Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unhappy Taxman blocks former Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar from getting a peerage, no ermine for him yet, they said no, no, no!

Dear All

One of things which a leaving Prime Minister does when decanting Number 10 is draw a list of names for peerages.

It is normally a formality and goes through on the nod by the House of Lords appointments commission.

This Commission advises the Prime Minister whether nominees meet the “highest standards of propriety”.

So, it comes as no surprised that they have refused to approve Mohammad Sarwar’s peerage.

Who is unhappy, the tax authorities.

Millionaire Sarwar was proposed by Gordon Brown in his resignation honours list in May, but HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said no, they could not support the Labour donor’s nomination.

Sarwar said to play an important part in Glasgow in delivering the ‘Muslim’ vote for the Labour Party at election time.

His son, Anas won a spectacular victory as the Labour Candidate in Glasgow Central but from my reading of the situation, no one else could touch him from any other party because they weren’t credible in my eyes.

Anas Sarwar is there to stay.

I remember him from my time at Glasgow University when he joined the boxing club to try it out, but there was too much carry on his head as I recall, I was a boxing coach there.

The former Glasgow Central MP is said to be worth an estimated £16 million who made his fortune from a cash-and-carry business, which his son liked to remind people how rich his family were.

This delay should be a temporary setback for Mohammad Sarwar but it is embarrassing none the less.

He will overcome this hurdle and will join other Labour Peers such as John Reid, Des Browne and Jack McConnell?

I would say yes because the Labour Party needs donors and Sarwar senior has lots of connections in the Muslim community in Glasgow.

Sarwar says:

“Every issue has been resolved so (HMRC) doesn’t have any objection to my nomination now. They have written to the appointments commission lifting these objections”.

His one real claim to fame was when he rightly won plaudits for helping to bring to justice three members of a Glasgow Asian gang who committed the racist murder of a white teenager, Kriss Donald.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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