Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glasgow University freefalls out of top 100 uni’s in the world, putting corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli in charge produces spectacular failure

Dear All

The world is waking up to how bad things are at the human rights abusing Glasgow University led by its corrupt foreigner and Principal Anton Muscatelli.

Muscatelli is so bad that even the employees voted no confidence in him.

Now, others who compose the world higher education rankings place the University of Guantanamo Bay at 128th.

And this is a blow to the image that Glasgow University tries to create as an ‘elite’ University.

How can they be ‘elite’ when the senior management from the Principal Anton Muscatelli downwards have been involved in covering up institutional bullying, discrimination, harassment, malpractice and criminal fraud?

You can read about this here.

Going to the right university is seen as a gateway in corrupt Britain and the organisers of the ranking have managed finally to see past the spin and false image created.

The three universities listed as Scotland’s elite universities are Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow.

Glasgow University cannot compete with Edinburgh or St Andrews which are the two powerhouses of academia in Scotland.

The problem is the Glasgow University senior staff culture of promoting from within, the jobs for life’ culture!

The brightest don’t always rise to the top at Glasgow; cronyism is the Glasgow University way.

Despite being flagged up as a failing university, its corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli said:

“Whatever the merits and flaws of any league table, once again it is pleasing to see that there are five Scottish universities ranked among the top 200 in the world.”

Presumably if Glasgow University had made it in the top 100, then Muscatelli won’t be talking in terms of “merits and flaws”.

The failure to reach the top 100 lies squarely at the door of the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli.

How much lower down the table would Glasgow University be if the real truth of how the senior management operated was exposed?

The latest Muscatelli failure comes hot on the heels of the admission that they can’t manage their millions of pounds in budgets.

Can’t managed budgets, can’t manage their rankings, and they can’t even run a rig process properly without the victim piecing together the evidence.

The myth of Glasgow University superiority is exactly that, a myth.

Now, the Scottish Government will have to have a serious think where to place valuable resources, do they continue to prop up a failing university with a corrupt Principal and a culture of cronyism and human rights abuse or do they invest in quality?

The education sector can’t support three high budget universities, only two, time to relegate Glasgow University status downwards as the second tier university it has become.

Some of their funding should be diverted to Glasgow Colleges where the Scottish taxpayer gets a better return for Scottish students.

128th place doesn’t represent the true picture of Glasgow University, it is much worse and a drain on Scottish taxpayer resources.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli should never have been allowed to become Principal.

When you put a failure in charge can you really argue about the result, even the employees have no confidence in him!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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