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Scottish independence: new indyref poll shows total collapse of support for Alex Salmond and Yes Scotland’s campaign, the ‘jolly fat man’ routine has floundered as Scottish people want Scotland to remain in UK

Dear All

For some time, I have been saying that support for Scottish independence has collapsed, people are turning away from the nightmare of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s poisonous vision.

So, how has the Scottish independence campaign been run?

From the start, it has been incompetent, ‘the Declaration of Cineworld’ was the first clear sign of how utterly stupid the Scottish National Party is.

Who launches an independence bid in a cinema!

Now, we are seeing that support for Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom is the highest it has been for almost two years.

The reason is obvious.

Nicola Sturgeon!

Ms. Sturgeon has ‘managed’ the Scottish independence campaign into the ground, her and nasty vile poisonous Team Sturgeon.

Heard of ‘Top Gun’?

Well, Ms. Sturgeon and her ‘mob’ are ‘Pop Guns’, not the best of best by any means.

Latest Ipsos MORI survey for The Times newspaper found that 59% of people who are certain to vote in next year's referendum are opposed to independence.

This hardening of No to Salmond and Sturgeon is hardly surprising, the numbers are climbing, up from 55% in February and the highest level the polling firm has found since August 2011.

Total and utter collapse!

Only 31% said they would be voting Yes for independence, compared to 34% three months ago.

The Scottish National Party is turning off their supporters for what should have been a relatively simple campaign to do!

Can’t be done as an election and can’t be done as a by-election, it had to be done as a ‘special’.

As the date draws closer, rather than numbers softening, the undecided will gravitate towards the Better Together campaign.

They have done well; they have done so based on presenting facts.

All that Salmond and Sturgeon have is spin, smoke and mirrors, wee flags, wee balloons, street stalls, a virtual defunct campaign and cronies.

There are now fewer than 500 days to go until Scots decide the country's future.

The survey asked the same question to be used in the ballot:

"Should Scotland be an independent country?"

Ipsos MORI spokesman Christopher McLean said:

"Following recent debates over the currency and pensions in an independent Scotland, our latest poll shows that support for Scotland remaining in the Union is growing. Although there are just under 500 days to go until the referendum, most Scots who plan to vote say that they have made up their minds, with a clear majority opting to remain part of the UK.

"This suggests that the Yes Scotland Campaign will have to convince the vast majority of the remaining, floating voters to support independence if it is to stand any chance of achieving independence in September 2014."

A spokesman for the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign said they would be "working hard over the next 16 months to earn the trust and support of a clear majority of Scots on the basis that Scotland's future should be in Scotland's hands".

He added:

"It is clear that when it comes to economic and social policy, the Westminster system is not working for Scottish families. There is a better way and our key message is that Scotland's got what it takes to be a fairer and more successful country with independence. We are confident that as people focus in on the choice they will be making in September 2014 - between a Yes future and a No future - that more and more Scots will join us in saying Yes."

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have lost the trust of Scottish people; Salmond is just as bankrupt as Tony Blair towards the end of his reign.

I see Alex Salmond as a greedy, stupid little man who is an opportunist who lives of the wits of others.

He spent £500k for a Golf Trip, in the shadow of people like cancer sufferer Anne Fisher not getting the drug she needed because it was too expensive.

He spent £400k on a three week let of a building for the Olympics, dubbed his ‘London Embassy’.

You like movies?

He took his wife to watch a cartoon film in Hollywood along with his entourage cost to the taxpayer £50k.

Three jollies nearly a million pounds.

What a prick!

Former chancellor Alistair Darling, the chair of the cross-party Better Together group which is campaigning to keep Scotland in the UK, described the poll as "very encouraging".

If you think Better Together is the type to slacken, think again, if anything these people will continue to grow and fight even harder.

Darling said:

"It shows that the majority of people believe that we are better and stronger as part of the United Kingdom. The events of the past few weeks have exposed the fact that, despite having 80 years to think about it, the Nationalists do not even know the answer to basic questions like what currency we would use if we go it alone.Even more worrying has been the fact that there seems to be absolutely no plan for making sure that our pensions are protected".

He added:

"However, we must not allow ourselves to be complacent. There is a long way to go. We have to do everything we can to continue to win the arguments, expose the Nationalist assertions and, ultimately, win the referendum next year."

Yes Scotland, seen by many as a Scottish National Party front which is loaded with Sturgeon’s cronies has failed.

How long will it be before Blair Jenkins resigns?

What does he know about campaigning?

Given the disaster has come unabated under his watch; I could hazard a guess and say not much.

It is two to one against Salmond, this Scottish  independence campaign is all about one man, and as we are seeing, a greedy, stupid little man at that, an opportunist who will say anything to get what he wants.

Donald Trump said it right about Alex Salmond:

"dishonest", "untrustworthy" and "lacking in integrity" 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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McGregor said...

You are actually really quite thick... I'm convinced of it....

Anyone with an intelligence level even slightly above yours will look at your pointless drivel and find another page to look at...

In future, if you want to give someone a bitta verbal, do it with a non-bias tone... that way, you don't look like a little fat unionist overdue for a long shower hammering away at a keyboard convinced that the world will hang on his every word..

Salmond is NOT the referendum. He will retire eventually and like so many before him, drift into the history books but Scotland is here for a long long time you fricking little toad, we'll have no more Tories imposing their policies on us after the country votes YES...

Thanks you and goodnight... Be sure to tip your waitress....