Wednesday, March 1, 2017

‘Thank God for Westminster’, total betrayal of the Working Class both Unionist and Nationalist alike as the ‘Business community’ in Scotland fronted by outgoing Glasgow Labour Councillor Liz Cameron are effectively backing a separate immigration policy for Scotland, to flood Scotland with low skilled cheap Labour robs the poorest of a meagre future

Dear All

Do you know what the term ‘useful idiot’ means?

Basically in political jargon, a useful idiot is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

It seems that a number of ‘useful idiots’ have managed to get together under the title of Scotland’s ‘business community’ and decided to back a separate immigration policy for Scotland.

Firstly, this idea will never happen, and second free movement of people has cause Europe to tether on the brink of political and social disaster. Secondly freedom of movement doesn’t help low skilled workers at the bottom of society; it creates ghettos and makes working conditions and pay worse.

One of the realities of a different immigration policy would be that there would be a need for a hard border between Scotland and England; however the chief executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce Liz Cameron doesn’t believe so. Cameron by all accounts is a big fan of Europe and in particular Italy, she is also standing down as a Labour Councillor in May’s election.

One could ask is Liz Cameron sucking up to what could be a possible incoming SNP administration and by doing so keeping the Scottish Chambers of Commerce relevant, one thing she is presumably by default is undermining the Labour Party.

You cannot have a different EU immigration policy for Scotland, Westminster would not allow it, aside from the legal questions; the political reality is that Westminster cannot trust or work with the SNP Government. Time and time again, the SNP have shown this to be abundantly clear with England

Liz Cameron said the business community is pressing the case for a separate deal on immigration which would allow freedom of movement to continue north of the border following Brexit.

Westminster will never allow the SNP to operate a migrant highway into the UK, especially when the terrorist threat is so high, another obstacle to the policy. The idea of her group and London's deputy mayor to consider whether a joint plea can be made to the UK Government on the issue is laughable. Laughable when you see whom in the past Sadiq Khan has shared a platform with at rallies. Joint bid or single bid the answer is no, the immigration system will remain under one authority.

This nonsense reminds me of the LSE paper on viewing Europe as a series of city states.

Interesting about like Liz Cameron’s backing for a separate immigration policy for Scotland, something which will never make it pass the discussion stage. This would be dismissed out of hand by the Prime Minister without a second thought. There will be no mini EU allowed to operate in the United Kingdom.

Cameron told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme:

"I have heard that it is not practical and too complicated. We don't accept that. I believe that there could be put in place an effective and efficient process, and management of that which would not necessitate putting in border controls between Scotland and the rest of the country."

To me this stinks of a badly thought-out manoeuvre which as I mentioned is floated by ‘useful idiots’ to do the dirty work of the SNP, so they can turn round and say they are responding to the business community of Scotland. Control of immigration is one of the key demands contained in the Scottish Government's Brexit proposals which have already been rejected.

The SNP wants Scotland to remain in the European single market through membership of the European Economic Area as a way to help them put a case for fast tracking into EU membership, so if they get independence, they plan to ditch a Scottish currency in favour of the Euro and access to their Central Bank.

Scottish independence would be a rather short affair for Nationalists as they see Nicola Sturgeon or whoever is the leader deliberately handover Scotland’s sovereignty to unelected Brussels officials.

And get this through your head; they will do so without a referendum, by claiming that a Holyrood election has given them a mandate. The Scottish National Party doesn’t believe in democracy or the ‘will of the people’ unless it suits their agenda. Scotland would become a bankrupt country like Greece, while the SNP ruling party live a life of luxury at taxpayers’ expense.

SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said:

"The Tories' rhetoric on the prospect of a hard border and the claim that a separate deal on freedom of movement for Scotland isn't feasible is just not washing with anybody anymore. The SNP Government will continue to call for tailored immigration powers to match Scotland's demographic needs - because it will be our businesses, universities and research facilities that miss out on talent, and our economy that falls behind."

Notice the clever use of language, the SNP claim to want “tailored immigration powers” to match Scotland's demographic needs; this is to lull their working class supporters and the people of Scotland into a false sense of security. Under the SNP, they would use immigration two fold a migrant highway into the United Kingdom and as a way of boosting the voting population by promising automatic citizenship if there is ever a successful Scottish independence vote.

Finally, I wonder what Scottish Labour will think of Liz Cameron’s call for a separate immigration policy for Scotland; will they recognise that Cameron by default is effectively siding with the SNP?

I guess the saying 'no fool like an old fool' applies in this scenario.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

That’s all most of them immigrants are, nothing but cheap docile labour. The third world immigrants come from countries where running water and a flushing toilet is a luxury. The eastern Europeans similar. Very few are highly skilled and educated. The Liebour party with the full support of all the trade unions –except the Railway workers- agreed with this flood of cheap labour. The Liebour party and trade unions still want more mass immigration. They told us it was to pay for our future pensions but the pension age has went up to 66 for men and woman have lost years of their pensions. Most of these immigrants work for the min wage or less, they claim tax credits and receive free health care and their children free education. They actually cost the system more than they put in – but who cares about the truth. The SNP are now a mirror image of New Labour. The SNP should be ashamed to call themselves nationalist. They really are an eye opener for the state of elite political class in modern Britain 2017. I’m still a socialist and I will be voting Tory. Thank God for Westminster indeed.