Friday, June 13, 2014

Scottish independence: Open letter to Hamish, how can you an educated middle class guy get it so spectacularly wrong regarding the working class, I won’t apologise for being working class, I won’t apologise because I am not a sycophant, I won’t apologise for not being a political brown noser, I leave such things to those with no talent, Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘pals’

Dear Hamish

Thank you for dropping by to give your views.

And yet again here is why it is wrong (old story isn’t it readers)!

“You rightly criticise the abuse thrown by the cybernats at opponents, but are happy to accuse the SNP leadership of Nazi tactics”.

Well, I said that Nationalists are using tactics which the Nazis in 1930’s Germany used with the targeting of political opponents and others regarding smearing and use of character assassination.

A truthful statement!

“You use "English" as an insult”.

I use ‘English’ to remind people that Angus Robertson was born in England. He is the one hawking himself about the place trying to kid on to people he is Scottish.

Robertson was born to a Scottish father and German mother in Wimbledon, London.

Angus Roberston isn’t Scottish and never has been.

“when you apply it (wrongly) to SNP MP Angus Robertson”.

Did I?

Also here is the wiki entry.

George Laird right again!

“but refer fawningly to English woman JK Rowling”.


Is that a joke?

“And you swoon over JK's wealth. Authentic working-class my foot”.

Can you provide evidence I swoon over wealth and money?

I spent years teaching for free at Glasgow University, as a qualified instructor I could have raked in the ‘dough’ as a personal trainer and made a packet.

That’s £25 an hour to you!

Moi … reduced to be a little money grabber, as the Germans say Hamish…… Nein, mein Herr, ich bin nicht Handel.

I also wrote about Clare Lally, she isn’t rich!

Not another own goal Hamish and on a Friday too!

Come on, surely a middle class educated guy like yourself can do better than this, it isn’t just wrong, it is also so clumsy.

To give you more evidence, recently someone from the Labour Party said to me he thought I was interested in meeting Labour leader Johann Lamont.

I had to explain to him that I wasn’t interested in meeting her or having a conversation with her, Hamish you should have seen the look on his face. I suspect he was trying to build her up as something ‘special’, First Minster in waiting, called by God etc etc. It takes a lot to impress me, I guess in some respects I was spoiled at Glasgow University.

I have to ask the question, are you some kind of sycophantic brown noser?

Do you go toadying around to people because you think they are better than you?

I don’t begrudge people who haven’t done me ill will having money or position, being that petty isn’t in my nature. 

What about you do you get upset if someone is doing well?

Do you like it when you are doing well and others are doing badly?  

“Authentic working-class my foot”.

I think you are jealous, I can’t understand why, perhaps you can explain. Aren’t there working class people where you live?

Just because you are working class doesn’t mean you have to drag your knuckles on the ground, scream ‘brother’, ‘sister’ and ‘comrade’ while wearing a donkey jacket and a cloth cap.

That’s for the middle class tubes!

Finally Hamish, here is a picture of some SNP in Glasgow, at least 5 of this gathering are outright sycophants, are these more to your taste?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Hamish said...

Dear George,
Thank you for the robust response to my comment.
Hitler's Nazi regime was responsible for some of the worst atrocities in the last century.
Character assassination was one of the lesser of their sins.
It was wrong of you to compare the SNP to the Nazis. The SNP has a proud record of eschewing the path of violence and expelling hotheads and pursuing the path of the ballot box.
Regarding Englishness, the English are still one of the most civilised nations on earth.
I was pointing out that you seem to hold it against Angus Robertson that he was born in England but have no such problem with JK Rowling, whom I admire greatly. I have no idea if she is working-class in your eyes, but she has made her way in the world by her own endeavours.
You seem to think I am part of some SNP clique. I'm not. I don't recognise any of the people in your photograph.