Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon finds the time to blame Westminster for holding back Scottish economy for generations, but she can’t find the time to save Scottish women who need cancer drugs

Dear All

Grudge, grievance and malcontent!

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is an angry wee Nat, she did for a time clean up her ‘act’, but it was a sham.

She hasn’t changed her spots, once an angry wee Nat, always an angry wee Nat.

The latest part of her ‘positive case’ for independence is to blame the English for all of Scotland’s ills.

Elderly women in Scotland are dying because they can’t get the drugs from this SNP Government…. ‘Blame the English’ is the mentality.

What this tells you is that other than scaremongering, angry wee Nat Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have a positive case to put to the Scottish people.

And there has been no positive case in the entire 80 years that the SNP has been inexistence, what have they been doing with their time?

Ask Alex!

Nicola Sturgeon like her boss Alex Salmond will say anything to get your vote, Nicola’s your friend, your concerned citizen.

Nicola was Health Sec that plunged Scotland into one of the worst cancer crisis in living memory and then she jumped ship just before the problems came to the public domain.

She says in her mostly oily fashion that the UK economic decisions have been holding Scotland back "for generations."

It is another Scottish Government report of how nirvana can only be achieved if ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and ‘concerned citizen’ Nicola Sturgeon had control of this country.

The bit about living in a fascist state has been missed out, the bit about denial of rights has been missed out, the bit about lose of rights to UK services missed out.

In true ‘ball and chain’ with much wailing, Sturgeon harked back to a string of Westminster policies, dating back to the 1970s.

The 1970’s!

That is the basis of argument, ancient history of a bygone age not relevant to today’s economic situation.

She will have to do better than that, next step the ‘ghost of Thatcher’?
Now, present day, Sturgeon is having a go at everyone, it’s everyone fault but never the Nationalists, they don’t accept responsibility for anything or anyone.

Having a pop at the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition is an easy target, in Scotland, Tories aren’t liked, 20 years in the wilderness, and possibly 20 more unless they get their act together.

Truly Ms Sturgeon has lost touch with reality, she is hitting out at the failure by UK governments to create an oil fund similar to Norway's.

Maybe she thinks that the oil fund is set up then if independence was to happen the SNP Government claims the entire fund for Scotland.

The UK doesn’t have an oil fund because the money is needed to fund current services.

What would Nicola cut?

Would it just be the English who face the cuts or would Scotland take its share?

Next we would have the SNP screaming about a cut to the Scottish Government budget then blaming the English.

Grudge, grievance and malcontent, Westminster wouldn’t play the SNP’s simple ill judged little small minded game.

Today sees the launch of "Scotland's Economy: the case for independence", the latest Scottish Government input to the referendum debate.

Consider it another re-launch of the Scottish independence campaign using taxpayer’s money.
She said:

"The UK Government's economic policies have been holding Scotland back for generations. Only with the powers of independence can Scotland meet its full potential. We already know that by international standards Scotland is a wealthy and productive country, and has the potential to be an economically successful independent nation. But despite the vast array of human, financial and natural resources that Scotland currently has we are not reaching our full economic potential as a nation, and this report provides clear evidence that the West-minster system of government is hindering Scotland's potential."

There is nothing in those statements under than assumptions on her part, most countries in the world are independent, however we have seen countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Iceland and Cyprus nearly go to the wall.

Independence is no guarantee of success, ‘if only Nicola had control of Scotland’s resources’, well recently Nicola hasn’t solved the high unemployment in Scotland.

Nicola can’t even get a cancer drug to elderly patients who need it!

But she thinks she can run a country, an angry wee Nat who lets Scots die on her watch.

Ken Macintosh, Scottish Labour's finance spokesman, said:

"By obsessing over the referendum rather than taking on the real barriers to a fairer, better Scotland, it is the SNP which is holding Scotland back. Would it not be better for Nicola Sturgeon to use her talents and the range of powers already at her disposal to tackle the problems facing Scotland today?”

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t stand up for Scotland and its people, what benefits have the SNP delivered specifically to the poorest?

The SNP have cut college places, the SNP have cut budgets so Nicola gets ‘shovel ready’ photo opportunities, the council tax freeze has seen services cut and jobs lost.

Macintosh added:

"At a time when we face significant challenges as a country, it is obscene that the brightest and best brains in the Scottish Government are being wasted on these spurious papers which always come to the same pre-ordained conclusion – that somehow it is only our neighbours in England, Wales and Ireland which are preventing Scotland for reaching its potential."

Clearly the latest SNP written paper is destine for the bin of history, blaming England is rather poor politics, but angry wee Nat Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t know any better.

It is clumsy and unsophisticated and no way positive; the SNP is running a negative campaign as their ‘ratship’ sinks further each day.

Where are the cancers drugs for Maureen Fleming and the others who need it Nicola?

If she can’t save Scottish women, what chance can she have with an entire country?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Excellent article Geo, I am a regular reader, and I think you give one of the best indy reads in Scotland.