Monday, April 17, 2017

SNP’s Busted Flush; Nicola Sturgeon’s independence referendum attracts NO support in several Scottish towns, SNP MP Pete Wishart has set the tone of indyref 2 with a really nasty tweet, and Brexit is going to be a success story which the SNP had no part of, the Nicola Sturgeon bandwagon is looking like a burned out car with no mileage left

Dear All

It is only a matter of time before the number of people who ‘wise up’ to the SNP get it into their heads to stop voting for them. Everyone knows that Scotland is in political flux, plenty people vote SNP, if you haven’t worked out why it can be summed up in a single word.


The SNP are a vehicle for protest, beyond that people really don’t have much use for them, whether is it daft ideas like ‘baby boxes’ or failed leadership in the Scottish NHS, the SNP scrap the bottom of the barrel when it comes to moving Scotland forward.

People in Scotland have along with other start to grasp the idea that they are by far the best people to be the judge of living their lives; they don’t need or want politicians trying to dictate to them and micromanage their lives.

It is as unnecessary and it is unpopular.

Populism is a reaction to people rejecting politicians who are more concerned about their private agendas than the public good. Years ago many people stood on a platform of selflessness, dedicated to the ideal and spirit of public service. Today, the modern political class is a different animal altogether, it is about promoting a minority or cause, the party that the person joins is just a vehicle and they have no interest in the wider aims.

The Scottish National Party is an empty vessel, made of self interest groups, some of whom just hate the British Establishment; I call that grouping in the Nationalist ranks, ‘Sein Fein lite’. Sein Fein lite is as I have stated before is one of the four main groups who inhabit the SNP.

If you think back to previous posts, I listed four ‘minorities who make up the main groups; Rich, Muslim, Homosexual and Sein Fein lite, there are other sub groups which we already know such as CND and Trade Union, but people in these groups are at the fringe.

If you take the recent SNP Tartan Week jolly, the SNP had sent four MPs, what are the odds that those attending come from one of the four main groups?

The SNP are all about virtue signalling that they are inclusive, it’s a lie; they are inclusive in name only. As Pete Wishart’s recent tweet showed the SNP have no respect for anyone, they are an angry wee small minded feral mob and hold they grudges. Of course Pete Wishart was quick to spring to his defence that he was using comedy, however this falls down in my opinion as he published something listing the candidates as various forms of wanks!

To refresh your memory, the SNP hasn’t fitted in well at Westminster, and with a Conservative Government, the Nationalists have it seems a weekly barny with the Conservatives at the dispatch box. It is no surprise that they view their Scottish Tory Candidates in these crucial council elections as “absolute total wanks.” Murdo Fraser’s call for voters to vote anyone but SNP will not go down well with Nationalists.    

Bad language is of course nothing new, there are great many people who swear, but when elected to public office, you have to set an example, so if your minded to stand yourself, best to get all ‘F that’ and ‘F this’ all done beforehand.

Once elected you have to toe the line.

There might be a second Scottish independence where the SNP will set out their next story; presumably there will be plenty of fantasy involved because lying with that crowd is like breathing.

If you think back to pre 2014, the people of Scotland in the main weren’t up to speed with the incredible dishonesty that the SNP prosecuted their case for independence. This means next time, the SNP start their campaign with the same people who seen as dishonest, untrustworthy and liars. There will be a new spin, you can expect that, and maybe new faces, but deep down the message is still the same. In a nutshell, it will be vote for independence to get rid of the Tories, have nirvana, join the EU; stay in a rich country and what ever else they can cobble together.

Oh yes, and you can expect Nicola Sturgeon to surround herself with kids, all prearranged through-out that campaign, particularly as the Cybernat division ‘get back to work’ abusing people. Who knows, if you consider getting the fight, you might find yourself called ‘paedophile’, the Nationalists love using that smear.  

As to their Brexit argument which will come up, the SNP are on a hiding to nothing, Brexit will be a success, if you want to know why, the answer is simple, money; huge oceans of money floating into the UK and then back into Europe. And despite the SNP thinking otherwise, they and their aims will not even be a footnote.

London is a major financial centre, what passes through there in a day is staggering.

If you have watched events, you will have seen that pro UK groups have been busy, Scotland in Union particularly has had a ‘upgrade’ in terms of profile, activism and support, as I said if there is a second referendum, then I would speculate that they will adopt the role of ‘Better Together’. They would have further develop and expand on their personnel front, recruiting might be slightly problematic as they would have to find a way to have a dialogue with the main pro UK parties to get their best activists.  

2014 was a really ugly referendum, it turned many people off the SNP, the Nationalists had revealed their true colours, people were targeted and singled out, the tactics were to backfired as the public for the first time knew exactly what they would be getting in an independent Scotland in terms of governance and how it would be conducted by the SNP.

The SNP don’t start the next referendum with a clean slate, they start with a serious handicap, lack of trust, lack of competence, lack of goodwill and a nasty vicious mob of online thugs who are still ‘plying their trade’.
The fact that many Scots have had enough of the Scottish National Party doesn’t surprise me, they are fighting a battle already lost and they know it. Scotland isn’t in the same place as 2014; this is a country which has become knowledgeable, not the result that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon had hoped for. Up and down the length of Scotland, there are entire places it seems that Nicola Sturgeon’s independence referendum is attracting no support whatsoever.

In a new website to solicit support these included Strichen, the Aberdeenshire village which is home to former First Minister Alex Salmond. This is particularly embarrassing for Alex Salmond, but not unexpected; up north is a well to do part of Scotland with some of the best places to live. People being people will not risk this on a gamble. There are other places which flag up as no support, places such as Braemar, Kippen, Pitlochry, North Queensferry, Plains and Inverkip.

We also see in Turriff, Ballater, Coupar Angus, Glamis, Crail, Crook of Devon, Drymen, Fintry, Balfron, West Linton, Newton Stewart, Broadford, Gifford, Kinghorn, Winchburgh and Port Bannatyne, there is no interest in a second referendum.

Alex Salmond led the SNP up the hill on the 18th September 2014, he fought, he lost despite setting the time and place of battle, Scotland watched as he marched the SNP back down the hill and then resigned as First Minister.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said:

“This map of supporters sums up the SNP’s push for a second referendum – while they may have support in some far flung places, in towns and villages up and down Scotland they have no one who is in favour of another vote. Scots are fed up of constitutional uncertainty, and don’t want to be dragged back to the arguments of the past. It’s time Nicola Sturgeon realised this and got back to the job Scots expect her to do – turn around our education and health systems that have so far suffered under the SNP.”

When did Scotland move past Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, that took place on the 19th September 2014, things are happening, discussions are taking place but these don’t include the SNP either within Scotland or the rest of the UK where things really matter that drive change.

Scottish Labour MSP James Kelly added:

“We already know a majority of Scots don’t want a second independence referendum – and now it appears Alex Salmond can’t even convince his own neighbours to back one. SNP politicians have been flying around the globe to drum up support for independence, because they know how unpopular it is at home.”

One thing about the Nationalists is that they suffer from the delusion that they are clever, Pete Wishart’s tweet must have been so much fun for him as he geared up to publish, when it all went pear shaped, he hasn’t the conviction to stand by his actions. Pete Wishart like Nicola Sturgeon is a ‘hollow man’, there is no depth there, this is because the SNP as a party is basically ignorant from top to bottom, especially at the bottom, the political ignorance is entirely unhealthy but that is how the leadership operates, they don’t want thinkers, they want drones.

And you can always outwit a drone!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Al C said...

Labour didn't listen to the people for long enough, and ended up collapsing in both England (to the Tories) and Scotland (to the SNP) and now the SNP are doing the same thing.

Those fuckers are on borrowed time, mark my words. Even less so if and when a party that listens pops up.

Al C said...

Charles Darwin was right on the money about evolution, but I wonder if he ever expanded to apply it to political parties? Because the SNP ain't evolving!