Monday, April 24, 2017

Thrown under the Nationalist bus, SNP blocks the odious Natalie McGarry from standing as an SNP candidate, where was her ‘good pal’ Nicola Sturgeon to come to her aid with a passionate defence, it seems the pretence that the SNP is presented as ‘squeaky clean’ instead of a ‘ratship’ is all that is important now!

Dear All

Last year, I did a post among several on Natalie McGarry, formerly of the SNP, and elected to Glasgow East.

The general premise was that the conduct of McGarry from my personal experiences of her, led me to believe that she was unfit to be an MP. Unlike some people who obviously held a similar view, I had no problem expressing my thoughts publicly.

Natalie McGarry is an odious little excuse for a human being, and as many remember, if I had my chance, I would have publicly named in a criminal trial in October 2015 relating to Tommy Ball who ran a malicious hate campaign against me. Ball pled guilty to get a reduced sentence, so McGarry’s part wasn’t widely spread as the press focused on Tommy Ball.

Here is what she wrote:

I've made it! At last I've been designated non-Jedi by the great sage that is @georgemlaird Want a laugh? Here ya go:

Natalie McGarry linked my blog to a hate account setup by someone she knew and socialised with, Ball’s hate account was all about labelling me among other things a ‘paedophile’. This little ditto above was Natalie’s contribution!

McGarry went on to win Glasgow East, it seemed that justice wasn’t going to catch up with her as she and others lived the dream. Sadly for her, pride comes before a fall, and McGarry was to fall several times, JK Rowling spat and Alistair Cameron spat were other twitter incidents where McGarry failed to engage brain before coming a cropper.

Then big fall happened, investigated by Police Scotland!

McGarry, who effectively had to resign the whip is facing fraud charges after a pro-independence group, Women for Independence reported a potential financial discrepancy in its accounts. Next up, the SNP Glasgow Regional Association raised concerns about its finances, so, in total McGarry is now facing five criminal charges, however, she denies any wrongdoing.

After the SNP chucked Natalie McGarry under the bus, and according to Nicola Sturgeon, she was a ‘good pal, it didn’t seem likely that the SNP could pick her again to stand in the Glasgow East seat. One thing the SNP like to do is to bury their mistakes to give the impression that everything and everyone is above board.

The Scottish National Party is a rat ship, I have commented on this often, and unlike most people as a former member, I saw these people up close and personal, everyone who is anyone from Salmond downwards.

The other dud who has been removed is Michelle Thomson, she wouldn’t be missed either, personally, I couldn’t care less about Thomson as I had no dealings with her, first came across her in the nonsense that is Business for Scotland, the nod dug for the SNP during the 2014 referendum.

Now, that Natalie McGarry has been cast adrift, I think we have seen the end of her career as a front line politician, which incidentally wasn’t much cop anyway. She leaves political office a damn sight sooner than she thought she would and that is a good thing.

I am really grateful to Theresa May for pulling the plug on Westminster as she did; obviously it wasn’t for the same interests as me, but hey silver linings and all that! So, who should get the opportunity to be the candidate in Glasgow East, given the two declared Rosa Zambonini and David Linden, Linden is the better choice this is based on his prior knowledge of the area, and Rosa Zambonini’s history.

I have no interest who wins the nomination but I am sure that other parties would love it to be Rosa Zambonini.

Finally, do you think that Nicola Sturgeon keeps in touch with Natalie McGarry, or is Nicola constantly unavailable for chit chats?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Aldo said...

Perhaps Natalie McGarry's presence was just too much to bear for the SNP, reminding them of their fate - getting humped by the Tories.

Trafalgar said...

Don't vote SNP or the Greens,, Sturgeons puppets,,,, yukk.

Anonymous said...

GEORGE please please please do one of your vids with tanks with union jacks pulling up to bute house :)


Freddy said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer person George let's hope this is just one of those karmic moments to come :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I think you are right.


Anonymous said...

Natalie McGarry had to be the worst case of nepotism I've ever seen, (being the niece of former SNP Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick). She certainly didn't rise through the SNP ranks on talent or ability.

She always came across as sleekit and the way she repeatedly deleted her Twitter accounts to try to erase past comments was just plain dishonest. Well, I suppose that fact that she's been charged with 5 counts of fraud speaks of her honesty and character.

And the way she bangs on about Tories yet she's married to a Conservative Councillor? Anyone who pointed it out was told that it was her private life and off limits. All I can say is that her husband must love her very much to put up with being treated like a piece of s**t by his wife in public. It's obviously very clear who wears the trousers in that marriage.

Anonymous said...

McGarry is preggers ...for one reason imho not to get jailed

As for her husband well at least someone is Fuxxxxx the SNP , makes a change from us being fxxxed by them