Friday, September 10, 2010

Jobs for life culture at human rights abusing Glasgow University produces cash crisis, corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli still unfit for purpose

Dear All

The Human Rights abusing organisation Glasgow University is crying wolf saying their money will run out but should we care?

If greedy Professors can’t mange money should the general public be pouring money down a financial black hole?

Is it not time Glasgow University were forced to produce business plans that make a profit?

Should we not be looking to end the current ‘jobs for life’ culture among the incompetent in Glasgow University senior management?

I have been saying for years that the University of Glasgow is corrupt and run by incompetents, bullies, liars and thieves.

For the record, there are some good staff members there but pretty much my major dealings have been with scum in the senior Glasgow University management, the lowest form of pond life.

Having spent 20 years of my adult life there, it seems that cronyism and incompetence among the senior staff is ploughing the institution into the ground.

The buck has to stop somewhere and it should, at the door of corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli who recently lost a vote of no confidence in him by the university staff.

They knew what I knew about Muscatelli, unfit for purpose.

You can read why Muscatelli is unfit for purpose here.

It was a mistake to appoint Anton Muscatelli to the position of Principal and another mistake was made when scotch pervert Sir Muir Russell wangled his way in.

It seems that Glasgow University operates a closed shop and only appoints members from the same private club, The Royal Society of Edinburgh both Muscatelli and Russell are members of the invitation only club.

When scotch pervert Muir Russell got the Principal job; he had

1/ No experience of working in higher education
2/ No teaching experience
3/ No commercial business experience
4/ No experience of running a charity

And the university staff soon found out to their cost, 250 people lost their jobs.

Now, the University says it will run out of money by 2013 unless action is taken.

So, here is a question, why aren’t they solving their problems?

A poster advertising their business school once said:

‘We have been in business longer than the Bank of England’.

The difference is the Bank of England is well run.

But is maybe a case of crying wolf to get a greater share of what is in the Funding Council trough.
Taking a step back for a moment, Glasgow University has representation in the form of Peter Holmes sitting in the heart of the Scottish Funding Council fighting their cause for a bigger slice of the taxpayer funded pie.

This seems to me to be a smokescreen to reduce staff costs, this is the traditional position adopted by Glasgow University to save money; it is quick and requires little work.

It is time that Glasgow University’s cosy relationship with money was independently examined and savage cuts brought to ensure this second class university is cut to the bone.

Money has been wasted on projects like the Hub and the Sports facilities at the Garscube estate which charge sky high prices for food and services, these buildings should never have been commissioned.
Both are big white elephants.
All halls of residence should be sold off and other associated land, the accomodation office closed down.

It seems that the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli who is paid an obscene amount of money should be removed from his post along with other non achievers.

They are the problem, too many idiots doing nothing very badly and awarding themselves gold and sliver trough spoons plus expenses.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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