Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gordon Brown gets started on plotting against Tony Blair for painting him as a failed Prime Minister, revenge features on Brown agenda again

Dear All

It seems that the failed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who left Downing Street with his tail between his legs at the General Election is angry about the contents of the Tony Blair book, A Journey.

To that end Gordon Brown has told his ‘friends’ he will not hit back over Blair’s attack until after the Labour leadership contest is over.

I suspect two reasons, one he needs to know the lie of the land and second he needs time to formulate a revenge strategy.

So, Brown will spend the next month plotting.

Blair’s damning assessment of his character, leadership and policy choices aren’t really news, leakage before flagged up what the public already knew, Gordon Brown is a nutcase.

The incident with the woman, Gillian Duffy caught on tape proves it.

And when caught, Brown complained about how is private conversation was broadcast rather than issuing an apology.

When the outrage didn’t work, the apology was trotted out.

At present the Brownites are claiming the memoirs could seriously divide the party in the midst of a crucial leadership election to try and take the moral high ground before they attack Blair.

They are leaking and accusing Blair of being “delusional”, typical Brown tactics however the attack is low key at present.

A Brown attack dog; Charlie Whelan, Brown’s former aide is being less charitable flagging up the attack as the “most blatant attempt ever to detract from the Iraq war”.

Blair might have been the lunatic that took the country to war but Brown went along providing the financial resources.

Brown is a part of the death of innocents in the same manner as Blair.

A Labour backbencher says the memoirs are an “ego trip”, to some extent that is true but they are something more than Blair bumping his gums, this book is a CV for Blair as he markets himself around the world.

Rather naively the Labour MP says:

“Brown is no more. Blair is no more. They are yesterday’s men. We need to move on.”

Although gone they still wield power and influence and pose a threat.

Of Brown, Blair writes:

“Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero.”

This is the Gordon Brown that the people of Britain know the nasty vindictive evil little man who wanted to be Emperor of Britain.

To that end he destroyed a country already shattered and drove it into the ground.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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