Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scottish independence: two leading economics experts Jim and Margaret Cuthbert highlight Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon aren’t going for independence, SNP plan to hand over major decisions to foreign powers, and spent their 100% controlled ‘giro’

Dear All

Scottish independence, the SNP leadership have conned their party; they have got people doing activism thinking they are campaigning for an independent country when the opposite is true.

Under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s version, independence as Jim and Margaret Cuthbert say falls “far short of any meaningful concept of independence.”

The Cuthberts are two leading economists, one of their points is what I have been saying, an independent Scotland must have its own currency.

The SNP have put a lot of store in their work in the past, but given the SNP under Salmond has done no work at all of any real and meaningful value, they have gone for the line of least resistance.

But I believe that there is another agenda, as much as Salmond and Sturgeon scream rule Britannia for the pound, I think their real agenda down the line is to take Scotland into the Euro.

If independence happened and it is looking less likely the further their campaign goes on, then they would want access to the ECB and lender of last resort facilities from that institution.

That of course is madness, the countries of the EU are all suffering, and the turning point hasn’t been reached, the EU needs a Marshall plan, because everyone needs to be lifted up, this is incredibly difficult to pull off.

It requires a very painful 27 country default and resetting of debt, it is a nuclear option, but that is for another time.   

Back to Jim and Margaret Cuthbert, they say that it is “not feasible that anything approaching independence can emerge from the current referendum”.

Alex Salmond has completely botched the currency problem in his eagerness to keep the pound.

A Yes vote binds Scotland in fiscal ties that will radically limit the country’s ability to pursue its own taxation policy.

His plan is for a token version, this makes me believe that the pound so fiercely argued is nothing more than a smokescreen.

A country can’t be truly independent unless it challenges vested interests and there is nothing that Salmond and Sturgeon will do that, so independent activists who think they are fighting for a fairer and socially just Scotland have been duped.

Yes, they signed without understanding and reading the small print.

Done up like a kipper, they are out working for a right wing SNP government that is going to climb straight into bed with big business.

Did you all miss the alcohol minimum pricing, the extra £100 million generated straight into the pockets of big business!

In looking at the SNP, you have to exercise looking at detail, Salmond and Sturgeon aren't smart, they aren’t Einstein; their track records rather shows them for what they are.


The barrier to real social justice in Scotland as the Cuthbert argue is the Scottish National Party.

The SNP response to the Cuthbert was that they disagreed with them on this issue, saying Scotland would have 100 per cent control over its finances if people voted Yes.

That would be 100% control after the Westminster government agreed.

Scotland has problems, growing child poverty, high youth unemployment, and unfair land and wealth distribution.

And so far, the SNP have provided no solutions to any of these policies except dogma, everything can be fixed after independence.

But it won’t be!

You only have to look how the SNP operate under Salmond and Sturgeon, it is crony ridden, the social crusaders, all promote their own vested interests to form cliques.

Did you look at the SNP selection for the European elections not a single rank and file member of the SNP selected for the final list!

The SNP proposes keeping the pound and the Bank of England, retaining a UK-wide financial regulation system, and staying on with the Queen as head of state.

The SNP has also recently backed staying in NATO that is a farce that position will change whether or not Scotland becomes an independent country.

The real choice is “indy lite” with less rights or the status quo, the choice isn’t really a choice, do I believe that Scotland should be an independent country, yes, but not under Salmond and Sturgeon.

For me, it is a matter of trust, I don’t trust the SNP, and as the polls show neither does the majority.
So, Salmond and Sturgeon have already lost, their campaign will continue, but it is dead, they want the ‘mugs’ to keep on being active, working under a delusion.

The SNP is already rotting from the head downwards, stupid little people who believe because they are where they are that somehow it means that they are overly intelligence and everyone else is just an idiot.

They don’t have the brains to plan for a Scottish currency; their roaring over the pound is in my opinion just a smokescreen for a future move to access the European Central Bank and its lender of last resort.

When that happens Scotland will be asset stripped like has happened in Greece.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

What makes the SNP believe voters want to shoogle control from Westminster to Brussels? It shows they are just Anti-English. They have many supporters, pity they are abusive and go around shouting "Freedom" everywhere they go. Real clowns who believe the film Braveheart is true history.
I can promise this country, if it votes for Independence, will be asset stripped by Brussels. Turkeys demanding to be put in the oven, smiling as they go.

Trevor C said...

Braveheart Salmond is an old fart, he is the yesterday man, the mob will see soon enough