Monday, May 20, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond tells Nigel Farage to stay out of Scottish politics, are political opponents to be silenced by threat and intimidation of indy supporters, is this Scotland 2013 or Nazi Germany of the 1930’s?

Dear All

You might think with the ‘charge’ of being ‘anti English’ leveled at the Scottish National Party over the racist attack on Nigel Farage by indy supporters that Alex Salmond would be keeping a low profile.

No, throwing commonsense to the wind, First Minister Alex Salmond has blundered into the controversy by telling the UKIP leader he knows "absolutely nothing about Scotland".

What is there to know?

Surely in a democracy the right to stand and have a point of view is all that is required!

What does Alex Salmond know about Scotland?

He has been to Curry houses, he plays the ‘jolly fat man’ who lets Scottish women with cancer suffer!

Is that suitable qualifications?

Maybe Nigel Farage could do better for ordinary Scots.

Salmond said:

"We can frankly do without UKIP who dislike everybody and know absolutely nothing about Scotland."

And he later went on to described Nigel Farage as "someone who is out-with the context of normal politics".

Recently Muslim list MSP Humza Yousaf said that the SNP would increase immigration, this is at a time when young Scots cannot find work and there is high unemployment.

If anyone is out of touch, it is the SNP Government which is run by the rich for the benefit of the rich.
Nigel Farage has obviously hit a sensitive spot in the Nationalist ranks when he likened parts of the independence campaign to fascism.

The independence mob which led him to be rescued by police who shouted "racist Nazi scum"!

No doubt, the irony was lost on them that they were following the same modus operandi that the Nazis employed in 1930’s Germany.

All dissent to be silenced using force, intimidation and smearing.

Welcome to Scotland 2013 under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Of the attack, Mr Farage said:

"It was a demonstration dressed up as being anti-racism but in fact in itself was deeply racist, with a total hatred of the English and a desire for Scotland to be independent from Westminster. I mean, my goodness me, if this is the face of Scottish nationalism it's a pretty ugly picture. The anger, the snarling, the shouting, the swearing was all linked in to a desire for the Union Jack to be burnt and extinguished from Scotland forever. There's absolutely no doubt who these people were or what they stood for."

This is not unusual for what I dub the 90 minute Nationalists.

Come the independence failure of Alex Salmond, these people will disappear seeking another "cause".

Farage added:

"I must say I have heard before that there are some parts of Scottish nationalism that are akin to fascism but yesterday I saw that face-to-face."

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie claimed the "anti-racists turned racist" and urged Mr Salmond to "speak out against this attack on free speech".

Not a chance.

If Alex Salmond won’t stand up for women cancer victims, there is no chance he will stand up for democracy.

Radical Independence spokesman Liam O'Hare said:

"Farage's attempts to paint our protest as anti-English is pathetic. Our vision is for a Scotland that welcomes people from across the world, including England. This is the exact opposite of Farage and Ukip's vision for Scotland, which is a parochial, bigoted British nationalism. We're against his racist ideas, not where he comes from."

Maybe he missed the part of ‘go home’ shouted to Nigel Farage as the mob turned the heat up!

The SNP which is run as a one man band said Mr Farage had "completely lost the plot".

A bit like Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell went he failed to investigate claims of a smear campaign run within the SNP.

I don’t think that the SNP can take a moral stand on anything, at the height of the Glasgow alleged ‘vote rigging’ nothing of note was done by the SNP.

A spokesman for the pro-independence campaign group Yes Scotland which is seen by many as an SNP front said it condemns all forms of intimidation.

And to prove that, they employed an SNP smearer called Gail Lythgoe.

Yes Scotland added:

"We had no knowledge or involvement in any of the scenes on the Royal Mile during [Mr Farage's] visit to Edinburgh."

An SNP spokesman said:

"Anyone who heard the interview with Nigel Farage this morning would have thought he has completely lost the plot. Nothing he says can be treated with a shred of credibility and his partners in the No campaign should be embarrassed about his behaviour."

Alex Salmond talks about credibility, poll after poll rejects his poisonous of a fascist, he conned ordinary working class Scots and bought them off with a 5 year Council tax freeze.

Even Alex Salmond’s own supporters can’t have failed to notice that Salmond isn’t the force he used to be, he is spent.

Scottish independence is dead, like a wounded animal lashing out; Salmond is in his death throes stopping to eat a few curries on the way to his political death.

More pudding Alex?

30 years of SNP grudge, grievance and malcontent has produced anti English feeling, and the ‘jolly fat man’ has explaining to do, and on a whole range of issues.

If Nigel Farage wants to exercise his right to free speech in Scotland, he shouldn’t be subject to intimidation; this isn’t 1930’s Nazi Germany.

But there is however a slight feel of it under 'National Socialists' Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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