Monday, May 20, 2013

Scottish independence: female Cancer OAP in 10hr wait for A&E doctor in Glasgow hospital, another ‘victim of Sturgeon’, where was the systems in place to prevent such ill treatment of the elderly, Nicola’s off to chase indy!

Dear All

Have you seen Braveheart?

If you have you may remember the epic speech:

“I *am* William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men... and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight? Fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!”

Alex Salmond is no William Wallace.

Scots fighting against English tyranny!

In 2013, there is another tyranny that Scots need to fight; it is the scandal of cancer victims left to die by the SNP Government under the leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

It now transpires that we are seeing another ‘victim of Sturgeon’, and you have guessed it, it is another working class woman.

A pensioner has reacted with fury after being told last night how his terminally-ill sister was made to wait 10 hours in A&E before being seen by a doctor.

10 hours?

Did Alex Salmond say the ‘rocks would melt in the Sun’ as he would protect the NHS?

Who is protecting the vulnerable, the SNP has deserted them; it’s all off to chase the independence dream.

Edith Fullarton is 74, she needed urgent medical attention.

But due to the incompetence of Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish NHS isn’t a tight ship as we were all led to believe.

Nicola bailed before all the bad news started to break, that way the SNP could present her as a ‘clean skin’ as the face of independence.

But she isn’t clean, and the more we see how the NHS has slipped, we realize that there must be more ‘victims of Sturgeon’ in the wings.

Edith’s brother Kenny Fullarton blasted health chiefs at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary over the fiasco, claiming she “should be treated with more dignity”.

And he has a case, she should have been treated with more dignity, where was the concern, the staff work tirelessly, but the SNP have cut the budgets, staff numbers are down to fund other political choices.

People like Edith suffer because Nicola Sturgeon needs money for building projects.

Nicola apparently needs to be photographed standing beside a shovel as much as possible to boost her leadership bid.

So, when did Edith finally get into a bed?

5.30 am, if she had known the wait would be that long, she could have nipped out to a disco and then got a takeaway before heading back, no one would have noticed she would have gone.

Last night an NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokesman said:

“Emergency services were extremely busy. The patient did have a lengthy wait and we are very sorry for this.”


Very sorry?

Another ‘victim of Sturgeon’, another woman, another cancer victim!

Maybe Edith can get extra toothpaste or sun cream as compen!

Was it because she was poor and working class Nicola? 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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