Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scottish independence: Sir Chris Hoy is called a “traitor” to Scotland by nationalists, in 1930’s Germany; the Nazis used the same tactics of smearing opponents to silence debate, the ugly face of Nationalism is Salmond and Sturgeon, grudge, grievance and malcontent

Dear All

Sir Chris Hoy has been called a traitor to Scotland by supporters of the Nationalists.

The SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is a rather nasty vile poisonous clique; add to it, 30 years of grudge, grievance and malcontent.

The SNP isn’t a political party; it was a protest movement that became a political party which ended up as a nasty vile clique of malcontents.

On this blog, I get cybernat abuse; one rather unhappy SNP supporter uttered this in my direction;

“This is ground breaking shit man and nae comments whats wrong wi people that they cannae see this big fat smelly shite is bang on the money what a pity he is a walter mitty who has invented a bio for himself that stinks as much as his oxters and scrotum far oot man I need a scare crow fur ma neeps whit are ye daan this summer apart fae nae washing and creeping aboot the parks at nicht looking fur a blow job fae a guy fuck of and die ya big fat smelly cunt”.

The tactics of smearing; have been well documented of how the Nazis operated in Germany in the 1930’s against anyone who spoke out against their dogma. In Scotland 2014, under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, the same campaign tactics are used by SNP members and their supporters.

The word “traitor” has been leveled at Sir Chris Hoy, I was called a traitor by Hamish, who posted on this very blog, I set him right on who was a traitor, funnily enough; he didn’t do a comeback to my assertion of facts.

So, Cybernats or the ‘Sons of Alex’ have taken to the internet to abuse Sir Chris Hoy of being a “traitor” to his country, his crime, he said that Scottish independence could harm Scottish sport.

That statement should have meaning, Scottish athletes have benefited from access to the UK networks of support; we lose that after independence as we would not be part of the Team GB.

Telling the truth isn’t something that the SNP and their cybernat brotherhood like or are prepared to tolerate.

The ‘Sons of Alex’ specialise in online attacks, so they launched an attack to accusing him of being a “bigoted anti-Scot”.

Hoy has probably done more than the ‘Sons of Alex’ during his career to raise Scotland’s profile in a positive way that most current SNP MSPs.

The UK Government to point out what exactly their opponents are like personally have lambasted the attack as “shameful” and challenged Alex Salmond to condemn the behaviour or risk the independence debate becoming mired in personal abuse.

The independence debate is already mired in personal abuse that is set to continue, the further the SNP and their front company sink in the polls; the more anger will be generated.

On twitter, before I forget, the SNP members have joined a fake twitter account called georgemlaird, using my name, picture and linking to this very blog, they pose as me spreading filth.

Their latest offering is to imply I am a sex pervert that filmed people at the Glasgow University Gym.

“also filming my victims in leisure centres should be legal :)”

I have upset the bigots in the Nationalist camp.
David Mundell, a Scotland Office Minister, said:

“The negative and personal tone of the attacks on Sir Chris is shameful and casts the referendum debate in a poor light. Everyone has a responsibility to guard against the independence debate leaving scars that last well beyond September next year. I believe it would be helpful if the First Minister and the Scottish Government were explicit in their condemnation of those trying to shout down the views of Sir Chris and others. The debate on our future must be open to all.”

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, added:

"First comedienne Susan Calman, then Nigel Farage, now Olympic great Sir Chris Hoy – the nationalists seek to silence everyone they disagree with.”

An SNP spokesman repeated the now well trodden ‘defence’ that Nicola Sturgeon has also received death threats and appalling remarks about Mr Salmond’s father were made on a website linked to Labour.

This is to muddy the water.

In the past cybernats who were outed have been shown to have close links to the senior leadership of the Scottish National Party.

At present, we are experiencing what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, the ‘Sons of Alex’ won’t stop, they are a vile nasty poisonous clique who despise ordinary working class people and anyone else who happens to disagree with Alex Salmond’s vision.

A spokesman for the Yes Scotland referendum campaign said it “deplores all forms of abusive and offensive behaviour in whatever form it takes, whoever perpetrates it.”

And that is why they have employed a known SNP smearer called Gail Lythgoe, the wife of Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf, she tried to rally a mob against Labour MP Ian Davidson, then stepped back to see what would happen to him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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Keep going, all Scots need to be made fully aware of the dark arts of the YeSNP.

The nationalist "project nasty" will go into over drive soon.