Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon’s folly over indyref 2, Petition to block second Scot referendum set for debate at Westminster as it hits 100,000 signatures and is still climbing, everything is blowing up in Sturgeon’s face as anti-Brussels sentiment sweeps across Scotland, the SNP have made a big tactical mistake which will come back to haunt them

Dear All

It must have felt so good for Nicola Sturgeon when she decided to do a spoiler to overshadow the House of Lords vote, can you imagine the SNP strategists sitting there thinking they are doing a coup?

Well, within a short space of time and demonstrating that the SNP cannot work with Westminster, it all blew right up in Nicola Sturgeon’s face on many fronts. 

Theresa May is considering saying no, people in the EU have killed stone dead any notion of a fast track membership, the SNP appear to be about to ditch the idea of EU membership in favour of ‘single market’ and the Scottish people, Nationalists and Unionists alike are angry about a second referendum. 

Nationalists know they can’t win it, those with any sense, and Unionists are angry that yet again, the SNP plan to throw Scotland into chaos and division, it will be much worse this time round.

If anyone thinks the nasty vicious campaign of indyref 1 run by the Nationalists and their ‘axis’ forces has been forgotten, they can think again.

Scotland is a divided country now.

A sign of the anger is expressed by a Petition to block a second Scottish referendum, in order to hit the 100,000 mark which can trigger a debate in Westminster, people have been signing up fast and furious, so far the 100k mark has been breached and we are heading towards 125,000. The timeframe of this sign up is absolutely staggering, the mark has been reached to trigger a debate and I can see this one going forward, and Westminster marshalling its forces to allow speaker after speaker to condemn the actions of the SNP leadership.

Nicola Sturgeon triggered her own downfall, which could be aptly titled, ‘a few days in March’.

The petition to say no to indyref 2 was started by Scottish resident John Innes, he appears to be on course to make a wee bit of history for himself, the title of the petition?

‘Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen’

In the bumf, he wrote:

“We in Scotland are fed up of persecution by the SNP leader who is solely intent on getting independence at any cost. As a result, Scotland is suffering hugely”.

Scotland is suffering particularly our health service which is in dire need of leadership which the SNP have failed to provide. Here is an up to date example for you to ponder what having an SNP government means when they neglect their responsibilities.

A GP practice in where Doctors say at their Ayrshire GP practice that things are so bad due to “impossible" funding that they have no option but to announce plans to close the surgery.

This is the type of thing which Shona Robison should have dealt with and sorted out, what the hell is going on in her portfolio? This incident brings me to something which I have historically said that the Scottish Government needs reformed; it needs deputies in key government departments.

We already know that a bad job is being done, so obviously more help is need to get Scotland’s NHS back on its feet. Where is that help to come from if it isn’t from reformed Scottish Government?

Everything in life isn’t about independence!

Despite vastly exceeding the 10,000 signatures required for a Government response, Downing Street have not yet commented on the petition.

Just as the public are thoroughly unimpressed by so are the politicians in Scotland; Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said:

“The First Minister’s problem is she has no mandate for a second independence referendum.

She added:

“She lost her majority in Parliament, the people of Scotland have said time and time again that they do not want to be dragged back into the division of another referendum. She’s trying to convert votes like mine, which were for Remain in the EU referendum, into votes for another independence referendum. The people of Scotland are angry at the First Minister today because she is not speaking for Scotland.”

The point about Sturgeon using Unionist Remain votes for brought up yesterday by someone at the Scotland in Union event, Sturgeon has no right to attempt to hijack other people’s democratic vote for her own ends.

At present at time of writing this post today the number of people signing up to say no to a second independence referendum in Scotland is standing at just under the 125,000 signature mark.

Finally, a new survey has revealed that anti-EU feeling is on the rise in Scotland and that Sturgeon’s plans to leave the UK to rejoin the failed EU project will put voters off independence. The ScotCen annual Scottish social attitudes survey found that two in three Scots (67 per cent) either want Britain to leave the EU (25 per cent) or for the EU’s powers to be reduced (42 per cent).

George Laird is 2-2 in referendums wins, people expect me to get it right every single time, there is no expectation of that type of political understanding with Nicola Sturgeon!

She sits on 0-2 in losses.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Soros agent Wee Hairy, calls herself a Nationalist, actually, she’s supposed to be the leader of the Scottish National party. This weirdo wants Scotland to be an independent nation but only in name. She would hand us over to Merkel and the unelected weirdos like herself in Europe. She would destroy us all. This woman is truly evil, hell bent on destroying the UK and Scotland. Oh aye and I voted Yes in 2014 and I’m one of the voters who voted out of Europe.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I have been following the petition you mention and, like you, I have been amazed at how it has grown in a few days.

My question is whether or not any of the anger sturgeon has clearly caused is likely to be reflected in the upcoming local government elections? As you know, it is not unusual for people to use these elections to "send a message" to an incumbent government. If sturgeon were to get a bloody nose in that way, it might dampen her ardour to actually go for a second bite at the cherry.

Auld Jock

D. Stewart said...

Scotland has always been a much more fractured society than many of us would like to believe I fear.

D said...


Discovered this site in the lead up to Indyref, and liked enough of what you've been saying to have stuck around since. Like yourself, I am 2 for 2 in my referendum predictions, but I just feel something is starting to turn in the wrong direction. I didn't think it possible, but more and more people seem to be buying into their grievance politics(Kevin Hague's blog on Neural Linguistic Programming is as astute as it gets on this matter).

As commented above, Sturgeon needs to be given a bloody nose at the upcoming LGE, and the only way I see that happening is for the Unionists to create their own block vote and, as much as it's likely to stick in the craw of a lot of people, it has to be for the Tories. The only party to have been consistent in their support for the Union, this would hurt the Nats twofold, firstly, the shock of seeing their seemingly invisible veneer being stripped away would cause considerable doubt about any future referendum result, and secondly, it instantly nullifies their age old favourite of the "evil Tories not having any mandate in Scotland.

Kind regards


G Laird said...

Hi Anon

Not sure that Scotland is ready for the block vote approach just yet, but it is an interesting idea. At present it seems that people are willing to back union supporting candidates even independents in an anyone but SNP approach.

One thing is certain, all unionist parties need better candidates who are willing to be right embedded with the community.