Tuesday, March 28, 2017

‘Sit Down’ Conservative leader Ruth Davidson tells unpopular Nicola Sturgeon to sit down during #indyref2 debate, the Nationalist sheep react badly as their ‘heroine’ is simply dismissed, rattled Sturgeon points ‘the finger’ in Holyrood Chamber


Anonymous said...

Sturgeon is not to be trusted

Sherbie. said...

Sturgeon,, sit down, shut up and feck off ya stupid, useless moron!!!

Aldo said...

Ruth Davidson is an excellent leader with bright days ahead of her. She should be allowed to speak without interruption. This is how we are supposed to operate as a civilised society. This is what we teach our children - to keep quiet until the other person has finished. Being popular among the dentally challenged does not give a 40-something year old woman an excuse to behave like a brat.

I've joined the tories by the way, and donated money to them. I advise all others who care about Scottish unionism to do the same.

Andrew Patterson said...

Nicola is the head of the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Scottish Government with considerably more electoral support and mandate than Ruth Davidson.
If Ruth Davidson's behaviour is your idea of an "excellent leader" then you truly are desperate.
Her attitude was childish. I realise that the knowing there was NOTHING she could do to stop the vote being successful must have been aggravating, but she acted like a petulant brat. In a better ordered world the response should have been the same - she should have been sent out of the room to let the adults talk.
Thankfully Nicola was able to act like the adult that Ruth is so obviously not.