Friday, May 17, 2013

Scottish independence: Nigel Farage subject to racism in Scotland as he comes to support UKIP candidate in Donside by-election, elsewhere another Scottish Cancer victim denied a life saving drug, where is this ‘unique’ Scottish fairness that Salmond and Sturgeon talk about?

Dear All

Another day; and another tale of a Scot that has been left to die due to the inaction of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon!

For some time the SNP has pushing the lie that the Scottish sense of fairness is unique and is higher than England and its people.

Fairness is not unique to Scotland, decency doesn’t have claim to any particular nationality.

Last night Nicola Sturgeon did a better PR job than Michael Moore when she said that 50,000 kids faced poverty.

This sells a message that, ‘if only we were independent we could solve all the problems of mankind in Scotland’.

It is a simple message which at its core is dishonest, Nicola Sturgeon can’t solve poverty, in fact she can’t solve anything, she thinks if she keeps saying the lie that nirvana is round the corner, people will believe it.

Yesterday was also significant, as racism entered the Scottish independence debate; Nigel Farage was subject to anti English abuse in Scotland.

While he was being the subject of intimidation and threats, it was the pro independence supporters leading the charge. Ironically, they were calling him a racist and telling him to ‘go home.’

Another own goal!

What the attack on Nigel Farage justified?

No, freedom of speech denied, it harks about to the days of Nazi Germany in the 1930 when Hitler’s thugs would roam the streets in packs looking for victims to smear, abuse, threaten and intimidate.

Fairness is uniquely Scottish, at least not the nationalist brand and that of its supporters for indy.

But let’s get to the meat of unfairness in Scotland, a grandmother is being forced to become a "health refugee" and move to England to get the cancer treatment.

It is another victim of Sturgeon; Maureen Fleming needs a drug to extend her life, in her own country she can’t get it under leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

It rather puts in perspective the claims that somehow Scots are fairer than their English counterparts.

In this case, and I suspect many others, it will be English people coming to the rescue of another Scot left to die because Nicola Sturgeon didn’t do her job properly as Health Sec.

There is a lot of talk about “we can make our country (Scotland) anything we want it to be” from the SNP as they try to sell a pig in a poke.

The case of Maureen Fleming was raised by Labour leader Johann Lamont as she challenged the first minister on the availability of cancer drugs.

Got a limp dick?

Nip into hospital and get vigara, pop a few pills and you will be ready to shag all night with a “boner” that won’t go down.

What about a tan to look like Tommy Sheridan?

Pop in and get your sun cream!

Pished with a blinding headache, the NHS spent £7.2m a year on prescriptions for paracetamol.

Maureen Fleming’s need is more important than the needs of the many. I am sure that Alex Salmond remembers that the ‘needs of the one, outweigh the needs of the many’, Star Trek.

Johann Lamont told Salmond the paracetamol money could be used to give 200 patients a year's supply of bowel cancer drug cetuximab.

Cetuximab is free in England, cancer patients in Scotland have to pay about £3,000 a month for it. Makes a mockery of the claims of fairness and an NHS which is free at the point of use, it isn’t like this is a hard choice stopping sun cream, vigara and aspirin.

To live Maureen Fleming has to become a health refugee.

So, it looks like her family will be moving to rented accommodation south of the border in Newcastle.

So, what is Alex Salmond story?

Jolly fat man wanting Scots to vote for independence, put some of the blame on Labour, is that suppose to comfort the woman dying in the Holyrood gallery?

The SNP has done well selling the lie that they stand up for the poor, Maureen Fleming joins Anne Fisher and Joyce Juszcak who have suffered more than they should have.

If anything this story pulls the away the curtain of what an independent Scotland would be like under SNP control, a place of injustice, inequality and as Nigel Farage experienced today racist.

Any decent person in a position of power would address this issue but not Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, rather lets you know their true character.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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