Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scottish independence: ‘She let them die’, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon finally gets brutally exposed for her failure as Health Minister, Scotland’s top doctor talks about “hopeless politicians”, why didn’t Nicola speak up for Mrs. June Rankin!

Dear All

You can't have failed to notice that I have continually highlighted that there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

And yet again, George Laird has been proven right, this time by Scotland's top doctor, Dr. Brian Keighley.

Everyone eventually comes round to the George Laird view, as I say, some people take their time to get there, others just pop along to the blog, have a quick read, and then once the wheels start turning; they get it!

Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was put in charge of the Scottish NHS; the idea was that health was supposed to be a flagship policy after a rather poor performance under the Labour controlled Scottish Executive.

Hopes were high for a new beginning; Nicola Sturgeon was supposed to be the new broom to set things back on track. On the surface, health was spun by the SNP as a success. What people didn't know was the success was based on covering up problems.  

Now, Dr. Brian Keighley has launched an astonishing tirade at the Scottish Government over swingeing cuts. He says that this has caused chaos on the wards and led to “unacceptable” standards of care.

Anyone still think that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon 'cares'?

Anyone think her act as a 'concerned citizen' still has any traction?

Nicola Sturgeon made much of saying the NHS was 'safe' in the hands of the SNP because they were the ones who were 'standing up for Scotland'.

Any Nationalists willing to believe that con trick now?

The SNP set much store by "experts"; Scotland's top doctor yesterday branded our crisis-hit NHS a “car crash” and blamed hopeless politicians for the disaster.

Hopeless politicians!

I said that we need both Scottish Government and local Government reform, that didn't happen because just as I rightly highlighted, the SNP has an ignorant activist base, its MSPs are pure utter pish, not all, because as Nicola Sturgeon knows, George Laird doesn't lie.

The SNP is run as a one man band, the 'cult of personality' exists in the Nationalist ranks were even the SNP MSPs just jog on behind him like sheep in a trance, when he says 'baa', they say 'baa'.

At this point, I would like to say, 'baa' 'baa' 'baa' 'baa' 'baa'.

But let's get back to health and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, although not a sheep, Ms. Sturgeon is her own woman, self made, her climb through the ranks can be looked at as an angry wee Nat fizzing away at the 'injustices' done to Scots.

Maybe she was unhappy because it wasn't her doing the 'injustices'!

Keighley said A&E departments, cancer treatment and care for the elderly have all been devastated as the axe has been taken to budgets.

Where was 'social justice campaigner' Nicola Sturgeon when that was happening, why wasn't she defending the most vulnerable Scots when they needed help most? Where was the unique 'Scottish values' that the Nationalists said existed that proves Scots were in effect better people than the English?

Did Nicola have to attend a greater injustice than being available to help the sick despite raking over a £100,000 a year as Health Sec?

Dr Keighley said the situation at health is dire and will get even worse if politicians don’t act.

He said: 

“What I have seen over the past five years is the continuing crisis management of the longest car crash in my memory and it is time for our politicians to face up to some very hard questions. We have a crisis of out-of-hours health provision that sees huge and unacceptable queues at A&E departments. We see reports of geriatric provision coming under increasing criticism through inadequate care packages and increasing bed blocking and, at the same time GPs coping with a 20 per cent increase in workload. We see vital cancer treatments delayed because of unsustainable cost and we see cracks emerging in hospital food, cleanliness, staff shortages and vacancies within both the consultant body and GP trainees.”

Nicola ran away, left everyone in the shit, failed to do a good job and became the 'face of independence', because Scottish independence matters more to Nicola Sturgeon than Scots being left to die a painful death.

Oh how Nicola 'cares', do you know when she was younger she marched in CND marches before she was a 'Nationalist'. What kind of Nationalist leaves their countrymen and women to die and suffer, well, its called 'civic nationalism'! 

As far as I can tell 'civic nationalism' in the SNP is about helping certain minority groups and their agendas by using the Scottish Government and its cash, pretty much fuck everyone else who is working class.

Dr Keighley made his comments about SNP Government's failure at the BMA’s annual conference; this was his last speech before he steps down as chairman of the organisation. One of the things about leaving an organisation is that you can say pretty much anything you like as you head out the door. Perhaps the next chairman of the organisation will have the grit to start his tenure by saying what Keighley said on day one of their appointment.

Last month, opposition parties at Holyrood united to pass a motion of no confidence in the Health Secretary.

Alex Neil refused to step down and resign, Alex Salmond who is running out friends fast (if he had any at all) failed to fire him as Neil was accused of misleading Parliament. This set the tone for the rest of Salmond's tenure as First Minister, personal honour and dignity doesn't exist among SNP Ministers now, lying to Parliament is acceptable.  

Recently Health Sec Alex Neil said: 

“Satisfaction with our NHS has increased by 20 per cent over the last seven years".

Does he think the family of Mrs. June Rankin has that view?

What about the other Victims families?

How does unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sleep at night?

“Unacceptable” standards of care Nicola, will madam be going to Wimbledon to watch the tennis this year, eat strawberries and cream in the Royal box or is there something more pressing to deal with?

I don't know, I am just asking the question!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

“...the SNP has an ignorant activist base, its MSPs are pure utter pish…”

Agree 100%, George – they’re a bunch of cretins, and it’s infuriating that my taxes are used to fund their miserable, pathetic little existences. My solution would be to scrap the Scottish Parliament, as we simply do not have the talent pool to come up with nearly 200 front-line politicians (ie, 129 MSPs and 59 MPs). Either that, or cut the number of both MSPs and MPs in half (cutting our MPs having the fringe benefit of reducing the possibility of the UK government having to rely on the votes of Scottish MPs to pass English-only legislation, thus at least partially addressing one of the flaws of devolution). Then we might, just might, get a slightly better average quality than we get from the current rabble.

Cheers, Derrick