Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tory Eric Pickles plays an absolute blinder by sacking Labour Quango Queen Jenny Watson from Audit Commission, he wrestles £14k from her Labour paws

Dear All

One of the blights on democracy is the rise of the quango system; they are effectively the unaccountable shadow government.

They are very much the backbone of corrupt Britain, the gatekeepers which limit social justice and opportunity.

This is another part of the Labour Party legacy.

One of the stars of Qaungoland is Jenny Watson dubbed the 'Modern Militant', she under the Labour Government travelled about from quango to quango hoovering up cash.

She earns £100,000 a year as head of the elections watchdog, the Electoral Commission who were so toothless against Labour politicians.

Now, she is facing a shock as Eric Pickles is now in charge as Local Government Secretary, she is to be informed by ministers her tenure as a board member of the Audit Commission, the local authority spending watchdog isn’t being renewed.

£14,000 is what she will lose for her part time job for attending only 8 meetings.

As well as having the post in the Electoral Commssion and Audit Commission, she picks up £14,000 as non-executive director of bins quango Wrap.

It is a joke but of pretty much the sick variety.

A Whitehall source said:

“We have taken the view that she has quite enough to do in her day job.”

For which she picks up £100,000 a year.

It seems that the Tory knives are out for Watson because of the election night fiasco which saw people not being able to cast their votes.

The Whitehall source added:

“Jenny Watson presided over the fiasco at the election and then seemed to try to dump the blame on to other people.”

Dye in the wool New Labour to the core, shift the blame onto other people.

So, well done Eric Pickles for throwing her out in the street, Watson is typical of what the Labour Party has done up and down the country, put their people into positions of power who then move round the quango circuit.

Now, the Tory/Lib Dem coalition must dig these people out and sack them.

The sooner the better!

Yours sincerely

George LairdThe Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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