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Scottish independence: President Obama in dramatic shock declaration weighs into debate and backs the No campaign, Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon running out of friends, no one is backing them, George Laird called it right again at the BBC indy debate in May 2012, I got the last laugh

Dear All

The US has previously said that it had no position on Scottish independence, at the time; I thought that was nonsense for several reasons, chiefly was the issue of nuclear submarines operating out of Scotland.

If you Google back to my past blog posts, I wrote how I attended the BBC independence Debate which was hosted by Isobel Fraser. Attendees on the panel, Labour MP Anas Sarwar, Tory MSP Ruth Davidson, Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie and unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon for the SNP.

I said at the time that the SNP had to adopt NATO and had to support Faslane to remain as a nuclear submarine base. This would have guaranteed Scotland's position and sovereignty. It would have also created goodwill on both sides of the Atlantic. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon went with the idea of joining NATO but completely botched it regarding Faslane. You can read how, I got it right here;

And you can see my youtube video I did later, America saves Scotland from the SNP:

Fast forward to present day and American President Barack Obama urges Scotland to reject independence.

If the Faslane commitment had been given, I doubt that President Barack Obama would have made this intervention. George Laird right again, Salmond, Sturgeon and the SNP strategic masterminds not as clever as they think they are. My comments attracted the wrath of the lying Nationalist bigot community, on Newsnet Scotland and elsewhere who decided to have a go at smearing me.

Barack Obama only just confirmed I was right then and right now, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were just too short sighted.

President Obama says the United Kingdom is better off remaining together, you can read into that many things, principally, he and the American intelligence community don't trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon's judgment on defence matters. And they are right not to, in the international stage, these people are buffoons.

Obama's declaration is a major intervention in the debate over the future of Scotland, the allies don't trust the SNP, which incidentally neither do the Scottish people. The CIA gets reports on regional political developments, these come from Americans who happen to work in academic institutions and other places through-out the world. This isn't a secret, it is widely known, the CIA when it was founded was made up from people who came from the university sector, mostly the organisation does data crunching, although there is the covert wing.

The covert wing does the sneaking about the place.

It seems the timing of Obama's announcement was perfect, as we approach the 6th June, D -Day, the start of Victory in Europe, speaking of VE, the Scottish people scored a recent victory in Europe by rejecting Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. As the allies prepare for the final assault on Fortress Eckistan, we should remember Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have no allies, nothing but the remains of a rather nasty vicious clique of untalented and uninspiring people who ambitions only stretch as far as their own status and bank accounts.

Time for a quote:

"Rather than the A Team, the party looked like the GAY Team in nature".

George Laird.

Why is the quote so important?

Firstly it has nothing to do with sexuality, secondly, it cost the Scottish National Party, one of best political activists they ever had, I will only tolerate clowns for so long before I drop them. When I walked away from the SNP in Jan 2012, so went their fortunes. I had helped a bunch of talentless useless lazy clowns and they should have recognised and known that they were talentless useless lazy clowns and therefore kept their mouths shut when dealing with me.  

For proof of the lack of talent, you only have to look at the SNP clique using President Obama's 2008 election slogan:

"Yes, we can."

Talentless useless lazy clowns who have to use other people's material because they cannot think for themselves.
Obama’s comments are the most forthright yet by any world leader, he opened the floodgates, now we might see others in Europe particularly joining in the No to Alex Salmond. To say Obama has given the Better Together campaign a major boost cannot be understated.

The Nationalists’ claimed a separate Scotland would be warmly welcomed on the world stage which Joan McAlpine famously wrote about, we would be the 'new kid on the block' rings rather hollow now.

Seeing an opportunity to stick the boot in, within minutes of the remarks, the pro-UK Better Together campaign had mocked up a pastiche of one of Mr Obama’s election posters, changing the slogan from “Hope” to “Nope”.

That kind of reminds me of my experience, the SNP clique had rather had 'hope' that I would tolerate the disgusting way they treated me, and my answer was nope!

Douglas Alexander, the Labour shadow foreign secretary commenting of the Obama gift, said:

“I welcome this important contribution by President Obama. His clear statement of support for the UK staying together will resonate with many of us here in Scotland. As a global statesman President Obama understands that interdependence is a defining feature of our modern world, and that building bridges, not putting up new barriers, is the challenge of our generation."

Willie Rennie, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, said:

"President Obama’s remarks allow us to see ourselves as others see us. He clearly values the United Kingdom. Although people here will decide for ourselves, his view is a significant contribution to our discussion about our future."

Salmond's reply to the game changer was rather muted, he is now isolated on the international stage with unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, he said:

"America had to fight for its independence. We are very fortunate in Scotland that we have a democratic, agreed, consented process by which we can vote for our independence. So, in summary, I suppose my message to President Obama is ‘yes we can’."

No, you can't Salmond!

In true Scottish Nationalist tradition, the furious Nationalists retaliated with a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse directed at the US President on Twitter. Which no doubt will surprise him and his advisors.

Pottering along later, was ungrateful Pete Wishart, an SNP MP, he said Scottish voters do not care what President Obama thinks. Well, given he doesn't speak for Scotland and pretty anyone else, his sour grapes, will not have much wrath! Pete Wishart has so many people trying to save his job, you would think he would be happy.

Other prominent Nationalist figures waded in with US wants to keep the UK as its “lapdog”.

The news is good news for pillow manufacturers as the Nationalists will have to buy more big fluffy pillows to cry into profusely, while exhibiting a trembling lower lip. Of course, you could as I said above probably trace this back to Salmond’s plans to get rid of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent, international affairs experts had warned the US would be deeply unhappy about Faslane.

But let's be clear, George Laird got it right again, Salmond and Sturgeon got it wrong!

Then of course, the US has never forgiven Salmond for the release of the Lockerbie bomber and allow him to return to Libya to a hero’s welcome. Well done Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, master strategists, still feel it was clever sticking two fingers up to the then Labour Government?

Was this 'statesmanlike' practice, let's practice trying to assert you are a government? Although I support Megrahi being released to die surrounded by his family, allowing him to leave the country was unbelievable gross stupidity on the part of Alex Salmond.

Another issue which Obama has touched on is the EU problems, although Britain is possibly looking at a referendum, the rise of far right parties across the EU who are all unhappy with the European project is probably more of a concern for the Americans who want a stable united EU block. Fixing that problem is a huge task, the EU is like  a super tanker, it is takes a while to change course even with agreement. The process of enlargement needs to be stopped until a real fundamental reform process is carried out. The Euro needs to be seriously looked at and fixed, does the currency continue or does it need to be split in to two distinct currency zones. These are questions which need explored along side the issue of internal immigration which affects certain members states.  

Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, it is a time to reflect on those who gave so much for the liberty which we all enjoy and whose sacrifice ushered in a new era in Europe. The European project is in a crisis, force of arms cannot save it, it requires a new vision, something has went wrong, but it is still a project worth fighting for. More must be done to help those countries in difficulties by helping to secure their sovereignty and ensure that the words spoken in support translate into deeds, translate into action.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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