Friday, April 7, 2017

TERROR IN SWEDEN: people in Sweden are paying the ultimate price caused by the political elite desire to virtue signal that they are ‘good Europeans’, 'At least five people dead' after stolen truck crashes into a group of pedestrians in Stockholm shopping centre and gunman opens fire, this has all the hallmarks of Islamic terrorism, how long can Sweden endure before people feel they are forced to act?

Dear All

I was thinking of using the line, 'terror arrives in Sweden' but on reflection, it is already there and taken up residence. The political elite of that country have a lot to be ashamed of in how a once proud and decent country has been reduced to fear.

Fear is part of the Swedish people’s daily lives, whether it be violence, robbery or rape.

When you read that Sweden is the rape capital of the West, you have to wonder why any political group has failed the population, but the reality is that most of what is termed the ‘progressive’ groups are anything but, they aren’t for the benefit of the people but ran under a totally different objective.

Today, terror is back on the streets of Sweden, the venue is Stockholm, the objective was murdered and the ‘tools of the trade’ are typical of what Islamic terrorist use, the big truck running over people.

At least five people are dead as a stolen truck was used to crash into a group of pedestrians at a Stockholm shopping centre and then apparently a gunman opens fire. The people of Sweden need to force their political class into action, I have spoken on the possibility of civil war breaking out in Europe as a very real threat, if the State cannot or will not protect you, it is only time before people find other means. When that happens, innocent people, genuine people get caught up in the crossfire.

Politicians are refusing to act after causing the problem; they don’t want to be classed as racist and don’t want to endanger their careers within the political bubble. These people are as much a danger to the Swedish people as an Islamic terrorist, you could argue that them refusing to use the State to act on terrorism properly is a crime in itself. They see ‘terrorism’ as awful but downgrade the problem as a police matter, and I wonder how long it will be before we see online that the attacker was mentally ill assuming that they are caught.

As I write this I am not aware if anyone has been arrested, hopefully they will have left enough evidence in the stolen truck or by way of weapons fire to identify them to the authorities. No description of the attacker is available as it is said by witnesses that they were wearing a balaclava.

In photos taken after the incident we can see blood streaked across the road as people who were hit by the truck were clear dragged. As the event unfolded, hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives, shortly afterwards armed police were scrambled to the scene.

Once they arrived they started an immediate search and secure the area.

Dozens of emergency services vehicles were dispatched to the scene to start tending to injured people, but although this deals with the then and now, the people of Sweden need to plan for the long term security of their country. This means they need to stop the practice of migrants walking about free, they need to adopt extreme vetting, and also use the Hungarian experience and build detention camps.

Deportation is shunned at present by governments in Europe but there is talk, the simple fact is that deportation is a problem solver, no system of security can be put in place that is 1005 effective while freedom of movement is permitted in a population which harbours terrorists who wish to kill, maim and rape.

Some time back, I spoke of the use of trucks/cars as a way of bring terror to the streets were guns are in short supply, already we have seen Nice, Berlin, London and Stockholm face the reality of a new form of terror which by its nature is hard to detect.

Already in Sweden, there are no go areas for police and public as migrants have taken them over, these areas need to be reclaimed and made safe.

This requires force.

In this video, you can see some of the underlying problems that the wider ethnic community faces, but their situation is only going to get worse. The worse thing that was allowed to happen was the forming of ghettos that was a breeding ground of discontent and a recruiting ground for the terrorists to hide, flourish and operate in.

In the clip, the police gave the film crew the advice that the crew should go into the shopping area alone because they thought if they were with the crew it would create problems, once the police disappeared, the TV crew were attacked.

Today’s events see 5 people dead we know about at this time, the attacker hasn’t be caught yet, so perhaps he is planning to do more attacks, one thing certain is that he will be emboldened by escaping.

Sweden’s politicians have a lot of answer for, and perhaps it is time that the Swedish people held them to account.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

We won’t get any help from the new USA president, Abu Bin Trump. He supports Isis. As far as this country is concerned, Kranky and the fake nationalist SNP would invite them all here, if she could.

Al C said...

I don't know anonymous. Today suggests he might have flipped his lid...

Aldo said...

It has occurred to me before that Europe was so appalled and so stained by the Nazi terror that it reacted by veering to the extreme left. Any attempt to properly control borders or vet migrants or any suggestion that it would be best if we kept certain people out was met with derision and accusations of racism. Well, this is the end result - a crazed Mohammedan mowing down innocent shoppers like bowling pins.

Al C said...

It's only a matter of time until they start booting Islamic fundies out of Europe, even those claiming refugee status and those with passports of those countries.

The "we-aren't-afraid-we'll-carry-on-as-normal-and-still-be-nice-to-Muslims" is not a response that will continue indefinitely, while people are not knowing when the attacks will end, and politicians are offering no means to reassure them. People's patience is visibly running out.

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

As you know, there was much talk about the enthusiasm amongst those who wanted to see the end of the leftist liberal vote whores citing Brexit and Donald Trump's election.

Many hoped that Geert Wilders and Marine le Pen would break through the establishment's grip on power. Unfortunately Geert did not win, apparently because the Dutch people got cold feet at the last minute. There will be a price to pay for that. So I am wondering if you think the "wind of change" some of us thought was blowing has come to a halt. I know that time will tell. However you have connections in the wider world that the rest of don't. Have the anti-establishment element in Europe folded up their tents?

Auld Jock

Al C said...

If I may chip in Auld Jock, The Dutch didn't change their minds, the established politicians started copying what Wilders and his party started saying and that way, secured the election. Wilders' party is now in opposition, so the winds of change are very much still blowing, for better or worse.