Monday, September 20, 2010

Glasgow Labour Councillor of shame Stephen Curran sends his kids to private school, Glasgow education system not good enough for his children

Dear All

The Labour MSP candidate for Glasgow Southside is Stephen Curran.

He will be fighting what is a key Holyrood seat next year during the 2011 election, some seats will be walkthroughs for the Labour Party but not this one.

It is a seat which will attract a lot of political, public and press attention; it will be one of the highlights of the fight to form the next Government of Scotland.

Stephen Curran sends his children to St Aloysius’ College in the city which is a private fee paying school.

In that respect he shows the same hypocrisy as Diane Abbott, the left-wing MP currently standing for the leadership of the Labour Party.

So, is this an issue that any political party should run with?

No; his money, his kids and none of our business.

Others even with his own camp will notice the hypocrisy level exhibited by Curran; he might even lose some local activists.

Curran is champagne socialist much like Wendy Alexander, unelected as a Tory so uses the next best thing the Labour Party in a deprived area.

English Labour will shore up their Scottish counterparts in key battle ground seats and expect to hear many English voices in Glasgow Southside during the Holyrood campaign.

So, what are Curran’s chances?

On the basis of the 2007 vote under the new boundary Labour would have a slim majority of 27.

The Southside seat is a slightly odd mix comprised largely of the old Glasgow Govan constituency and venturing up into Pollokshaws and extending down to as far as Oatlands and Toryglen.

Extreme affluence and poverty within the same seats which will make for some interesting themes!

As this is no ordinary seat, political parties will be treating this like a by-election and extraordinary amounts of time, money, people and resources will be flung at it much like Glasgow East in 2008.

The Labour Party will be fighting this one as a dirty campaign of smear and negative campaigning.

For the public, they are in for a treat whoever wins as people they have never seen before in their lives will be selling the concept they care about them.

So, even although Stephen Curran is a hypocrite sending his kids to private school, opposition parties can’t use it during the election.

There is an old Glaswegian adage which goes something like this:

‘don’t fuck with people’s kids’.

This goes beyond party politics, this is Glasgow Culture.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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