Thursday, March 16, 2017

SNP Smackdown: No new Scottish independence referendum as Theresa May says 'now is not the time', so the question now is, will unpopular Nicola Sturgeon collapse the Scottish Government to try for an absolute majority, petition to stop indyref 2 now sits at over 155, 395 signatures, Sturgeon gambled everything and lost, will she now ‘bet the farm’?

Dear All

There is a buzz in the air it seems, as a rather catchy phrase is coming from the people of Scotland to Theresa May….. ‘just say naw’!

Saying naw is what is expected of Prime Minister Theresa May with regards to ruling out a second Scottish independence referendum.

And this happy state of affairs could every well happen this afternoon and makes for a good showpiece for a party leader to rally the troops.

But what for the shop soiled poor white hope from Dreghorn Nicola Sturgeon, apparently she is gearing up to hear what many people keeping saying in reply to her gibberish…. No!

Nicola Stugeon marched the ‘troops’ up the hill only to find out the opposition are merely laughing at them, the about face and walk down the hill is a humiliation.

Imagine finding out that you are a small fish in a big pond, this is what Sturgeon is finding out, already we have the SNP screaming and whining by calling that refusing to give into SNP demands is in someway 'defying democracy'.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon had their vote, their chance and lost badly, 55% to 45%, it was a decisive victory by a clear 10 point margin. The aim of indyref 2 is to cause trouble, and it is to weaken the UK government in up coming Brexit talks. This action wouldn’t just be noticed here and down south, it will make the EU feel that they are empowered as they try to shaft us.

We could end up in a situation where a deal isn’t possible, hard Brexit happens and we are operating under World Trade Organisation rules (WTO), once thing to remember, nothing is settled yet, and it is in the interests of Europe to find an accommodation.

What I like is the sick joke mooted by the SNP that if the Westminster government don’t give the SNP their way for a new vote it would act as the "biggest recruiting sergeant possible" for the cause. The SNP have sucked up pretty much everyone who is interested in their ‘cause’. In fact the only way is down wards for the membership, incompetent SNP government will hasten that decline.

To show how rattle the SNP and how much Nicola Sturgeon is living in fear of her own side turning on her, up pops Pete Wishart, who is more blowhard than diehard to waffle:

“Will there be a statement from the Government approving a section 30 order to approve a legal independence referendum if the Scottish Parliament, as is likely, votes to request one next week? Surely there can be no case for standing in the way of democracy and defying the will of the democratically elected parliament in Scotland?”

Take the time to note that he isn’t saying 'the will of the Scottish people’, and with the collapse of Scottish Labour and the poor showing of other unionist parties, their ‘test’ of democracy can hardly be measured using Holyrood as a benchmark.
One thing that the Conservatives have developed as a theme is something which I have banged on about for years, incompetent SNP government, Commons Leader David Lidington said the Government "will want to look at whatever requests might come from the Scottish Parliament".

But he also fired off:

"But I just say this gently to you, that the Autumn Statement and the spring Budget together have given roughly £1.25 billion of extra spending to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament. They could use that money to reduce the tax hikes on business and middle income families in Scotland. They could use it to improve failing schools in Scotland, to help struggling hospitals in Scotland. I think that would be a much better service to the people of Scotland than posturing about a further referendum."

At present the petition to stop a second independence referendum is sitting just below 155,000 signatures, it is only a few days and the response has been impressive, people are sick of the SNP attempting to plunge the UK into crisis, they are sick of referendums, they are sick of incompetent government and they are sick of being held to ransom.

One thing which has happened is that The Queen has signed the Brexit Bill into law which means it leaves Theresa May free to kick-start leaving the EU. One out, means all out, Scotland will be leaving the EU along with the rest of the UK, and there will be no special deal for Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon gambled and lost, lost everything, played a rather stupid game and came away looking weak and more importantly stupid.

So, no Section 30 order, no legal authority to hold a new referendum; so what now, does Nicola Sturgeon then move onto plan B?

Plan B, try and get an absolute majority by collapsing the Scottish Government and forcing an election.

So, if she doesn’t get her absolute majority, which was the basis that the last franchise was made available, does she have the bottle to collapse the Scottish government twice in a row?

Finally, it is not all doom and gloom, here is a funny video done by someone down south who is vaguely familiar with the Scottish situation, he starts off a bit shaky on what Nicola Sturgeon’s title is, calling her the Prime Minister of Scotland, its actually First Minister. Then as if by magic, we get treated to him swearing etc etc.

Sadly someone has altered the video so you don’t get the whole rich experience but if I find a youtube copy unedited then I will stick it on the blog, education so important.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Seed of Chucky strikes again. Is there ever a day that frightful hideous creature is not in the news

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My God,, she's looking DOG ROUGH Georgie boy,,

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Section 30 means nothing if May rejects it! You should read up on UDI.

We have other alternatives for a referendum and the Supreme Court would just laugh at Westminster if they blocked section 30.

Get used to it folks because our choice is coming again and nope not you or Theresa May can block it!