Thursday, September 30, 2010

David Miliband shows strong leadership by refusing to serve under his brother Ed in the Shadow Cabinet, there's a deep rift there now

Dear All

Ed Miliband becomes the leader of the Labour Party by the union vote.

The majority of Labour MP’s and Labour members didn’t back him, now in his moment of triumph; his brother who he beat has deserted him as well.

David Miliband has walked out on his brother and refused to join his shadow cabinet.

If you can’t get your family to support you then can you expect the public?

Ed Miliband is no leader of men.

He is the best possible gift for the Tory/Lib Dem coalition to have, ineffective and devoid of ideas and charisma.

And he will find that winning will be his high point because it is all downhill from here on in.

At the Labour Conference, Ed Miliband was anointed by Gillian Duffy, a pensioner who was effectively called bigoted by Gordon Brown; she gave him the Duffy stamp of approval.

Pure Labour Party spin for the masses but Ed isn’t already; he seems like a man who has a face for every occasion.

He weaves across political motorway like a drunk, lurching across lanes from left to right to centre.

The significance of his brother’s refusal to join him will be a major problem because it sends a message that the brothers are spilt and soon people will be taking sides.

To that end Ed Miliband isn’t the unity candidate, he is the caretaker candidate for when his brother will again challenge for the leadership.

One interesting tactic adopted by Ed Miliband is abandoning Scotland in the same way as the Tories.

East Coast Weasel Labour MSP Iain Gray has been appointed as the provisional shadow governor of Scotland.

He minds the Labour store while Mr. Ed works on the English vote.

Already; a sign of weak leadership which will leave opportunities to be exploited by others next May at the Holyrood election.

The funny thing is that Labour is trying to present David Miliband’s refusal to work with his brother as “thoughtful and gracious”.

It isn’t, it’s go fuck yourself.

Now, that is a mark of leadership and why David Miliband should have won.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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