Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond is still crying over ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh failing to get elected to the European Parliament for the SNP, should a grown man be reduced to tears into his big pillow at night over an election result, she would have been crap anyway!

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is very unhappy, the Euro election went rather badly for the Scottish National Party, which is the front company for the Alex Salmond Party.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon had ‘bet the farm’ on getting 3 seats, thus ushering in ex Labour, ex Tory Candidate Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh.

I voted Ukip as a protest like many other Scottish people to stop her getting elected.

Salmond and the Scottish National Party played the ‘race card’, and the people of Scotland sent him a message.

No to Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh!

And we will be sending that message again when she next stands for public office.

Instead of accepting the defeat of Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh with grace, the SNP leadership have ‘spat the dummy’, mucho crying, wailing throughout the ranks, as even SNP Ministers joined in a communal crying session.

SNP MSP Christina McKelvie re-tweeted “Twats” as the BBC was accused by Salmond of having ‘beamed Ukip into Scottish homes’.

So, instead of a picture, I am using a Roy Obersion youtube crying which rather sums up Salmond’s grief!

Salmond says an independent Scotland under the SNP would swamp Scotland with an extra 24,000 people per year.

Scottish people, both young and old, would be denied a future, Alex Salmond is a different type of ‘nationalist’; he doesn’t care for his own people, hence his crack that Scotland was a ‘nation of drunks’.

The UK Treasury has estimated Scotland's long-term average annual net migration at 15,500, seems the word swamped rather fits.

Salmond crying with tears in his eyes over Tasmina writes:

"The main Westminster parties have decided to deploy immigration as a weapon in their increasingly tawdry self-styled 'Project Fear' campaign." He claims the Coalition Government and Labour have highlighted the net migration figure "as if it were something to be frightened of; a reason to vote No".

Scottish independence as the SNP keep going on about isn’t about Scotland controlled by Scots, so what’s the point, what is the point really?

In a rather botched attempted Salmond also accuses the three Better Together parties of copying Ukip's tactic of "engendering fear" of migration as part of the referendum campaign.

He said:

"We can jettison the aggressive language of the mainstream Westminster parties, who instead of standing up to the likes of Ukip have decided to pander to them."

Doesn’t the SNP pander; they don’t pander to Scots tho; who does unpopular Nicola Sturgeon pander too, maybe she can come along and explain on this blog.

Salmond added:

"In modern Scotland we should aspire to be a beacon of hope, diversity and humanity."

I think rich people have enough beacons of hope; diversity and humanity from Alex Salmond and the SNP don’t you?

A recent poll by Dundee University, where Salmond is due to speak tonight, suggested that almost seven out of 10 Scots back the Ukip policy of stricter immigration controls.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t stand with the majority of Scots.

The European election is over, the time of the ‘great crying’ is over, the fact that Salmond is still angry and spitting the dummy is pathetic.

Rather than looking at this badly, think of it as a ‘pre defeat’, the main event in 18th September, when the sons and daughters of Scotland put an end to this fool, a vote for Scottish independence is a vote for Alex Salmond.

Unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon; wouldn’t be at the birth of a nation, she is booked in for the political death of Alex Salmond and the booking can’t be changed.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Here's the facts from someone who has long and hard to many Asians about immigration.
Asians do not want more immigration but only for Africans and Eastern Europeans. What they also want is less restrictions on Asian immigration.
I personally don't object to anyone coming here to contribute. That's what my parents done 65 years ago. But, where is the
infrastructure for Salmonds grand plan? In Glasgow families have been in homeless accommodation for years. There are not enough houses, schools, surgery's or jobs.
The SNP are on a mission at all costs to win the Referendum and that includes blatantly and knowingly lying through their teeth to the electorate.

Mike said...

I admit when I saw this was an article from a university campaign for human rights about UKIP - I thought "oh no not another ignorant article about bigots".

So I was more than surprised to find it was not only level headed but actually supportive of UKIP.

The other thing which really impressed me is that you listed other blogs. So, your blog is definitely going on my list of blogs to read on scotip.