European Union, but the UK as a whole voted for Brexit?

Well as someone who knows a lot about the Leave Campaign, let me fill you in, the campaign started late in Scotland, it had little money, it had little resources, it had little personnel and most of them weren’t actually experienced campaigners. And of course some of the messages which came from down south were actually very poor, but in spite of many obstacles and handicaps, the Leave Campaign managed to pull in one million votes.
One million votes with such an under sourced campaign was a remarkable achievement, in Glasgow areas where people took my campaigning advice, they managed to return a plus 40% vote.

In Pollok, the percentage was 40.8% which was the second highest in the City of Glasgow.

So, will the UK Government grant a Section 30 order for autumn 2018 when Brexit talks would possibly still being done?

I doubt it, the Westminster Government will be effectively tied up for the next two years with Europe, and it is therefore in their interest to clear the decks assuming they say yes to round two.

If I was in Theresa May’s shoes, I would say no to Nicola Sturgeon flat out, once that happens, where does Sturgeon go? She along with Alex Salmond both signed the Edinburgh Agreement to accept the result, if the UK had lost, they would have honoured their end; it seems the SNP don’t understand the concept.

So, the choice is do the people of Scotland want to break from a 300 year old Union which pools and shares resources to hand over control of Scotland to a political organisation in Brussels?

One thing which will not be included in the vote is independence; Nicola Sturgeon plans to give that away to the EU as soon as humanly possible.

Sturgeon said:

"I will now take the steps necessary to make sure that Scotland will have a choice at the end of this process - a choice of whether to follow the UK to a hard Brexit or to become an independent country, able to secure a real partnership of equals with the rest of the UK and our own relationship with Europe."

Given no talks have taken place, how does she know if leaving will be a hard Brexit?

And do you know what hard Brexit means anyway?

Hard Brexit is something which is favoured by Brexiteers, it means:

Give up full access to the single market
Have full access to border control and immigration
Make independent trade deals
Apply new rules within our own territory
Rely on the World Trade Organisation

Hard Brexit doesn’t represent anything dramatic.

Soft Brexit is favoured by Remain campaigners, they want:

Remain, as close as possible, to the existing arrangements
Britain's exports not subject to border checks
Accept "four freedoms" - movement of goods, services, capital and people
This will offer continued free access for EU nationals to live and work in the UK and membership of the European Economic Area

In other words, leave the EU in name only, lose our rebate, voting rights and be subjected to EU laws and end up being treated as badly as the EU had done with African countries on trade deals.

Soft Brexit isn’t a viable option which the Westminster Government can accept and still claim to be representing the will of the people.

Finally, Europe is collapsing because of the migrant crisis, if we were to stay in the EU; we face down the line Scotland having to accept migrant quotas. This makes Scotland a major highway for terrorists and other criminals to access Scotland, and the rest of the UK, putting people’s lives at risk.

It is in the national and economic interests of Scotland to save our country and its people from crippling austerity which is the by-product of Sturgeon’s insanity.

Our health service would be decimated; our council services drastically reduced, there would be high unemployment and the most vulnerable and poorest would suffer greatly.

The second phoney war appears to be coming to an end; the second Battle of Britain appears to be just below the horizon now, this time round so much more is at stake.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

I'm sick of these mind-numbing morons, George. I really am. Not that I'm the only one, but tell me this, does this smack of fear of the upcoming elections of 2019-2020?

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

You are right, the SNP have peaked, and they see this as only to try and keep power. Scotland will not vote for indyref, Sturgeon's "bid" is even worse than Salmond's bid last time.


Al C said...

Thought as much. At least your ability to understand the situation helps me see through all the bullshit flying around, especially twitter!

Cheers George!

Anonymous said...

brilliant Georgie boy

People in my work were furious , I see it turning to fisty cuffs


Graham Mccomb said...

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Let this great land be, please get this completely inept so called government kicked into touch. If we do go for another referendum the UK government should build into the agreement that they will not allow another one to be held for at least 100 years and get on with governing our great country SNP free.

Charlie Russell said...

You are spot on George, we have no economy, no education, no NHS, no educated MP's, the U.K. would have to put a border up, immigration would go up tenfold as Scotland would be an escape route to England and the border towns would end up like Calais God help us

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I am delighted to see your finding that the snp have peaked. Unfortunately, the snp seem able to defy the normal "rules" of politics. However, there is one rule even they cannot buck, namely politicians having a shelf life. I think that Theresa May should take your advice and simply give the nikster a flat no. However, the minimum she is likely to say is "not in this parliament". If the winds of change really do blow through Europe, sturgeon's alleged and implausible desire to rejoin the EU as an independent nation will look more than a little bit dog eared. That, together with the snp starting towards a downward path gives me hope that they will fade, at least to the point where they no longer have a majority even with the support of the greens.

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, if Lie@bour hadn’t treated a large section of our Scottish population with complete contempt, we wouldn’t have wee hairy.

Charlie Russell said...

If there is another referendum in Scotland it should be decided by Scottish born only voters, who will be voting on the most important decision of their lives. Why should foreign immigrants have a vote about what is literally my country's future, I am Scottish yes but I am also British and proud to be able to say that

D Stewart. said...

Just wondering Mr Laird, if you share the opinion that this is to a large extent due to Fat Eck bouncing the Teflon Pixie into the decision, and therefore part of a plan to reinstate himself as national saviour?

Sherbie. said...

Scotland is being destroyed by this "hateful, divisive party of scumbags, the SNP.

G Laird said...

Hi D Stewart

"Just wondering Mr Laird, if you share the opinion that this is to a large extent due to Fat Eck bouncing the Teflon Pixie into the decision, and therefore part of a plan to reinstate himself as national saviour?"

On Sky news it said in a caption that a source claimed Salmond and others had put pressure on Sturgeon to go for indyref2, as we all know Salmond's judgement is poor, if she followed his advice, she is rather stupid. I think given time is against Salmond, he probably sees this as his last chance.

This is his last gasp, after losing, he and Sturgeon are sunk, they will have lost three referendums in a row.