Monday, April 3, 2017

Tartan Week Hell for Sturgeon, Nicola Sturgeon is the ‘ugly sister’ posing as ‘Cinderella’ that no one wants to take to the ball, no access the Trump administration, no welcome from British Foreign Office, off the invite list for most of this year’s Tartan Day celebrations, the party is going on but looks like dining alone for Nicola!

Dear All

Nicola Sturgeon is an angry wee Nat, an unpleasant character who the Scottish National Party tried to turn into someone ‘caring’, that was a failure, attempts to create a stir that Sturgeon as a woman was bring #sexysocialism were equally to fail badly.

There is nothing warm about Nicola Sturgeon, she just oozes with the ‘dark matter’ of a destroyed soul, if you were going to go anything with her you would shove her in a horror film slitting throats and lowering people into boiling vats of water, there would be a market for that slasher movie.

It comes as no surprise to me that the Americans are giving Nicola Sturgeon a 'frosty reception' in Trump's US, she was incredibly stupid to attempt to make President Donald Trump look like a fool, and when he became President, how her world must have collapsed. Alex Salmond may have started the Trump fiasco but ‘daft arse’ willing joined in, she wanted to get her bit in, when she should have kept her feral gob shut.

There is a price for stupidity and Sturgeon is paying it now.

When Sturgeon went to the US, she appeared on a talk show, this was introducing herself to the American public, to make her seem likeable and make out she is a statesman. The Jon Stewart's Daily Show was seen as an excellent vehicle for a charm offensive on the American public, although she was accidentally billed as a "comedian", there is nothing funny about Sturgeon and indeed her feral mob.

Having travelled all the way to America, there is no invitation from Donald Trump in the White House, no access route to Capitol Hill, if she wants into the White House; she has to go on the tour like a punter. Sturgeon is pretty much persona non grata, all her own doing as she called for Trump to banned from entering the UK, this is also when she came out for Hillary Clinton, another colossal mistake which show in a moment how unlike a statesman she actually is. Sturgeon isn’t a big picture political player although the press loved to say how clever she is.

So, there she goes off to America, and to compound stupidity, she decides to meet California Governor Jerry Brown, a liberal Democrat and a known foe of the President Donald Trump. Rather than building bridges, Sturgeon is building walls, so what good can Jerry Brown do her?


When a politician is failing at home, disaster after disaster strikes, they dig out their passports and go on foreign jaunts, whether this is to boost their esteem or popularity or attempting to dodge a political bullet depends on what mayhem they have coming down the track.

The six day visit is to California and New York and you can expect Nicola Sturgeon much like Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond to be living well, in the lap of luxury, all paid for by the public.

Everything that Nicola Sturgeon touches or gets involved with is either crap, or turns to crap, she is a walking living breathing poisoned pill, a regular Typhoid Mary. When Nicola Sturgeon first went to America, she had the announcement of a multi-million pound investment by one of the world’s largest electronics firms, Jabil, promising hundreds of new jobs in West Lothian. Now, that £12.5million investment, supported by a £450,000 grant from Scottish Enterprise, has gone pear shaped and she is sitting with nothing.

220 job losses, so she starts in the minus column.

Equally, the Glasgow Caledonian University campus in New York City; has also proved unsuccessful.

No students.

If Sturgeon is in the USA to champion Scotland, it is clear that someone is going to have to redefine the exact meaning of champion, so far, it seems that running up a huge bill is the only ‘champion’ about this adventure. The adventure to me seems less about champion Scotland and more about Nicola Sturgeon trying to promote herself as an international player on the World stage. So, the Americans, those daft enough to turn up to hear her will get to listen to a tour of trade talks and speeches which she has managed to get into the United Nations Building.   

What I am enjoying, like a good steak, is the info from a well-placed source in New York that her visit is expected be a “bit of a damp squib”. Apparently no one is rolling out the red carpet where it counts, no welcome reception from the Foreign Office and a snub by the prestigious St Andrew’s Society.

You got to love it!

I wonder if Nicola keeps her own grievance tally or does she outsource to one of the ‘juniors’ to keep a score card for her?

So, the prestigious St Andrew’s Society rather than having Nicola Sturgeon as guest of honour at the annual Tartan Day cocktail party will instead plump with Dame Helen Barbour. Her family is pretty big on their famed clothing brand.

The source added that “no serious financier will touch her with a barge pole”. It seems that the SNP’s reputation for being financial gurus is well known, sadly the barge pole market is saturated everyone wants a ‘barge pole’ when they see Nicola coming. The great thing of SNP grievance politics is watching how the SNP sink as they keep attempting to hoist Nicola Sturgeon up.

No one likes her, even she must know this by now, as I once remarked on the blog, you don’t have to act like a rat in politics if you don’t want to, it isn't necessary, either you have ideas of merit or you don’t. And one of the things I have noticed is the continual ‘cut and paste’ of other people’s ideas by the SNP.

You just know in your heart of hearts that this has been done by people who went to University to study politics.

As Sturgeon enters Tartan hell week, the source in the US was quick to say:

“She is to receive a frosty reception and is actually off the invite list for most of this year’s Tartan Day celebrations. Ms Sturgeon has not been able to access the Trump administration and I am afraid her views on independence are viewed as a bit of a joke in the USA”.

Her views on independence viewed as a bit of a joke in the USA, from time to time, the slogan ‘daft arse’ keeps popping up in my head.

The source added;

“She has no access route to Washington. The US Ambassador Matthew Barzun left his post at the London embassy in January and his replacement, Woody Johnson, is yet to be ensconced. The British Foreign Office is not rolling out the red carpet either, the simple fact of the matter is, foreign relations are not Ms Sturgeon’s strong point. Her record up to this point is failure; you just have to look at Jabil for evidence of that.”

‘Foreign relations are not Ms Sturgeon’s strong point’, you could enlarge on that and say health isn’t her strong point, and government in general, everything she touches withers and dies a slow painful death.

The source for this story wasn’t holding back, as they are panning her all roads, Sturgeon is the gift that keeps on giving but reality check, no one wants her:

“The Scottish Government has been ostracised by the American community. This is partially because they tried to take over Tartan Week and largely because they are facing something of a reputation crisis.”

It seems the Americans aren’t into SNP centralisation, the main thing about Tartan Week in New York, is to be there, do the circuit, and build relationships, not try and take over someone else’s thing, and when possible, look calm, pleasant and approachable.

In a final dig, the source saved the best for last:

“The trouble with Ms Sturgeon is, she tries to politicise everything. Everything comes back to the one thing and people are sick of hearing about independence. While this was novel the first time around, this time people are seriously laughing at her. Moody’s ratings agency says she is facing junk bond status if she tries to go it alone and instead of taking on board the economic advice, she is literally doing the opposite. Those who understand economics are laughing at Ms Sturgeon, they find her behaviour erratic and bizarre, but there are some people who are actually more worried about the harm she is inflicting on Scotland.”

When I said earlier on that Sturgeon was in fact ‘unpopular’ Nicola Sturgeon, some of the nationalist community were quite angry, citing the stage managed photo love bombing of Nicola Sturgeon and kids.

This technique was used widely by Adolf Hitler.

5,000 miles away across a huge ocean, we have others who know the reality of Sturgeon and what she represents, she is poison. Nicola Sturgeon is a horrible nasty inept hollow and insincere individual in my opinion, there isn’t any substance there, certainly not of the statesman variety.

In the mist of celebration about Tartan Week in the US, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is the ‘Cinderella’ that no one wants to take to the ball because lets face it, she is one of the ugly sisters, the cuckoo in the nest, and someone who just doesn’t belong there or as First Minister of Scotland.

The most important lesson she never learned is, its all about the ‘day job’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Ronald Weir said...

I would like to know the name of the source in the USA. If it is as you say there would appear to be little point in her trip. Besides if she is over there she can't cause any damage here.

Al C said...

Nothing like a bit of humour to start the day!

GorDon Sangster said...

It would be nice to know who has been invited along on this freebie and at what cost to the taxpayer

Anonymous said...

I think you need to get a life son

Anonymous said...

Couldnt have put it better. When will the snp zealots waken up and realise that scotland is facing financial armageddon

sheddybong said...

What a big pile of steaming shite.

sheddybong said...

What a big pile of steaming shite.

Scott Riddell said...

the movie deals just announced for Scotland kinda fly in the face of your assertion that our relationship with America is frosty.. As for the rest... Jeez, you need to get out more... :/

Embry said...

deek said...

You have some serious issues I have never read such a pile of shite you collosal fud

Anonymous said...

Bitter together much George?

Anonymous said...

She's one of the SNP's pretty ones.
(Easy to believe when you see the rest).
But that can't make up for being useless. I can't think of a job she's had and been in any way competent.

Anonymous said...

Evidently she is supposed to be speaking to the UN. That will be interesting.

Charlie said...

I live in the Toronto area and have done so for many years but I am still and always will be a Scot. While I am British I remind everyone that I am also Scottish and everyone I have met in the US just love the accent and want to speak about their family connections and not a left wing republican daft arse and that is the way it should be.What an embarrassment she is.

Anonymous said...

She put her extreme leftard, Globalist policies before the Scottish people. She wants open borders, mass immigration and no limit to fake asylum seekers/refugees. The cretin has seriously fucked up a golden opportunity for Scotland. She should be having a state lunch with the half Scottish president- bringing back promises of massive American investments. Instead, she will be eating a big Mac or a hot dog. Have a few meeting with fellow leftards. She will bring back zero. She’s a nutcase.

Anonymous said...


Aldo said...

Tartan day in itself is a belated, poor and unsuccessful attempt to catch up with the worldwide recognition of Irish culture. So Nicola Sturgeon has been sidelined from a sideshow - how embarrassing for her!

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Bitter together much George?"

Better Together finished in September 2014, in Pollok, myself and 5 other people managed to get 22k votes against the SNP's 27k with 30/40 activists.

Clearly there is still a bit of bitterness flying about but I assure you none from me, I am just a commentator giving the George Laird view on events in the political scene.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, some of your other Nat colleagues have been a bit abusive, but when you are facing losing indyref 2, what is to be cheery about.

6407 views of this post today, and hardly any complaints of note just the usual bile.


Trafalgar said...

Kick her in the arse Donald,,, she's a bloody curse to Scotland,, Sturgeon and the NATZ scumbags,,, OUT.

G Laird said...

Dear Embry

44 jobs in the data analytics and life sciences sectors is hardly Xmas, and pretty much all of those jobs wouldn't be taken up by ordinary working class people.

£6.3 million of investment, even you must say to yourself, is that it?

Would they have come with the £1.5 million top up grants?


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Right on the nail as ever.

This reminds me of her trip to Brussels where she stalked the corridors trying to find somebody prominent who would talk to her. The woman is a constant source of embarrassment.

Even in the madhouse that is the snp, made possible by the Labour party's implosion, this kind of behaviour cannot be sustainable.

May (the month)will tell.

Auld Jock

Al C said...

You'll like this one George, my brother just came up with it:

"Fairy Gobshite Mother"

Anonymous said...

Utter shite, looking forward to reading more of your crap when we are independent. Bawbag.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Utter shite, looking forward to reading more of your crap when we are independent. Bawbag."

What's the deal with this abuse, are you upset because I am saying what you are really thinking in your heart of hearts?

Don't criticise the messenger.

Although the term 'bawbag' is old school, the Nats tend to use Nawbag as developed by Pete Wishart.

Guess you need to stay classy.


Anonymous said...

So true

Anonymous said...

So true

D. Stewart said...

£34 grand a pop to bring in 44 jobs for middle-class students.....bargain!

RMR said...

Brilliant George, just brilliant, hit the nail on the head yet again. How the cult must hate you. As they say, the truth hurts the most, hence the abuse, they`re obviously finding it hard to ignore you, which is as positive an endorsement of what you say as is possible to get, well done!

What a wasted opportunity for Scotland, that at what should have been a time of great opportunity to boost our economy and presence on the world stage, it should be squandered by the short sighted poison politics of Nicola and the SNP.

G Laird said...


what really upsets the cult apart from my writing is that the fact I was such a good activist and person who came up with ideas many of which ended up being used by the SNP.

You are right, they don't like the fact that I tell the brutal truth about Nicola Sturgeon, it makes them angry because deep down they know that I am right all the way.


Anonymous said...

Not only embarrassed the Scottish folk living here, she’s embarrassed the Scottish Americans. She is making us all a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Juke20 said...

Oh the poor nationalist sheep and as apparently by the replies, in major denial of their beloved nasty Nikki and Co. Every bit as blind as any fool who ever followed a dictator & Facist as Nikki & the SNP party are trying to be.

Aldo said...

After ten years of nationalist government, a failed referendum, brexit, austerity, a continuing 'no' lead in the polls and a Westminster veto booting any future referendum until well into the 2020s, this much is clear: Scotland will never be independent.

Aldo said...

What I really don't understand is why nationalism is now the supposed cure all for all ills when it clearly wasn't in every general election before 2015 and every Scottish election before 2011 (I know the SNP 'won' the 2007 election but the unionist parties together still had a huge majority).

It just seems strange that, having previously voted Labour or Liberal or not having voted at all their whole lives, hundreds of thousands of people are now dead set on the SNP and independence. I react to it in much the same way as I would if someone I knew suddenly joined a cult and began extolling its virtues 24/7 after a lifetime of atheism. I would not for a minute think that maybe this cult has something to it and maybe I should join too. I would think that my friend had either lost his mind or some sinister person had taken advantage of him during a moment of weakness.

Anonymous said...

SNP are the new Lie@bour....let's get rid of them.

D. Stewart said...

What the separatists need to ask themselves is whether the knee-jerk dislike for the people that occupy the other end of this tiny island, which they have been taught to respond to with Pavlovian efficiency, outweighs the financial armageddon which would be visited on their fellow Scots. Tough choice.

Real Scotsman said...

The Selfish and the Feart are still abroad, but in declining numbers. Saor Alba!

Anonymous said...

Just read the bambot is having a meeting with Hitlary Clinton in NY. This is almost unbelievable, is our First Minister a lunatic; she’s completely off her rocker. She needs sectioned. I suppose meeting the loser in the American election is considered a success to these weirdos.

Aldo said...

There's nothing more selfish than breaking up a perfectly good country - one of the wealthiest and most liberal in the world - all so you can fly a wee flag, paint your face blue and get pished.

Aldo said...

She met the governor of California and signed an informal climate change agreement with him. Apparently California and Scotland are going to save the planet somehow. Nothing on the mess back home of course - the shrinking economy and failing public services. In her own mind she is Angela Merkel or Maggie Thatcher - a person of importance. But, really, she's just a wee hairy who should be serving fish suppers.

Anonymous said...

I live in London. I thinks she's a fantastic role model. Stand up for her beliefs. She isn't some poor wee rich girl/boy playing with their daddies millions.

Anonymous said...

One anonymous well-placed source...utter bullshit!!!
My anonymous source saw you on the street masturbating your neighbour's can make up anything you like!!!
Never coming here transsexuals have better things to do or maybe I'm a member of the royal family or the ghost of David is really too short.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

Firstly, London is a wonderful city, every time I go to stay, I always visit the Imperial War museum down at Elephant and Castle, always enjoy their exhibits.

As to your comment:

“I live in London. I thinks she's a fantastic role model. Stand up for her beliefs. She isn't some poor wee rich girl/boy playing with their daddies millions”.

Fantastic role model, her career is littered with failure. Standing up for your beliefs also doesn’t make you a fantastic role model especially when it is at the expense of your fellow countrymen and women.

There isn’t nothing selfless in what she is doing, nothing at all.

“She isn't some poor wee rich girl/boy playing with their daddies millions”.

She is the worst type of ‘socialist’ her and husband get about £250,000 plus a year and expenses to help the poor, and we are seeing more people living rough on our streets. Our economy is failing, our education is failing and our health service is underfunded and understaffed.

She might not be playing with daddies millions, but she is playing with circa £33 billion plus via the Westminster Government and messing it all up.

Hope this helps.


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“One anonymous well-placed source...utter bullshit!!!”

What is the matter with that?

“My anonymous source saw you on the street masturbating your neighbour's can make up anything you like!!!”

That couldn’t have been me.

“Never coming here transsexuals have better things to do or maybe I'm a member of the royal family or the ghost of David is really too short”.

Goodbye… Goodbye, enjoy such a lovely trip to Hawaii,(sing that part) failing that I won’t miss you, you have no sense of style in your writing, no crushing wit, I feel sorry for you that your heroine Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t lived up to expectations.


D Stewart said...

Weird Anon, seriously weird....anyway toodle pip old thing.