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Scottish independence: Sir Malcolm Rifkind gets it absolutely right, Alex Salmond isn’t a statesman, world leaders as far as America and China have rejected him as a future world leader, President Obama and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang won’t do business with an utter buffoon

Dear All

Isn't terribly uncanny that sooner or later everyone comes around to the George Laird view?

Sir Malcolm Rifkind said recently that Alex Salmond is not a “statesman”, not that I and Rifkind have anything in common more or less, but on this issue, we seem to be thinking along the same lines.

Alex Salmond is certainly not a statesman.

Salmond's whole approach to independence from the start was entirely wrong; everything which could go wrong was done wrong. Some people might think the rot started at the 'Declaration of Cineworld'.

It didn't!

Well before that event, the seeds of disaster were sown, 'Cineworld' was just a showcase that the Scottish National Party is run as a clique, okay I accept the Scottish Greens and the SSP were there, but they were just window dressing.

Just making up the numbers!  

The technical term is cannon fodder.

Both the Scottish Greens and the SSP probably see this as a vehicle to win support and increase their appeal. Although Patrick Harvie has done well for the Greens in interviews, TV, radio and various debates and panels, it is doubtful, we will be seeing many more Green MSPs anytime soon.

The SSP lead by Colin Fox, well, they are just fucked as a political party, you might as well scrap the entire organisation as being toxic as a political entity. Tommy Sheridan not only managed to wipe them out but also his own party called Solidarity as well. Sheridan at present is working on his resurrection using the independence referendum as a vehicle.

Jesus did a resurrection, Tommy Sheridan won't.

Time for a quote:

"Rather than the A Team, the party rather looked like the GAY Team in nature".

George Laird.

In the not too distant future, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond will face off against Alistair Darling in a debate.

Rather than build up Alistair Darling as a worthy foe, the SNP MP Pete Wishart decided to tweet that Alistair Darling was only a back bench MP. Pete isn't one of life thinkers, a just a clumsy attempt at passive smearing; and how ungrateful considering Mr. Darling is attempting to save Mr. Wishart's job at Westminster.

On the serious issues of defence, the Scottish National Party has been woeful, although the SNP did a U turn on Nato, they couldn't get their heads round that Faslane needed to remain as a nuclear sub base.

President Obama said it would be better if Scotland remained part of the UK, previouly our American cousins were neutral, saying Faslane would remain a nuclear base would have probably kept the Americans neutral.

Salmond and his unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon don't do 'big politics' well, actually both are rather poor on the world stage, no one who is a credible world leader is backing them. Even the Chinese Government, the Chinese Government could bring themselves to back Salmond and Sturgeon. Mind you they have a rather big diplomatic branch so they would know that the SNP leaders are a joke.

To return to Nato, which I am a supporter of, even before I was a supporter of the EU, Malcolm Rifkind said SNP claims that Nato would need to accept Scotland as an independent country were unconvincing. The alliance has rules and protocols regarding nuclear weapons which the SNP think is open to debate. How Salmond and Sturgeon thought they could change the rules and still be allowed in is a mystery unto them. 

Sir Malcolm also cited that Nato does not appear to need Ireland, Sweden or Finland, all of whom are outside it. And the truth is that they don't, that said, Nato would be receptive if these countries needed help. And it is highly unlikely that Putin would blunder in there as he did in the Ukraine which has been a political public relations disaster for Russia.

Speaking to the Farmers Club in Edinburgh Sir Malcolm, who was a former Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary also went on to claim Scotland faces “several years” outside the EU.

Article 49, anyone wishing to be a new member must apply and be subject to the rules and regulations plus members have a veto. The matter is straight forward contract law, Scotland doesn't have a contract and leaving the UK means leaving the EU. the SNP leaders tried to mislead the Scottish public by saying automatic membership and some guff about fish off the Scottish coast as sweetener. 

Another disaster touched on by Rifkind was the failure to spell out his currency plan B in the face of Westminster opposition to a deal on sharing the pound; that was entirely Alex Salmond's fault. He and Sturgeon done no work at all to prepare Scotland for an independence bid, two buffoons who want to play at part time politics raking in ministerial salaries.

Sir Malcolm added:

Scotland needs a statesman at its helm more than ever at this moment of great historic importance.”

Scots have a 'jolly fat man' who thinks he is popular when it was down to a five years council tax freeze!

In reply to be found out as a bunch of buffoons, a Scottish Government spokesman said:

“If Scotland were an ­independent country, EU rules mean that our farmers would have received a 1 billion euro (£800million) bonus in support".

That statement is only true if Scotland was a EU member and the same conditions existed if it was accepted.

This isn't a fact the Scottish Government is stating but it is just an opinion. 

Alex Salmond is not a statesman, this is more and more being brought to the fore As to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, she decided to play the role of a 'concerned citizen', that like the 'jolly fat man' role used by Salmond is also an act.

How many Scottish people died of cancer because they couldn't get the same cancer drugs available in England Nicola?

Nicola 'cares', but not enough to do her job! Nicola Sturgeon isn't a 'statesman' either, she completely lacks class, vision and stature. As to her 'I'm a civic Nationalist', that is just pathetic, she doesn't support Scots have control of their own country, what kind of independence is that? What gets me is the mugs; that's right, mugs who follow behind her are stupid enough to think she is leading them to freedom.

If you want to see what Sturgeon thinks of democracy, then type in SNP Vote Rigging, then take their names and type in Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon to see if they are connected.

This to me is a clear example that Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon aren't statesmanlike in even the crudest description of the term.

Wouldn't say I am a fan of Sir Malcolm Rifkind but well done that man on getting it right, the George Laird view prevails, mind you it took him long enough.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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