Saturday, June 14, 2014

Open letter to Hamish, time to go to political skool and get re-educated, lesson one, use of Nazis style tactics in the Scottish independence campaign and a brief description of some of the members of ‘TeamBam’ , you may wish to call them TeamSturgeon, this lesson is free as per usual

Dear Hamish

“Thank you for the robust response to my comment”.

Well, if you have a moment of pause regarding the SNP then so much the better for you.

That’s what life is all about thinking!

“Hitler's Nazi regime was responsible for some of the worst atrocities in the last century”.

Hamish, I am ex military, I also have an interest in the Second World War.

“Character assassination was one of the lesser of their sins”.

A spot of justifying, opps tactical mistake there! You would realise that if you had done political activism, being a 90 minute 'Soldier of Salmond' really doesn't prepare you for the big wide world. That said if you venture out for the SNP at present, you would be terribly disappointed by the current crop of activists.

Some are outright bams!

Have you ever met a bam Hamish? Gets the blood pressure stoked up, Nazis used bams as their shock troopers, a low IQ and the ability not to question comes in useful to a leadership.   

Are you also implying that Character assassination is one of the lesser of the SNP sins?

So, what are the other SNP sins Hamish?

SNP Vote Rigging perhaps?

SNP deception?

Running a party within a party?

Conning their members they are campaigning for independence?

A list would be great Hamish from you!

“It was wrong of you to compare the SNP to the Nazis”.


Hamish, I claimed that the Nationalists were using tactics similar to those employed by the Nazis in Germany of the 1930’s.

Guess what Hamish, that’s what the SNP are doing, so although you don’t like the truth, Hamish, it still remains the truth, you are just uncomfortable about it.

Other people have commented on that and arrived that the same conclusion!

“The SNP has a proud record of eschewing the path of violence and expelling hotheads and pursuing the path of the ballot box”.

Bill Walker?

Bill Walker was smashing women’s faces in three decades, when the information was passed to the Office of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP did nothing.

And let’s get it right, the information was taken down by Sturgeon’s ‘pal’, admittedly Ms. Hunter is a dullard, but she does possess the ability of speech. The complaint was passed to SNP HQ which is run by Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, his name is Peter Murrell.  Murrell has the power of speech as well. So, everyone around Nicola knew but Nicola didn’t!

The SNP cut Walker because they wanted the women’s vote, fronted by unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, did you see the sham of the all women cabinet day and all women audience recently?  The SNP do the same thing with Glasgow Asian Community, both these events send out a message that both women and Asians aren’t individuals.

Do you see all men and all white people events run by the SNP Hamish?

“Regarding Englishness, the English are still one of the most civilised nations on earth”.

Yes, I would say that is the case.

“I was pointing out that you seem to hold it against Angus Robertson that he was born in England but have no such problem with JK Rowling, whom I admire greatly”.

I would point out yet again, I don’t hold anything against Angus Robertson being English; I am against him trying to represent himself as Scottish.

Angus Roberston isn’t Scottish!

Angus Robertson was born in London, “maybe it’s because I am a Londoner, that I love London town….”

“I have no idea if she (Rowling) is working-class in your eyes, but she has made her way in the world by her own endeavours”.

I don’t care what her status is either; I have never read her books but watch a few of the films, that is the extent I am interested in JK Rowling.

“You seem to think I am part of some SNP clique. I'm not. I don't recognise any of the people in your photograph”.

Not part of the SNP clique, no MSP spot for you then, considering barber college?

Allow me to help you re the people in the picture.

From left to right!

Jonathan Mackie, Yes Scotland and SNP Candidate (Sturgeon crony) hate account follower

Mhairi Hunter SNP Councillor (Sturgeon crony and a major dullard)

Graeme Hendry SNP Councillor and ex leader of Glasgow SNP Cllr group

Helen Walker SNP Candidate (never saw her during my time at by-elections)

Natalie McGarry, head of Glasgow SNP Regional Association and candidate (a little shit of a human being) and (Sturgeon crony). As thick as two short planks, her recent failure at the Cowdenbeath by-election shows, publicly unelectable.

John Letford SNP Councillor and an employee of Bob Doris (keeps talking about Thatcher, Alex Salmond’s hero)

Billy McAllister SNP Councillor and Deputy Leader of the SNP Cllr Group (in need of a rocket up his arse for his carry on with a disabled man), fined £200 at Court, should have been disciplined and suspended for six months and stripped as deputy leader.

I hope this educates you on the Glasgow SNP social circle.

So, to recap: Nationalists are using the same tactics that the Nazis used in Germany of the 1930’s.

Doesn’t seem to be working out for them as the polls show, does it Hamish?

Finally this carefree picture of horrible people was taken at the Glasgow Govan by-election 2013 where the members of Scottish National Party decided to attempt to disrupt my campaign to be a Glasgow Councillor during polling day. 

Another tactic used by the Nazis was to intimidate opponents and voters, did you know that Hamish?

The SNP came to celebrate me coming last and them winning, wrong on both accounts.

Yours sincerely

George laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

It show be pointed out to Hamish the Nazi's of the late 20s and early 30s didn't immediately murder and pillage their own folk. They smeared them and then turned on groups of folk, disabled gypsy'
jews priests etc etc. They also changed laws to make it easier to demonise folk. Football law? Loss of coroberation? etc etc. I could go on here ad infinitum.

Now we here the latest cracker, no costings for set up of an Independent Scotland. Apparently meaningless. So the 5b Salmond claims we would all share is also meaningless? Oil revenues meaningless?
The problem being part of a clique is that you can be fooled into beleiving that the world and granny thinks and acts like you. Fortunately for Scotland this just isn't so.
The SNP led Referendum campaign has been shelled and torpedoed too many times. It's dead in the water and come September will finally sink.
The blame can and will be based on the decision to spout fantasy economics to the electorate.

Anonymous said...

I assume Hamish has a computer?
He should find it no trouble to see that the SNP Supported the Nazi's during WW2. Some where interned for the duration of the war, some went on trial. Some SNP members to this day celebrate this fact.

Hamish should understand the SNP Government don't have to follow Nazism to be the most Right Wing Government this country has ever had.

Anonymous said...

First up the Nazis blamed the Jews. 1930s.
First up the cybernatzis blamed the English. 2000s.
Hamish is obviously a drone incapable of free thought.

Hamish said...

Dear Anonymice,

For the record, my father and four uncles served in World War Two. One was shot down and killed over Holland.
If ever there was a just war, it was that war. I am not convinced the same can be said about any of the wars waged since then.
It is because the Nazi regime was so uniquely evil that I resent being smeared as a Nazi just because I support Scotland's right to govern its own affairs.
A right endorsed by the United Nations charter, for all nations.

I would like to ask you where you stand on that principle.
Did you support the liberation of the African countries from the various empires which once ran them?
Did you support the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia?
Did you support the break-up of the Soviet Union? Or did you oppose Poland, Hungary, Estonia and the rest becoming free to run their own affairs?

Or do just say NIMBY?