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Scottish independence: Tears of a Clown, Alex Salmond temporary stops crying over Tasmina Ahmed –Sheikh’s failure to get elected to EU Parliament to have another cry over his crass and ill judged Putin remarks, his followers get a ‘rare treat’, a meaningless ‘half apology’

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ is saying sorry at present.

Sorry for SNP Voting Rigging?

Sorry for SNP Government on pause since 2011?

Sorry for not firing Kenny MacAskill?

Sorry for not firing Alex Neil?

Sorry for having appointed an adulteress Joan McAlpine as his aide?

Sorry for leaving Scottish female cancer victims to die.

Sorry for cronyism in the Scottish National Party?

Sorry the SNP lied when they said they stand for fairness, equality and social justice?

Sorry treating his working class members as menials and a form of cheap labour?


No to all of that, he is ‘half sorry’ because he regrets the way remarks he made about Russian president Vladimir Putin were "characterised".

Comrade Salmond (Scottish region) admires Putin for restoring Russian pride.

That would be pride in Nationalism and not pride as homosexual (just for the provincial shit kickers on the SNP disciplinary committee), yes; Comrade Salmond made the ­concession at a referendum event last night.

As Salmond travels the country to try and shore up his failed miserable crony ridden indy campaign, we should view his apology for what it is …… entirely meaningless.

Salmond said he admired "certain aspects" of the controversial Russian politician's leadership in an interview published in GQ magazine which rather bombed politically. The timing was rather poor as the escalating crisis in Ukraine and Russia's annexation of Crimea shows that we stand on the brink of another possible ‘Cold War’. What the Russians were thinking doing what they did is anyone’s guess; the fact the Ukrainian leadership was rubbish was no reason for their actions. The Russians should have respected the rule of law and assisted their neighbours through their difficulties.

When Salmond blundered in (he thinks he is a statesman) it caused upset among the Ukrainian community.

It also and provoked criticism from political rivals which is par for the course.

In a Q& A session, someone asked him, did he regret the comments, while sitting in the SNP powerbase of Dundee.

Patricia Ferguson, Scottish Labour's external affairs spokeswomen, said the "half-hearted apology doesn't begin to address the offence and embarrassment Alex Salmond caused Scotland with his comments about Putin".

She added:

"Rather than blame everyone else for this outrageous blunder, Alex Salmond should just say sorry. Anything else will leave lasting damage to his reputation and, sadly, Scotland's."

Also on the subject of Salmondstroka, the Sweden's foreign affairs minister has said that Scottish independence will lead to the "Balkanisation" of the British Isles.

Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Minister is talking out his ass!

"Balkanisation" is rather specific to that area, our cousins abroad there aren’t so well up on democracy and the rule of law. Such a problem wouldn’t happen in the British Isles even in the highly unlikely event of independence. In Northern Ireland, the will of the people is for peace; their immediate neighbours have no interest in stepping back in time either.

Carl Bildt also said taking the UK out of the EU would be a "disaster", this is a separate matter and shouldn’t be confused with the independence question.

Prime Minister David Cameron proposes holding a referendum on the UK's membership by 2017 if re-elected. He deliberately kicked that ball into the long grass for political reasons, however Ukip’s recent success may make have made that one of his worse political decisions.

Bildt predicts unforeseen chain reactions if Scots first vote to leave the rest of the UK.

Speaking to the press he said:

"The Balkanisation of the British Isles is something we are not looking forward to." 

He added:

"It opens up a lot, primarily in Scotland but also in the UK. What are the implications for the Irish question? What happens in Ulster?"

Balkanisation won’t happen, Ireland will continue as before in the south and no one will rock the boat in Ulster who may possibly gain more financially. As to the claim the UK may lose votes in EU decision-making, I find that rather doubtful, Britain would lose 6 MEPs.

That’s the lay of the land.

Carl Bildt; should perhaps do a bit more reading into British politics and also look closer at Scotland.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s independence referendum has been a complete and utter failure from start to finish. Salmond and Sturgeon don’t have a plan, don’t have a vision, and don’t carry the people.

I hope Carl is better at making Swedish meatballs than foreign affairs!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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