Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scottish independence, Alex Salmond uses fear and scaremongering on possible EU exit to try and kick start his failed independence campaign, another desperate attempt of a sad, pathetic and increasing isolated man to save his political career!

Dear All

Remember ‘shock and awe’?

It was used during the American adventures as they pursuit regime change in the Middle East.

Now, given that every tactic has utterly failed and Alex Salmond is becoming less important, the latest tactic by the Scottish National Party is to put the ‘frighteners’ on the Scottish people.

Alex Salmond says a vote for independence is now the “only way” to ensure Scotland’s continued membership of the European Union.

That is of course a lie, all the main three political party leaders in the EU are pro Europe; their problem is that there are a sizeable number of people on both sides of the border who think that the UK is better off leaving the EU.

The EU has problems, when it started it was a trade block of countries set up to ensure that Europe wouldn’t go back to the times of previous history. To that end the leader of France and Germany were the driving force.

The EU has become too big, and the system is breaking down, who would have thought that in an EU country such as Greece suffering austerity that some of their pensioners would look for food in bins?

Across the southern countries, the Euro has caused chaos, good idea in principle but in practice, it is appalling.

Scotland has a high public sector, and although Salmond and Sturgeon want to keep the pound, it is highly likely that they will eventually take Scotland into the Euro currency.

Then Scotland will go the same way as Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal, if you think austerity is bad now, that is a little puddle to the tsunami that what will hit Scotland.

What is funny, is that some elements of the Tories and of course UKIP want to regain sovereignty and Alex Salmond wants to surrender it immediately to Brussels.

Hardly independence and let’s be clear, Scots aren’t getting a vote of whether they wish to remain in the European Union by the SNP.

If Alex Salmond thinks that there will be a sudden rush to save the EU in Scotland from the masses, he got that strategy wrong!

The latest attempt involving hope will in fact be an exercise in hopelessness; it isn’t a turning point in the independence campaign, Scottish independence is dead, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon killed it.

So, if Prime Minister David Cameron is “ridiculous”, to say that leaving the EU is ridiculous, it rather undermines his independence case, personally I am a big fan of the EU.

But it doesn’t work properly and hasn’t for some time, where it is going, how long will it take and what is the end result?

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

If anything leaving the EU completely undermines any credibility that the SNP can keep the pound.

One leading academic warned that an independent Scotland which wanted Sterling would not be able to keep “a foot in both camps” if the UK did leave the EU.

Professor Michael Keating, is a leading political scientist, said Edinburgh would be faced with the choice of leaving the EU along with the UK in order to keep the pound, or adopting the euro in order to remain within the EU.

Didn’t George Laird blog that the SNP were in fact taking Scotland into the Euro?

Yes, I did!

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said:

“The Tories have taken leave of their senses. They could take a bit of their own advice because when they say this long period leading up to a referendum creates uncertainty, that applies to both referendums.”

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson backed Mr Cameron’s plan:

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s promise to offer people a vote on whether to stay in the EU on better terms than we have now.”

David Cameron has a problem, UKIP and the fall out of their rise is that the Conservative Party eurosceptics are quite vocal; in some respects they have a case for case for leaving.

So far, Britain has been sheltered because we aren’t in the Euro, but an independent Scotland with Britain exiting means either a Scottish currency or joining the Euro.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon will take Scotland into the Euro; because the work establishing the new Scottish currency is well beyond their capabilities!

Alex Salmond shouting the odds today only exposes how absurd and delusional the SNP has become, they will grasp at any straw and scaremonger to try and re-launch their failed independence campaign.

Scotland entering the Euro would see the entire country plunged into the same austerity as the countries in Southern Europe.

And as Alex Salmond pointed out, the SNP has no plans to allow Scots to exercise their democracy right to say no!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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