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Scottish independence, Alex Salmond and his nasty poisonous vile clique are fading away as commentator Iain MacWhirter says that they have a listless quality when presenting the SNP's case for independence, the indy game is finished

Dear All

Is the Scottish National Party still a Scottish nationalist party?

I came across Iain MacWhirter’s article and for some time I have been blogging on how the SNP really isn’t a political party anymore.

It was a protest movement, which became a political party but now, it is just a vacuous middle class nasty vile clique devoid of principles.

The SNP is a right wing ‘party’ which uses socialism as a backdrop to garner votes, toss in the word, ‘Scottish’, sprinkle it with ‘hootsman’, allegations of vote rigging by minorities, and other people’s agendas, and it pretty much is the party as a whole, topped off with Sein Fein lite and CND supporters, and in the interest of fairness…. thick bastards.

And then there is the attitude of ‘fuck the working class’!

Iain says, it may seem a little late in the day to be asking this question regarding the brand of shit that Salmond is selling, I say that it is better late than never to find out.

As much as Salmond and Sturgeon use rhetoric of wishing to create a socially just and fairer Scotland, it is a lie.

Actions speak louder than words, and look how long the SNP senior leadership of Alex Salmond and Ncola Sturgeon held out over the supplying of cancer drugs to those who needed it.

So, now, people on the fringes of nationalist politics are waking up, far from being the messiah, Alex Salmond is Judas.

He has sold out the nationalist cause because he is a stupid arrogant little man, 18th September 2014 is a date with destiny, it is a date of political death.

Salmond and Sturgeon haven’t got a radical vision of independence, his dog and pony show includes policies such as keeping the pound, the Queen, NATO, MI6, UK energy and pensions policy, in fact the SNP have done nothing.

It is independence lite with added substantial risk and no real benefits, and importantly no plans.

80 years of the SNP and they couldn’t produce a rolling blueprint for independence.

I say that there is a real genuine lack of talent in the SNP because the party is all about one man, Alex Salmond.

And yes, I do recognise a large number of sycophants who sniff around his and Sturgeon’s arse, but as the polls show, they aren't clever, they can’t pull the collapse of independence support back.

Time for a quote!

“My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions”.

As we have seen in Health, Law and Education, we have three Salmond cronies and three departments which have systemic problems and failures.

Nicola Sturgeon bailed out of health so the SNP could pretend she is a ‘clean skin’.

Alex Salmond, due to stupidity or laziness didn’t want to frighten the horses over indy, but when looking at detail, we see how utterly unremarkable their vision is, in case you don’t know what the vision is, I would say, it is getting more of their cronies into public office.

To that end Salmond plays the role of a ’jolly fat man’ while Nicola Sturgeon plays a ‘concerned citizen’, not that she had much concern for the women denied drugs who were dying of cancer.

It is amazing the U turn on this issue but then there is a referendum, and the bad PR was going straight back to Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon.

FMQs is now the ‘trial of Nicola Sturgeon’.

Iain says:

“I'd have to say I am not entirely clear the SNP knows what it is about any more”.

It is about greed, building political power bases and holding onto power.

Nationalists find it increasingly difficult to raise the emotional case for Scottish independence, the campaign was badly timed, and the longer the campaign goes the less the case is seen as viable.

Blair Jenkins is looking like a tired old dog, dragging his sorry arse around the place knowing he is wasting his time.

Scottish economists Jim and Margaret Cuthbert have spoke out on the same sort of stuff I bang on about such as the need for a Scottish currency.

And Ian says something which I tweeted yesterday, that Salmond has sold his members, a pig in a Nationalist poke.

What kind of independence is it, they ask, when key areas of government responsibility are handed over to a foreign power!

And I still believe the screaming for the pound to be retained is nothing more than a smokescreen to a later move to the Euro, this will be a political decision to build bridges against a return to the Union when Salmond and Sturgeon plough Scotland into the deck if they could pull off a win.

There is no chance of that happening, trust is a key issue and people don’t trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.  

Some people come to the view the SNP is offering the worst of both worlds: submitting to the whims of the European single market and the CAP while staying within the confines of a UK monetary union.

As to Europe, what has the SNP achieved other than a few cronies drawing a salary and expenses?

Fuck all!

That is the SNP contribution, and even if they did speak who would want to hear it anyway?

As the eurozone crisis shows, monetary union without political representation causes chaos and looking at the problems of southern Europe, an independent Scotland would be in serious trouble.

In war as in politics, you can’t fight on two fronts.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t even be bothered to attempt the much needed government and local government reforms needed, that is all you need to know about indy.

Scottish independence is a digital virtual campaign; it has no support on the ground, think back to the indy rally.

5,000 people turned up for Salmond, in Spain, 1,500,000 people marched for independence there.

The Scottish independence campaign is dead, as Iain says there has been a listless quality to the SNP's prosecution of the independence case recently.

In his opinion, it looks like he is saying the SNP know the game’s up, and has already discounted the referendum and is looking to position itself for the 2016 Scottish parliamentary elections.

Awhile ago I predicted 1,2,3 for the Nationalists.

First, they wouldn’t win the Glasgow City Council election, George Laird right again.

Next they would lose the Scottish independence referendum, and poll after poll shows how untalented the Scottish National Party actually is on the ground.

2015, Westminster, they wouldn’t win the largest number of seats, effectively lose that, and it rather looks like, George Laird right again, their one hope is a Lib Dem backlash to pick up seats.


As things stand after the independence defeat, people will abandon the nationalists; the 90 minute ones who invested in Salmond and Sturgeon will realise that there is now nothing in it for them and quietly disappear.

Back will come the SNP anti NATO stance under the guise of ‘listening’ to members, but it is a false show of unity to harness available labour to deliver leaflets and get them working to get the clique elected.

Holyrood 2016; isn’t about electing the best government for Scotland but rather who is the least offensive and with the best bribes, there is a startling lack of an alternative.
The others parties, Lib Dems, Tories, SSP, Solidarity, UKIP and Greens have a mountain to climb to break the two party state, where the choice is no real choice at all.

The Lib Dems have buried themselves because of Clegg, the Tories have spent 20 years in the wilderness, SSP and Solidarity have killed each other off as a force, they need to rebrand like the Tories, UKIP is too green on the ground, and the Greens are hanging in there… just.

And finally, the SNP plan to flood Scotland with immigrants and take a billion pounds to aid others out of the Scottish budget, when people can’t get cancer drugs, that has already turned people away from the SNP, in times of austerity the SNP under Salmond and Sturgeon won’t protect Scots.

Scotland needs a nationalist leader.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Strange thing about that Independence march you mentioned, SNP boasts of 25, 000 members yet only 5, 000 turn up on the day. Can't even persaude their own people to support them.