Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sick to death of the SNP 2, Nationalists drag Scotland’s reputation into the gutter, after Islamic terror attack yesterday in London; heroes emerged to aid the dead and injured but SNP elected representatives and supporters disgrace themselves with such crass behaviour, it is only right that someone calls them out as unbelievable low life trash

Dear All

Yesterday, the streets of London ran blood red after a horrific Islamic terror attack in Westminster, right at the heart of our democracy.4 people dead and 20 seriously injured, people yesterday were asked not to call the ambulance services unless it was a real emergency; such was the demand on their services at Westminster.

Yesterday saw many ordinary people emerge as heroes such as the policeman who tragically died tackling a violent jihadi extremist.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood's blood-stained face as he performed CPR on the knifed policeman has become a defining image of yesterday's horrifying terror attack. He worked frantically in his attempts to save the policeman killed. PC Keith Palmer's made ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Today in an emotional House of Commons, Conservative MP James Cleverly was in tears as he described serving with the married father-of-two in the Royal Artillery regiment 25 years ago when he knew him as 'Gunner Keith Palmer'.

He said:

'He was a strong, professional public servant and it was a delight to meet him again only a few months after being elected.'

It is as many people know; a small world!

Tobias Ellwood's blood-stained face as he performed CPR on the knifed policeman became a defining image of yesterday's horrifying terror attack but we should remember all you answered the call to help. Today in the Commons, he sat in the Commons in tears; there is a human cost to bravery, while people tried to get away from the incident unfolding, he was heading towards it to help without thought for his own safety, lives were in danger.

Already, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Westminster terror attack, but they will not break our resolve. The attack happened on the anniversary of the Brussels attack a year ago so it was timed to show symbolism and support for other Islamic terrorists. Already after the London attack, news is in about a French Muslim arrested after trying to drive a car loaded with liquid gas, firearms and knives into a crowd at high speed on a busy shopping street in Antwerp. This person has been arrested, it is not clear if both incidents are linked, the police investigation may possible be joint with British security services.

Prior to the Nice attack which was horrific, I was speculating on Islamic terrorists using vehicles as weapons of terror, sadly the predication turned out to be true. The use of vehicles as weapons will continue, they are deadly and effective, you might even find that cities become more guarded that the terrorists will also use motorways where they can build up speed to cause massive piles. The authorities need to start planning for these types of scenarios and how to deal with this, terrorism can and will strike anywhere. If you think of your worst nightmare, you can be sure that the Islamic terrorists will also be thinking of it.

Here are some examples, on Bastille; 86 people were killed when a truck was driven through crowds enjoying fireworks in Nice. Four months down the line, a copycat ISIS-inspired massacre took place in Germany when a terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin; twelve people were killed in the attack on December 19. This year, a Palestinian lorry driver mowed down and then reversed over Israeli soldiers, this killed four people.

Yesterday saw many people emerge as heroes, there are too many to name, doctors and nurses ran from nearby hospital to treat victims of the London terror attack despite not knowing what horrors awaited them. The staff at St Thomas Hospital deserves special recognition; nurses from St Thomas' hospital loaded blankets outside the hospital to take to victims of the London terror attacks. It was a team effort in times of need; everyone comes to the fore without thought of self.

We can be rightly proud of our NHS.

As well as heroes, yesterday also saw Scotland being made a disgrace as several of the SNP brought our country down. Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham accused of 'absolutely disgraceful behaviour' after Westminster terror attack. The Perthshire MSP shouted and jabbed her finger at the Tory benches after Holyrood was suspended.

More controversially, Tory sources also claimed she allegedly said

“This is because you didn’t want to talk about independence”.

Most of her anger it is said was specifically targeted at Tory MSP Murdo Fraser, who had earlier called for a suspension in light of the unfolding events at Westminster.

A witness said:

“She was having a bit of a meltdown. What I heard her say was something like this. 'You are giving into terrorists, even the Tories at Westminster carried on in the face of the IRA.' Others then heard her say something like, 'You are only doing this because we are debating independence.’”

As well as senior SNP at Holyrood being a disgrace, SNP MP George Kerevan posted a selfie at the height of the Islamic terrorist incident. As people fought to save lives, as other people lay dead and about 20 people were seriously injured, Kerevan was smiling.

I tweeted his picture and asked the question:

4 people dead at #Westminster, can someone explain why an SNP MP is smiling, what's funny? #NicolaSturgeon #WeAreNotAfraid

Another senior nationalist Linda Fabiani MSP and Deputy Presiding Officer, was well within her right to have suspended Parliament yesterday after Murdo Fraser MSP raised it as a point of order.

SNP MSP Linda Fabiani, refused to suspend the independence debate as any decent human being would have done with a second's thought. She didn't not have to waiting for confirmations from Ken Macintosh or the parliamentary manager, her crack of ‘business as usual’ was one of the defining moments of SNP civic Nationalism.

Just as elected SNP representatives at Westminster and Holyrood disgraced themselves, the odious Wings Over Scotland along with other bottom feeders such as Mr.Malky showed clearly that the Nationalist camp is utter wretched with crass comments.

In an attempt to rally public support, today we have Nicola Sturgeon today saying that Scotland stands with London. This is in stark contrast to what the SNP were doing yesterday, which was utterly disgraceful.

What low life scum these people are, we saw heroes emerge yesterday; in the SNP we also saw emerge unbelievable low life trash.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

I was less angered by the attack, George than I was by some low life scum who started twittering against people showing support with union jack because it stood for "genocide" - most of these people were Irish republicans. I guess the SNP are cut from the same disgusting cloth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tommy right?

G Laird said...


"I was less angered by the attack, George than I was by some low life scum who started twittering against people showing support with union jack because it stood for "genocide" - most of these people were Irish republicans. I guess the SNP are cut from the same disgusting cloth."

I have blogged on Sein Fein SNP in the past.


SNP out said...

Totally disgusted by some of the comments I have seem by Indy Ref 2 supporters and SNP supporters. Disrespectful cretins the lot of them, of course the debate should have been stopped, out of respect for those who were killed and injured. Roseanna Cunningham is a disgrace and those faceless keyboard warriors on twitter who seem to be terrorism experts are equally disgusting.

See link to this tweet

This self proclaimed cybernat who is a 50+ year old man Paul Wright (SNP candidate in May 2017), posing as a woman Paula Honey Rose seems to think if it was up to him he would have continued the debate. He also states that "An horrendous event - but not one that was likely to escalate further." Not a terrorism expert of course this could have escalated. This man is vile, he posts non stop about "stupid yoons" and the virtues of an independent Scotland, I'm not quite sure what qualifies him to know what an Independent Scotland would have but quite frankly I am sick fed up of hearing about Indy Ref 2. These people should all be ashamed of themselves, they have nothing to be proud about as it was and they have now embarrassed us even further.

Tony F said...

Oddly enough to a certain extent I can understand the frustration of the SNP contingent at Holyrood. Having pushed relentlessly for a debate on Indyref2 and finally having a 2 day window provided for the debate they then find their limelight stolen on day 1 by the death of Martin McGuinness and then on day 2 by the tragic events at Westminster. Having said that however, frustration is no excuse for the unstatesman(or woman)like behaviour of Roseanna Cunningham who has lost claim to any moral high ground she or the party she represents could claim to have held. When the SNP came to power we were promised a different kind of politics with dignity and respect at the forefront of evrything they proposed to do. Both of these concepts have sadly proved to be totally alien to the SNP contingent at Holyrood.