Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glasgow University cries wolf regarding money, why are students only paying £40 and staff £105 a year to use gym facilities, bad management?

Dear All

Blue sky thinking, the ability to come up with ideas that others haven’t thought of is a useful skill for an aspiring professional, unfortunately so many people are lacking in it.

At Glasgow University because of the culture of cronyism, 'blue sky' is only seen by walking between university buildings.

In the face of having to cut the massive Glasgow University budget, they have drawn up secret plans to scrap a number of courses to save money.

I would call it, the ‘Muscatelli pay packet and perks protection plan’.

This is very much like the one track minded thinking that cost 250 employees their job failed civil servant Muir Russell got appointed as Principal.

Muir Russell had only one noted success, the extent he feathered his own nest at the cost of destroying other people lives and careers.

A leaked report has come into the public domain from Glasgow University, marked strictly confidential.

Subjects threatened by the axe:

adult and continuing education, anthropology, dermatology, nursing and social work.

It seems that short term thinking is the only thinking at Glasgow University.

As well as closure other subjects such as:

Languages; archaeology, politics and philosophy are to be reshaped which I suspect means people getting sacked and others asked to take on their workload.

More work for less money!

Although the document was never published, you can expect that a similar document using the same criteria of ‘invest, improve, reshape and withdraw’ is in the pipeline.

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli said:

“The document was an early draft of a planning document which we considered but decided not to proceed with.”

So, there are other versions with “withdraw”?

David Anderson, president of the university’s branch of UCU Scotland said:

“This approach is symptomatic both of the top-down style of the current management and the focus on making decisions based purely on financial criteria.”

If Anderson was to pop his head up and look around then he would notice that Glasgow University copies other educational institutions.

The reason for this is simple many Glasgow University staff are members of external organisations like the Association of University Administrators and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

One might ask; is Glasgow University being run by Glasgow University?

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli said:

“Having said that, this report was rejected because we felt it would be wrong to look at withdrawing courses when the funding situation is so fluid. We don’t know what the Scottish Government budget will be and we don’t know what the allocations from the Scottish Funding Council will be, so for us to prioritise subject areas at this time would be wrong.”

If it was wrong as Muscatelli says then why are their more advance versions of the draft report?

““The document was an early draft of a planning document”.

Labour Party mouthpiece Des McNulty, a Glasgow MSP who previously served on the Glasgow University Court said:

“In the present climate, it is understandable that Glasgow University should be looking carefully at its business, making assessments about the quality, marketability and the distinctiveness of its research and teaching.”

Nothing about fighting to save the jobs of people already threatened.

Is it not time to close the Sport and Recreation Service which is run by the liar, bully and thief Julie Ommer?

You can read about this despicable individual here.

Why should university funding which is taxpayers’ money fund sport?

Is it not wrong for millions of pound to be pumped into a department which provides no educational and academic benefit?

This is one department which could be outsourced to become a stand alone charitable trust forcing them to make a profit instead of being a drain.

There is no sound financial reason why a student should only be paying £40 a year to use a health club; staff only pay £105 a year, alumni £340 and partners and friends £340 a year also.

People at university should be subject to pay the market rate.

This is an example of sheer excess and bad management.

Perhaps it is time the corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli to look for savings at the Sport and Recreation Service and a few sackings won’t go a miss either.

University greed and corruption is an epidemic at Glasgow University along with stupidity.

Maybe the Scottish Funding Council should sit up and take notice before they find themselves getting subject to a merger like the Police Service.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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