Monday, September 6, 2010

Employee of human rights abusing organisation Glasgow University seeks to be Labour MSP at Holyrood, Carpetbagger Graeme Pearson seriously deluded

Dear All

I like a laugh.

Today, I do a post on Graeme Pearson who is a labour mouthpiece and a member of their failed committee on Alcohol pricing.

Pearson also laughingly was given the title of ‘Professor’ at the human rights abusing organisation; Glasgow University.

A ‘crime fighter’ working in an organisation in which some of the employees are involved in criminal fraud.

Priceless, the ‘caped crusader’ is obviously more interested in the ‘Bat ATM Card’ for his poppy.

Glasgow University has a reputation for warehousing failed politicians and wannabes; for example Sam Galbraith went there after he retired.

Other warmers of the University of Guantanamo Bay were Wendy Alexander and Margaret Curran.

Their records speak for themselves, failure upon failure.

Now that Jack McConnell has acquired enough wonga via pensions and a title, he is off; the people of Motherwell and Wishaw serve no purpose.

Graeme Pearson is seeking to become Labour’s candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw.

Given that Pearson doesn’t have a history of activism or working in local government, he is clearly an outsider.

He is the classic case of a carpet bagger who thinks he can just stroll in and become an MSP without learning his trade or doing any work.

The front runner is North Lanarkshire Councillor John Pentland, an assistant to local MP Frank Roy.

He has a better track record.

Pearson mistaken thinks he is a high-profile contender because he is an adviser to Scottish Labour and helped write a report criticising plans for minimum alcohol pricing.

In the provinces, things are tribal and he isn’t a member of the tribe.

Pearson, 60, said

“If I receive a favourable response from members, I will be putting my name forward as a candidate. I think there is the opportunity to make a difference. The party say they want new ideas and new thinking. Having advised them for the past three years as a member of their expert panel and having contributed to their manifesto, I think the time is right for me.”

Since when is being a Labour mouthpiece equal new thinking?

He added:

“I have dealt with the full range of services over the last decade at executive level.”

Unfortunately Pearson is clueless, in tribal areas like North Lanarkshire the fact Pearson has been feathering his nest cuts will no sway.

How many work days on the street has he done.

I will hazard a guess and say Sweet FA.

Carpetbagger; go back to your human rights abusing employer, Glasgow University and continue to pass the time waiting on your pension, the next highlight of your life.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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