Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scottish independence: Clare Lally, an extraordinary mother of disabled little girl said publicly “No Thanks” to Scottish independence at BT event, smeared straight out of the Office of Alex Salmond, Salmond needs to explain how did Wings Over Scotland and the Cybernats get their information, is the hate co-ordinated now?

Dear All

I was at the 100 day Better Together launch in Glasgow as I have previously mentioned a few days ago.

So, I popped in and when it was time wandered into the hall, found a seat and planted myself down up the back, an elderly woman and a young man wanted passed to sit down so I ended up chatting away to them.

The event as I said was well run, the host was Clare Lally, she did a fair job and it ran smoothly, she was slightly nervous but that was down to a lack of experience.

Clare Lally did an intro to let people know a bit about her, she told the audience that she was the mother of a disabled child. In a heartfelt speech to activists, she described how she was campaigning to save the UK for the sake of her twin daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy. The woman I spoke to earlier turned out to be her mother, a really nice woman who was very chatty.

I have written about the use of smearing in the Nationalist camp and how the same tactics were used by the Nazis in 1930’s Germany. The Nazis used any means to silence opposition including personal attacks.

Clare Lally, an extraordinary mother of a disabled child because she put her head up to say ‘No Thanks’ to Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon on Scottish independence has now been targeted.

Campbell Gunn, a senior special adviser and political spokesman to the SNP Government contacted the Telegraph questioning her claim at Monday’s Better Together event that she was a “normal” mother.

Clare is in fact an extraordinary mother, she and her partner have gave up a lot to ensure their daughter gets all the help and support she needs.

Campbell Gunn emailed the press to rubbish her by saying that she was a member of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and the daughter-in-law of Pat Lally, a former Labour Lord Provost of Glasgow.

Ms Lally last night said she is not related to the former Lord Provost and her position on the Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is as a ‘carer’s champion’. Ms Lally previously has been awarded the title “mum of the year” in Scotland.

Clare is rightly sickened after Alex Salmond’s spin doctor decided to target her.

Someone asked me did I expect the hate campaign from the Nationalists to increase, without hesitation I said yes, things will get worse and worse the closer to the end.

Ms. Lally said:

“Why is the First Minister’s special adviser lying to the papers attacking me? I’ve met the First Minister; he has been with the girls. It makes me feel sick. It’s not as if he doesn’t know me. I’m actually more sickened that it came from the First Minister’s office than I am to be put through the abuse from the people who have abused myself and my family today.”

And to make matters worse, the attack was echoed by a prominent nationalist website and other separatists on social media.

How did they know?

One Nationalist described her as:

“A liar now and forever whatever the outcome of the vote, a known Quisling and collaborator.”

Clare has suffered a torrent of online abuse from so-called Cybernats which left her and her mother in tears.

Cybernats as I previously said are the Nationalists Shock troops of hate, some of them know Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon personally.

Wings Over Scotland even chipped in his bit by suggested she was willing to “lie on command about the NHS for political ends” and that Better Together was “misleading people by presenting partisan political activists as normal everyday folk”.

Speaking on behalf of Better Together, Labour MP Anne McGuire said:

“This is shameful from Alex Salmond's office. For a taxpayer-funded adviser to attack the mother of a disabled child for giving an opinion about the referendum is a new low for the nationalists. It certainly now looks as though the Cybernat smear campaigns we see online are being coordinated by Alex Salmond's office. Campbell Gunn has clearly broken the Special Advisers' Code of Conduct. Alex Salmond should sack him without delay."

Every day the Nationalists are becoming more and more angry, deluded and deranged, Clare Lally doesn’t deserve to be the victim of a co-ordinated hate campaign but she was.

Campbell Gunn on the other hand does deserve the sack and with immediate effect, previously I described the SNP as a ‘rat ship’ under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Now, the Nationalists are attacking the mother of a severely disabled little girl and it is getting led straight out of the Office of Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  


Anonymous said...

Well said. The nationalist element on social media is out of control, and NOTHING has been issued from the First Minister to condemn this behaviour. One can only assume then, that he is condoning and encouraging it in order to bully people into voting yes for this bitter and divisive referendum.
Disgusting situation for a mother to be treated in such a shameful manner.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting comments. Any decent Captain would sink with the ship but not Salmond. Campbell made a mistake
anyone could do that claims the First Minister.
Campbell is not anyone. He's not some dick playing with himself in his darkened bedroom smearing people
when he's bored with his porn
Trouble Salmond has if he
sacks him leaks about
smearing No voters might just
be spoonfed to the media.

Hell hath no fury like a SPAD spurned.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Nicola Sturgeon defending this extraordinary young Mum? Is it because she has stated she is voting No to SNP fantasy dreams?
I recall last week her speaking to a hall full of women claiming women got a raw deal in Scotland and it wouldn't happen in Nirvanaland.
So Nicola let's see if you believe the nonsense you've been trying to con Scots women with. Stay silent on this and I guarantee you'll lose the female vote. How about a comment from your female Cabinet colleagues? Nicola and her chums will help you but only if you vote Yes.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Why isn't Nicola Sturgeon defending this extraordinary young Mum?"

I don't think Nicola defends anyone from a Scottish working class background.

Hope this helps.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Univesrity

Anonymous said...

Good Morning George,
I was the young lad that sat next to you with my mother-in-law (Clare's Mum), to find a positive story online about Clare is very hard, but as you have writen, Clare has taken a torrent of abuse because she stood on a stage and spoke about what she wants for Scotland, not an Independant Scotland but for us to be better together.
I myself have also been a target of abuse, the Cybernats where so desperate to find out who Clare was, they trolled through Birth Registers and Voters Roll to find us.
This type of behavour is what we might face if there is a 'Yes' vote, and if you vote 'No', then you are classed a 'traitor', if this is how Scotland may well be run, then God help us...

Anonymous said...

Why didnt Nippy Nicola defend Clare, reason being, Clare had more press coverage than her pledge the same day with her audience of woman supporters, and Nippy Nicola was ragging an 'Ordinary Mum' stole her lime light and possibly the Referendum.