Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond’s SNP researchers concoct a fable that a Yes vote would lead to boom in investment, SNP gear up to allow ‘spivs and speculators’ to get control of Scotland’s assets, third world Scotland!

Dear All

In politics credibility is important, in the drive to Scottish independence, Alex Salmond and the SNP will say anything to try and re-launch their failed and untimely doomed campaign.

Scottish working class voters don’t trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

So far, everything the SNP say about an independent Scotland is based on nirvana, everything will be brilliant and they will deliver a socially just society.

It’s a lie, it’s a big lie and no matter how many ‘stories’ that Salmond and Sturgeon manufacture ‘trading’ in the market on Scotland’s independence has closed.

And they lost their shirts.

The latest piece of nonsense is that an independent Scotland would be on course for an instant boom in foreign inward investment.

Where’s the evidence that investors are standing by?

There isn’t any, and as we have seen elsewhere, Eastern Europe isn’t the demi-paradise that the SNP would like to have us believe.

This story of nirvana is brought to by SNP researchers!

And it gets better; this is based on Scotland not being viewed as an outpost of London.

Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are examples cited as evidence, but we should remember that these countries started from a low point, Scotland isn’t a third world country.

The study said:

"There is evidence some of the most recently independent small countries in Europe experienced a surge in overseas investment in the immediate aftermath of independence.
Experts and business people believe this could be mirrored in Scotland – particularly given many of those countries in the 1990s did not have as developed a market economy as Scotland."

A developed market means less opportunities for investors not more, it is rather simple economics.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, director of the pro-independence network Business for Scotland, said:

"We know independence can benefit economies in several ways and a growth in foreign direct investment is one of them. The internationalism of trade and even the confidence that comes from self-determination can lead to an increase in entrepreneurial activity. I was involved in FDI in Scottish Enterprise in the 1990s. FDI is like a sales process and, as with all sale processes, getting your foot in the door as a national brand. A cultural standing in the world helps you build relationships, and the support package combined with new connections to world markets and a confident economic outlook can close the deal."

That is such dick!

Scotland already has an international standing, and given the highly developed network of the UK Government overseas already does promote Scotland in many areas.

Mr MacIntyre-Kemp described its current status as a "far-flung undervalued economic region of London and the south-east."

Just to be clear what he is saying that is it is the fault of Westminster and English people, this is the same tack used by the SNP and their front organization Yes Scotland.

Change the record!

Stewart Hosie, the SNP's Westminster Treasury Spokesman, said:

"This research is a positive and sensible assessment of the potential for an independent Scotland”.

Does he think the SNP researchers are going to publish anything bad?

Hosie added:

"What is clear is that countries emerging into the global marketplace as newly independent places to do business have attracted surges of investment, and there is every reason to believe that the same will apply in Scotland."

And that isn’t a fact.

Trying to justify his existence on planet Earth, Angus MacNeil, SNP Westminster Transport Spokesman, said:

"This research shows newly independent countries have a great opportunity to build new business as the economy flourishes and self confidence grows. In my portfolio I am constantly being alerted about huge concerns over Air Passenger Duty (APD), most recently with the auctioning of slots for flights from Inverness to Gatwick."

If people are crying over a few pounds then it is hardly likely that this is stopping them investing millions at present.

To continue on what is seen by many as the ‘anti-English’ tack, the dead horse of its Scotland’s oil surfaced again, as SNP MSP has challenged opposition politicians on claims the value of oil was not downplayed by Westminster.

Time for a quote by Alex Salmond:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

This is assumption, and as the old saying goes:

“assumption is the mother of all fuck alls”!

This study is just more material for landfill, presumably writing shit is an art form in the SNP!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Ian Hudghton SNP Euro MP claims Scots pay 40% more for vehicle fuel than the rest of Europe all due to the English. Can I expect to buy my fuel 40% cheaper in the SNP Independent Scotland?
Will the SNP sell fuel at the same rate as the Polish? After all the SNP say we are oil-rich. An abundance of oil said Wee Eck.

Anonymous said...

Free milk and honey is what I'm promised by the SNP.
Now a bundle of jobs to choose from.
Full employment on the way they say AND the ending on poverty.
And of course all the freebies we've been promised in Nationalist Socialist Scotland. All this if you vote YES.
The most Right Wing Government Scotland's ever had. They live up to their monicker, Tartan Tories.
Claim left wing policies, enforce right wing laws.
How's big Kenny getting on with his attacks on our justice system?