Friday, June 20, 2014

Scottish independence: ‘Bought and sold for English Gold’, ‘bought and sold for Punjabi Gold’, Alex Salmond and unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s indy campaign is a massive political fraud, working class volunteers are being used as cheap labour so he and his cronies can live a life of luxury, get wise, get angry and get out!

Dear All

Alex Salmond, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' is in my opinion a con man.

If you look at the Scottish independence campaign, you can't have failed to notice that it has been sabotaged by the Alex Salmond Party leader who controls the Scottish National Party.

Anyone involved in the campaign who is working class is being used as a form of cheap labour, Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have as I been saying for some time been running a massive political fraud.

The fraud is not just on the people of Scotland, no; these two are also doing it on their own SNP members.

The 'workies' have been conned stupid, they aren't working for independence, but that is what they think they are doing, they are working to secure Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon's positions in the party.

The members are there, not to support a political cause, they are there to be a cheap labour pool to serve a clique who benefit financially by playing at being Nationalists. Much in the same way that kids play 'cowboys and Indians' or 'pirates' or 'soldiers'.

All the work done; and I do mean all the work done has been a complete waste of time, money and energy.

What Alex Salmond really wants is devo max, with Westminster as a fall back position to come like the Calvary over the hill and do the 'thinking' for him while he toss scraps to the Scottish people and talks about 'destiny', 'self evident truth' and other meaningless bankrupt pish.

He then gets to 'play the blame game' of grudge, grievance and malcontent, shouting loudly about outrages from England. I read somewhere that Alex Salmond was supposed to being kept up all night because of things like nuclear weapons. I thought to myself at the time, what a load of shit that is, the vainest man in Scottish politics is worrying about nuclear weapons.

Notice him campaigning much around the World on that topic?


Must be too busy parking his 'lard arse' in 5 star hotels while at home, people are dying because unpopular Nicola Sturgeon ruined the Scottish health service, pick a grievance, there a ton she left behind because Nicola's "too busy".

Not too busy enough to stop by the bank and unload from the ATM machine. 

Awhile ago, I saw a picture of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon sitting beside Jude Law at Wimbledon watching the tennis. Nothing unusual about that you might think, but it wasn't the fact she was sitting there which perked my interest, I thought to myself at the time, she keeps going on about "injustice" done against the Scots.

But there she is sitting happily with what the SNP says are our 'oppressors'. Yes, it seems that 'social justice campaigner' Nicola and 'our Alex' really like the trappings of wealth and privilege. I would be tempted to say at this point, 'bought and sold for English Gold', but that would be totally unfair!

Two tennis tickets probably each with a plus one I would say would do the trick.

It is now abundantly clear and getting clearer with every passing day that the SNP leadership has sold out, I am not saying they sold out their principles, I don't believe they have any. Pick your example, SNP Vote Rigging or maybe Campbell Gunn. Some people seem to think that the phrase 'bought and sold for Punjabi Gold' has currency in the SNP as hard working members are overlooked for people who appear to be of benefit to secure votes for unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in Glasgow Southside.

Why is it that so may non Scots around Nicola Sturgeon support Scottish independence when in a previous life they were firmly against it and the SNP leadership?

Money and position.

People like Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, ex Labour and ex Tory Westminster Candidate for sunny Govan and enthusiastic race card player, I wonder if she knows that an Asian man was abused by Pollok SNP Candidate selection by one of Nicola's 'pals', Shona McAlpine? So, who stood up for this Asian man when he was getting badly treated?

Was it Chris Stephens, the SNP's 'Mr Fail for the Westminster, Holyrood and European Parliaments', the 'go to guy' to lose an election. No, that night he must have been like Alex Salmond worried sick about nuclear weapons when McAlpine was shouting her lungs out.

No, it was George Laird, I tend to speak out when I see an injustice that actually is an injustice, it didn't matter if this guy wasn't the best candidate, he deserved an equal chance to make his pitch. He didn't get it; Shona McAlpine who works for Muslim List MSP Humza Yousaf poisoned the well for him.

Back to wee Eck, he looks to me to be the type of lower middle class guy who gets a taste of wealth and privilege and is then dazzled by people who have a few quid. I mean who could forget the sickening spectacle of Alex Salmond sucking up to Rupert Murdoch?

It was like watching Gollum out of Lord of the Rings, 'master wants the precious'. The precious in this case is an endorsement from Murdoch and the Sun Newspaper group.

What Salmond is doing at present and probably wanting is an enhanced form of devolution with the add on that the SNP pat themselves in the back and say the SNP leadership knew all along that it was going to be a no vote but they 'tricked' the unionists, after they get defeated.

Sheer pish which will be spun to the gullible!

Salmond and Sturgeon are interested in staying power, don't get sidetracked by all the rubbish they spout, bottom line, they aren't in it for the people of Scotland, just themselves and their nasty vile clique. Salmond may have pulled the wool over the eyes of Braveheart crowd by making the right noises but as Meg Ryan demonstrated in 'When Harry met Sally', it can be faked!

This campaign is all about Salmond maintaining his and his party’s grip on power in Bute House, St Andrew’s House and Holyrood.

Power without direction, the electorate bought off with a few quid off their council tax bills while the SNP clique pursues their own little personal agendas advancing their various causes that have nothing to do with Nationalism.

That is what is going on in the Scottish National Party.

It isn't about making people's lives better, it isn't about a better more tolerant Scotland, it isn't about righting injustices, it isn't about equality, or fairness or social justice, they're all just punch lines and buzzwords to get suckers to vote SNP under Salmond and Sturgeon's leadership.

Vote SNP and get an ignoramus or a dullard or an outright idiot.    
This is an independence campaign in name only, independence isn't on offer, keep the pound, keep the Queen, join the EU without consulting the people, destroy the BBC and have the UK Financial Services Authority to continue to oversee Scotland’s financial institutions, including the banks.

On the issue of Nato, the SNP did a U turn, Englishman Angus Robertson, who does an impression of a Scotsman complete with a tartan scarf, pushed through this sudden conversion. Although that policy needed changed because it was backward, the SNP leadership didn't go the full road and back a pro Nuclear Faslane to continue as a sub base. Angus Robertson presumably dreams of being a Defence Minister in an independent Scotland, if Salmond even got it and defaulted on the share of the UK debt because of no currency union, Robertson better cut down trees and start making spears, bows and arrows because there won't be any defence assets or an army to call on.

One well trained army that is in place, is the cybernats, when they wake up to the fact that Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have conned them, treated them like mugs and failed to deliver, they will know that the Scottish National Party is nothing more than a sham and they should get out while the going is good. Some people need to learn the hard way!

Or some people just read the George Laird blog.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


pmcd said...

Suitably incendiary commentary befitting the bendy activities of the Baboon of Brigadoon. The convolutions this reptile will perform his wonders to achieve is writ large in the annals of duplicity and treason. If I were Her Queen I would have nudged Mr Cameron to come up with a statute apposite to those telling blatant political lies, with some reference to a spell in the Tower.

Anonymous said...

The IndyRef is indeed a monstrous confidence trick, foisted on the Scottish electorate. Salmond, Sturgeon et al should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

The last time a politician lied so barefacedly was when Tony Bliar "sold" the Iraq War to the House of Commons, with terribly tragic consequences for countless Iraqis.

Wee Eck Salmond has since maintained that Bliar should be impeached for war-crimes.

By that token, I suggest that Wee Eck himself (and Nippy Nicola to boot) should be impeached for crimes against democracy. They deserve it!