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SNP out in May: Whistleblowing SNP councillor Julie McAnulty quits Nationalist Party after being treated disgracefully by SNP HQ, if you speak out in the SNP, you will find yourself ostracized and deselected, the SNP cult don’t tolerate freedom of thought, freedom of speech, SNP ‘Civic Nationalism’ is the most grubby disgusting politics practiced in Scotland

Dear All

It is nothing new that smearing takes place in the Scottish National Party, it was tolerated under the leadership of Alex Salmond, it is tolerated under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

Julie McAnulty says she is the victim of alleged smearing, that cost her a chance to be an MSP.

Now, it seems that the SNP have put this whistleblowing councillor into a position that she had no alternative but to quit her local party which she says is in chaos. When it was published that she had failed selection, I have to say, I was surprised and not surprised. SNP Candfidate selection is a joke, especially when you consider the same candidate selection passed Natalie McGarry, Kenny Gibson, Patricia Gibson, Roseanna Cunningham and Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh and a whole load of people which some people might class as ‘village idiots’.

One of the things I know from personal experience is that her allegation that SNP party headquarters turn a blind eye to bullying is 100% correct.

Who is the Chief Executive of the SNP, none other than the shadowy Peter Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, when I had found out I had been allegedly smeared I contact Peter Murrell, Derek Mackay, and Ian McCann. These people completely ignored my complaints, and a short time later, I was accused of being homophobic by the National Secretary William Henderson. After I outed Henderson and his activities to the Daily Record, Henderson stood down as National Secretary.

SNP non cult justice works this way, you are assumed to be guilty until you prove yourself innocent. After complaining about Henderson being both my accuser and organiser of the hearing, the SNP still refused to do anything. I was complaining to the senior leadership at this time, which is why I have no problem in saying publicly that Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell, along with Mackay and McCann are scum.  
Julie McAnulty must have known that when she ‘failed’ selection her time was over in the SNP, the "self-serving cabal" exists all over the SNP, they aren’t the best of the best; they are mostly the most wretched people.

One of the things which I have continued blogged on is that the SNP are a party within a party who function much in the same way as a cult. The cult of personality isn’t nothing new, the same system operated under Hitler and Stalin, were the leader was semi divine and all knowing.

The current leader of the SNP is Nicola Sturgeon, she isn’t semi divine and patently thick; her record as a Minister of health, face of Scottish independence and First Minister rather bares that out.

McAnulty by all accounts has done well in local government when you look at her role in several council corruption probes, we expect our councillors to be our representatives and hold council to account, and its staff.

After the ‘Get the Pakis out’ story hit the press last year, she was given a six-month administrative suspension following an allegation of racism.

Julie McAnulty went on to be cleared of watchdogs and is pursuing a defamation action at the Court of Session. At the time of that incident, I wasn’t convinced at all that she was guilty of anything and wrote:

“I don’t know SNP Councillor Julie McAnulty but allegation doesn’t equal guilt, and unless there is concrete evidence to back up Sheena McCulloch’s complaint then McAnulty will continue on her candidacy for Holyrood. However, she doesn’t have to just watch her political opponents; she also has to watch the SNP members from stabbing her in the back”.

When she failed selection, my words of Monday, February 8, 2016, about watching the SNP members from stabbing her in the back was to be played out. You see there is no mystery to how the Scottish National Party operates, they are petty nasty vindictive people.

Julie McAnulty’s reputation has been damaged by the ‘Get the Pakis out’ allegation, there is no question of that in my mind, and one wonders what her accuser must be now thinking as a court case at the Court of Session is in the works?

McAnulty said on leaving the SNP:

“Public office is a privilege, not a right. It is an office that can be held with honour and in all that I have done over the past five years, whether it was reporting the leader of the council to the Standards Commission or going to the Counter Corruption Unit, I have always acted for those whom I represent, whatever the cost to myself. That has led me to my ostracization and deselection. I do not regret it, but it grieves me that I now must leave and fight from the outside for what I believe in.”

I wonder if Julie McAnulty met the deadline for standing as an independent, if so the people of the ward she would be standing in would certainly have to look at giving her their votes.

Public Office is a privilege but in the SNP, it is a privilege which the SNP have abused by their actions, this election coming up is all about ‘getting the SNP out in May’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

If you know the pecking order in the SNP it will come as no surprise to learn that Peter Murrell sits on the top.
Leaders come and go. Peter doesn't.

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Aldo said...

The SNP and their followers have adopted the 'one more push' doctrine. As such, everyone has to shut up about anything that might be slightly inconvenient for the party until independence has been achieved. The problem is, independence will not be achieved. So where does that leave us? Stuck with a party that can say and do no wrong and which cannot be criticised....forever (or until such time as a sufficient number of people come to their senses).

s said...

They are a garbage cult,,, they are destroying Scotland.

Al C said...

Question is, who do you replace the cult with? Clinton (or more accurately, the anti-Trump movement) in the US tried "keep the Donald out" and it failed. Scotland needs people to get enthusiastic about. You know better than I do who that is, but apart from that, good luck to you George, and good riddance to them!

Anonymous said...

Too true George. Peter Murrell and Ian McCann have form for ignoring everyone, just like the Third Reich Herman Goering did. Like you I have had experience of being ignored by the snp high heid yins and also being attacked both verbally and physically and being black listed, when I was the victim aged 76 years. Councillor Yen Hong Mei of Dumfries was accepted as a Candidate for Westminster by the snp at the last election and came second in the candidates list. But she was refused as a candidate for the Holyrood election but it will come to no surprise to anyone that Joan McAlpine, now Regional List MSP for South Scotland, was the only candidate.
The people of Scotland deserve better than this untruthful and seriously incompetent government

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely Snp is a cult full if villige idiots .treehugging sandal waving tinhat .