Friday, June 27, 2014

Scottish independence: SNP MSP Christina McKelvie says British spies 'may have sent online abuse to JK Rowling', has she gone completely bonkers, wild allegations only make her and the Scottish National Party look like bunch of cranks, it is bad enough the party is led by two utter buffoons in Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon

Dear All

You can’t have failed to notice that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has lost the plot, his latest cackhanded attempt at being a ‘strategic mastermind’ which involved trying to ‘dick’ Alistair Darling about, as we saw that has blown up in his face.

Quite simply Alex Salmond is an embarrassment for Scotland.

As the madness at Bute House unfolds, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie now seems to be joining in; bizarrely she says that the recent torrent of online abuse directed at JK Rowling was the work of “secret service plants”.

This is a serious allegation, so does she has prove that the British Secret Service is involved in skullduggery?


SNP MSP Christina McKelvie just made it and then decided to let us know that she plans to be Scotland’s Sherlock Holmes, the super sleuth.

In an article for the local newspaper she argued many of abusive tweets made to the Harry Potter author could not be traced back to the nationalist movement.

In the Hamilton Advertiser, McKelvie wrote:

“The attacks on JK Rowling for her donation to Better Together were, in fact, down to a very few people whose accounts no one could trace back to having anything to do with the Yes campaign.”

Given that the hate wing of the Nationalist movement called the Cybernats post anonymously her claim is simply ridiculous.

‘Soldiers of Salmond’ don’t reveal their identity by choice.

McKelvie added:

“Whoever made them – there are interesting conspiracy theorists who think it might all have been down to secret service plants – should be totally condemned. I have no time for this kind of small-minded viciousness.”

Jim Sillars, former SNP deputy leader, also suggested British spies may be actively working against the independence campaign.

Recently, he said in an open letter:

“Are you unaware of the role agent provocateurs, special branch and MI5 have played in undermining us?”

Sillars added:

“Are you so naive, that you never think that perhaps MI5 and special branch are taking a role in this campaign? As their function is protection of the British State, they would not be doing their jobs if they were not.”

So, to recap, ‘James Bond’ has stopped secret service work, jetting abroad, shagging beautiful women and drinking to come to Scotland to take on Alex Salmond.

And Christina McKelvie in Hamilton has found this all out.

Maybe Ms. McKelvie is positioning herself for Minister of Scottish Home Office or maybe she has joined the collective madness racing through the Scottish National Party.

A Number 10 source has since dismissed Ms McKelvie's claims as "preposterous and extraordinary" while Michael McMahon, a Labour MSP, said the remark "would be laughable if it wasn't so serious".

He added:

"The nationalists are really starting to lose touch with reality. First Jim Sillars said MI5 was out to get them, now Christina McKelvie blames the Secret Service for the awful abuse directed at JK Rowling by nationalists".

Previously I mentioned about the ‘Hunter Virus’ in the SNP, people who contract the virus say and do really stupid things, obviously the virus has spread beyond Glasgow now.

Someone should ask her publicly:

"have you gone bonkers"?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


pmcd said...

The funny people. The sneaky beakies. I worked alongside a good many of them in the West Berlin of the Cold War. We haven't gone away. I can promise you this, though, without revealing too much of our modus operandi - we wouldn't even bother to spook the Eckmeister and the First Harpy, when they're spooking the Scottish people so well already just by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough I thought the White Paper on Independence was designed to sabotage the SNP campaign. No sane voter could possibly have taken it seriously. Maybe a spook typed it out on his pc while swallowing martinis.
Stirred not shaken.

Anonymous said...

I say, it is all rather interesting, what... Probably nonsense though; surely even MI5 would not resort to such immature trolling, as alleged.